Thursday, January 31, 2013

Getting It Done LA Style...

Good morning my fellow peeps!

Yesterday was a great day. I stayed on track with my eating. I didnt binge and my body released a TON of water yesterday from the lactic acid build up. I could tell that by how much I was peeing LOL.

Then last night I had my eye appointment. My eyes having changed much from my prescription so that was a good thing. New glasses and contacts are on there way.

Then I made my way to the gym. I was a little nervous because I was driving my husbands car which is a stick shift. I have driven it only a couple times before. I stalled it a couple times and I may or may not have given it too much gas and ca chunked it once, but I was proud of myself for doing it and going on the expressway WITH the end of rush hour to contend with.

So when I got to the gym, because I was on my own, I decided to do an easy run at 5.5mph for about an hour and then walk for a few before going to do my weights.

I made sure to throw a towel over the read out this time and just turned on my iPod. I decided that the average song is 3 minutes and that I would check my progress after 10 songs. WELLLL...I sort of lost count and then when I picked back up counting at 4 (which was probably 6) I just continued from there to 10. When I got to 10 and I peeked part way thru song 10 I was already at 4.48 miles! Holy crap! So I whipped off the towel and finished up 5 miles. Then I walked another 0.25

Off to the weights I went. First I started with a 20lb barbell. My first move was curl bar pullovers. Basically you lay on the bench have the bar pressed up all the way with arms extended above your chest and move your arms back over your head so the bar is parallel with the floor and then bring it back up. That is for your back. And boy did I start to feel it. 15 reps round 1. Then I stood up and used the barbell for bicep curls. 15 reps. Then I did mountainclimbers (fast) 30 reps. Then I repeated the circuit two more times this time with 30 and 40 lb barbells and I also upped my reps for the mountainclimbers.

Then I moved to the back of the gym in the raised portion. I did a move called an Ax Chop on each side starting with 25 lb, 15 reps. Great for the abs, back and arms. Then I went and worked on a machine for my back. I started off with 30 lbs. Oh baby. I repeated those two exercises one more time and increased the weight of the ax chop to 27.5. I only did 2 circuits here because it was starting to get late and I still wanted to get some ab work in.

Then I moved down and grabbed a weighted bar and did some weighted bar sit ups on the inclined bench so my head was lower than my feet. Then I went over to another inclined bench where my feet are lower than my upper body and the bench only goes up to my waist. I did crunches there using a 25 lb weight that I just hugged to my body. I repeated that circuit twice.

Then I did some side bends with the weighted bar and I also did some core work with the stability ball. Then I called it an evening. I did really good and burned 1052 calories. I got it done MY style.

And I did even better driving home. No stalls, no ca-chunks and easy getting out of first gear. I think the less I thought about it, the better I did.

This morning I weighed in at 155.0. Back down the 3 lbs and still one pound from goal. Ugh. Torture! But I TOLD you that I knew my body had lactic acid buildup. And my back and arms are a little sore so I would say it was a success. I do like working out with Eric better. We can move quicker from exercise to exercise and he can push me harder. BUT if I want to be a personal trainer myself, then I need to work on different exercises.

So tonight is RPM. We will be having a sub but I dont know who yet. So my plan is to run before and hopefully get another 5 miles in and then do RPM with a lighter amount of resistance to flush the legs. I might be able to get to the gym a touch earlier tonight too because Aaron just called me. The roads are bad and he is crawling on the expressway at 25mph. His plan is to go to a Caribou Coffee and wait for a couple hours to see if it gets any better. If not, he will turn around and come home. He can work from here. Xavier has school til 3 and Landry has school and speech til 12. Then he will eat lunch and nap so it will be plenty quiet for him to get work done. And I wont be taking his car tonight. I will stick with my automatic with the snow.

Here is my meal plan for the day- basically the same as every other day with a couple exceptions.

Breakfast- AB juice, English muffin with PB, hard boiled egg
Lunch- (I am out of scallions) Gala apple, peanut butter, wasabi edamame and pretzel sticks and some hummus
Dinner- post workout a clementine and a cheese stick. Orange juice and some coconut water.

AND I have a Tina and Mike update:
As of last night, Mike was off life support and was doing well considering everything that he has gone thru. He is no where near out of the woods but they can start testing his heart today to see what is going on.

So please keep sending out the prayers. It is really appreciated.

And still send some prayers out for my family too. Hopefully by the end of next week I will be in a super happy place and have some definitive answers for us as well in resolving the family matter. I am still in a happy place but nothing is "for sure" yet. I dont foresee any problems that we cant overcome, but you never know!

Ok thats it for today. Time to get my kids ready for school.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Great work and I'll keep everyone in my prayers. Happy thoughts!

  2. Great workout!! And eats.
    Definitely keeping you in my prayers.