Friday, March 29, 2013

April Challenge

Ok everyone. Here is an April Challenge should you choose to do it. I realize that the days are off but just adjust them accordingly.

Here is a quick recap of my day yesterday and then I will be MIA until Monday.

Yesterday was legs.I think I mentioned that yesterday afternoon.

I walked and then worked with Eric. We concentrated on Hamstrings and then went over and did the leg press for my glutes. I ended up doing 2 sets of 12 reps at 400 lbs. Next time I want to increase the weight.

By evening I still felt fine and worked my shoulders. 

Then came time for RPM.

Oh holy $hit. First was 2 warm up songs. Then 3 mountain tracks back to back. Think HIGH HIGH HIGH resistance. Then you go up the mountain you have to come down. 3 tracks of speedwork. And if that wasnt bad enough, then there were 2 tracks of intervals before 2 cool downs. SHIT SHIT SHIT on a stick. I got down on the floor to switch my shoes and I had trouble getting back up.

I burned 1009 calories at the gym last night and that was from RPM. 

Today I weighed....JUST KIDDING! No scale today. In fact, some of us from the gym have sworn off the scale. Me for a long time, others for a month.

And today I am sore. 

Especially my hammies, glutes and calves. 

Today is a rest day. In fact, I am resting until Monday. Then Monday night I have Zumba class then I work with Eric. I want to hit the legs REALLY hard again to carry me thru until Friday. I can work my upper body while at my parents more easily than I can do my lower. Then Friday I am working with him again and depending on how well I worked my upper, we will decide whether to work upper body or lower.

Ok. I really have to run. I still need to shower and pack for the whole family. 

Toodles and have a great weekend and step away from the chocolate and jellybeans!!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sigh. I HAVE to do it....

This is going to be down and dirty and quick. Hmmm...that could be bad taken out of context.


I did my new progress pictures...

And I will post them. Just hang onto your shorts.

I did two different sets. One is every other month since I started working with Eric. The other is from March 1st til 28 days.

And in the March photos you can see that my weight went UP but that my size went DOWN. Because of this, Eric told me today to throw away my scale.

To STOP weighing myself.
Sigh. I am gonna have to do it. It is obvious that I am making progress and as long as I dont fuck up and keep doing what I am doing, the number on the scale doesnt matter. I'm gonna be increasing in weight because of muscle.

Its so hard! It is like breaking up with a boyfriend of 3 years. You know the relationship isnt going anywhere but you are scared of being without someone. UGH.

So anyways...yup. Bye bye scale. Today is the last weigh in number you will see. 158.5.

Yesterday was a rest day for me and I still managed to lose a pound.

This morning I walked 1.5 miles and then did legs with Eric. And we did one of my favorite moves. The leg press. Last time we did leg press with serious weight was when I did 400 lbs 6 times. Today I did 400 lbs 12 times. And not only that, I did 2 sets of 12 at 400 lbs. Talk about progress right?

Tonight is RPM. Before that will be shoulders.

Ok enough is enough.

Picture time and then I am off to study while the house is quiet.

Now for the really impressive pictures from March 1st til today. This gives me a great idea of how I am doing because I am wearing the same "too small" swimsuit.

Love this side shot. Eric noticed how well my quads are doing. See the size difference???
And as you can tell, weight doesnt play a factor when toning. The scale went up 5.5 lbs but obviously I got smaller and tighter. I had no idea how much until I looked at the photos side by side.

Ok so that is it for today. Hope you enjoy. Not sure if I will be on here much for a little while. I will be taking care of my mom next week and helping her out as she recovers from surgery so I doubt I will have a chance to blog. Never fear though. I will be back!! You can always reach me by my email!!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feel the Burn?

I posted this because I like her abs. Yup. Ab envy, right here.

That and the phrase is nice too. But oh those abs.

Ahem...anyways...onto yesterdays recap.

First I will start off by saying that my eating was right on. No binges, no bad food.

It helped going to visit my grandma last night. I didnt get home until about 9:30 so "dinner" was a little bit of pork, some scallions and hummus. Then it was time for my casein shake which I added some peanut butter to.

I had taken a banana with me in the car and had eaten that on the way home too so that I had something in my tummy.

My workout yesterday was great.

First I walked a mile at 4.0mph, incline 7.0. Then I foam rolled until Eric was ready.

Then we hit the upper body.

Up first was an bentover row on a "machine" that you add weights to. So it wasnt like you pick your weight. You add the free weights. It is an odd little machine and hard to describe.

After that, he had me do pushups on a bench. Feet on the floor, arms on the side of the bench to help relieve pressure from my shoulder. He said they were looking good.

We repeated the rows adding more weight then he wanted to see if I could do pushups straight on the ground...regular style. I could!!! First time with no shoulder pain!

Then back to rows.

Then he said "how do we make these harder? Declined pushups." Fuck. I hated these doing P90X.

Feet on the bench, hands on the ground and I was able to pump out 10 of them. WTF? Really? I was impressing myself. LOL.

Rows again.

And finally for the hardest challenge we did clapping pushups. But instead of clapping, we just concentrated on me picking my hands up off the floor. I did 10 of those. And those babies were a challenge.

After that we moved onto pullups and tricep dips. I can tell I am getting stronger. My dips by the end were only needing about 80 lbs of assistance from the machine. And my pullups just over that. Slow but steady progress.

Abs were next. We used the incline bench where your feet are on the platform by the floor and you bend your upper half so your head when bent into an upside down "V" is down by the floor. Then you crunch up and return back down.

My abs were still sore from Monday night with the big balance ball but Eric had me take one set of those to the next level by using a 7lb weighted ball instead of the balance ball.

But because we worked my upper abs so hard the night before, we stopped those and did obliques on the inclined bench too and just alternated between those and the regular inclined sit ups.

From there was 15 minutes of RPM. Eric was subbing for Melissa. Each instructor has a different style and gets different followers. I love Melissa. She is a great trainer, she sings to her RPMers, and has lots of fun. Eric....well he is intense. And yesterday while I was looking for intensity, the class was not. I just wasnt feeling the energy that we usually have in our regular group. I made sure to pump up my resistance right away because I was only getting 15 minute and let me tell legs were MUCH more sore than I originally thought. In those 15 minutes, I thought I was gonna DIE! But I made it thru.

Calories burned 521

Today I am SORE with a capital S. My abs NEVER get sore but today, ouch!

And arms...ouch!

And butt...ouch!

So not surprising that my weight was back up to 159.5. I think I have some lactic acid buildup. No biggie. I dont really sweat the weight much anymore.

And today I think I am gonna take a rest day. Concentrate on my certification.

I was going to work shoulders, but I will have time to do that tomorrow before RPM. Today I am just going to concentrate on stretching and getting rid of the soreness so I can hit my legs hard again tomorrow. It is crazy Thursday tomorrow afterall.

I still plan on eating as normal today. Oatmeal for breakfast, hard boiled eggs, veggies, hummus, eggs for lunch...tuna for dinner. Casein for snack before bed. yadda yadda...

And tomorrow (or maybe tonight) I am planning on taking new monthly pictures. Call me selfish, but I want to make sure I take them BEFORE Easter dinner. LOL. So watch out for progress pictures probably next week. I am excited. I'm hoping to see some good progress now that I am back with Eric and am working out 3 days a week. 

My question for you today is:

With Easter on Sunday, what are some healthy things you can put in your kids Easter basket?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bit of Arm Ego

Morning everyone!

So let me just jump right into it because today is a VERY busy day for me.

Yesterday was a great day. Well wait...I should take that back a bit.

I went to teach Zumba and no one signed up! Seriously. Now last week I only had two of my regulars. And I knew they wouldnt be making it this week, so while not surprising, it was still disappointing.

The owner did tell me though that she is getting good feedback on the classes and they like us and she would tell me if they didnt. Which means that they will probably be having me take over the Thursday class soon as well as add some morning classes to the schedule. Woot!! It is a great start to me having a decent income to pay the insurance or car payment.

Because I didnt teach, I headed straight to Powerhouse. I had brought a clementine and a banana with me to have after Zumba, but I kept hearing Eric in my head. "Thats not a meal. Where is the protein? Where is the veggies?" So I went to the Coney Island that is a couple shops down from the gym and ordered a vegetarian egg white omelette with a side of sliced tomatoes. Grabbed it and went to my car to eat. Well damn it, they didnt use egg whites. Regular eggs. No biggie. I didnt eat hard boiled eggs for lunch like usual because I was out and needed to boil more.

So I had about 1/2 to 2/3 my omelette (it was huge!) and my whole 4 slices of tomatoes and went to the gym.

Eric was there waiting on a client he squeezed in at 7 so I told him I was here. He wasnt sure if he was going to be able to start me early or not but I told him no biggie because I had literally JUST eaten and wanted my belly to settle a bit. He thought that was a good idea too so I just went and walked on the treadmill.

I did 4.0mph at 7.0 incline for 2 miles. Then I foam rolled until he came and got me.

Then we did squat and then long jumps. He took a towel and placed it on the floor for me to stand behind. Then he had me jump as far as I could go forward and took the other towel and marked it.

Then he had me jump back and forth over those two towels 10 times fast. Jump, turn around, jump, turn around...

Then we did squats again.

This time for the long jump he had me add in 30 quick squats after I did the 10 jumps. Oh how this man likes to torture.

But I keep going back for more...isnt that Stockholm Syndrome?

After we completed three times on that circuit, he had me do deadlifts then backward lunges.

Complete that circuit three times adding weight to the lunges each time to hold in my hands.

Then was abs.

We did the big balance ball ab crunch.

Balance ball in hands above head. Crunch up both hands and legs, place ball between legs and lower. Raise again TAKE ball from legs and lower back with ball above head. That was ONE!

We did that 10 times for 3 circuits. Whew.

After that we were done.

I went home and had a casein shake but added some pretzels and natural peanut butter to it. I like it like that after a workout. Gets me some regular protein and carbs and adds some flavor.

Today I go back to the gym in the AM to work upper body. First I will probably do some walking with an incline to flush the legs. Then upper body time.

One thing I didnt tell you that Eric told me Saturday was that he has a client that says they want MY arms. Me. My arms. How cool is that??? I didnt think my arms were that special...YET. But someone else does. Makes me want to work them harder. Get them more toned.

Anyways...once we do that, Eric is subbing for Melissa for RPM. I told him I would come in for 15 min of the class but I have to be gone by 10:30 to get Landry. He thought it would be a good idea too so I can come in and flush the legs after last night. So we need to get cracking and get started. I probably wont wear my cycling shoes today because I will be in there for such a short amount of time so it will be interesting to see how it affects my stride.

Then once I get home I will have the rest of my omelette, some pretzels and hummus and more veggies. Then tonight I will be going to visit my grandma to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Fun times.

Oh. My moms surgery went well yesterday. It took longer than anticipated because the damage was worse than they thought. But she is recuperating nicely in the hospital and has some good pain meds. I spoke to her twice yesterday.

I think that is the news for me today. Oh geeze. Today I weighed in at 158.5. Lost a pound from yesterday. Sort of interesting I think. I did less on my Monday than normal and lost weight. Ha.

And I am a good sore today. Not a pain sore. So I think the problem I was having in my leg is all healed.

What is on your schedule for today?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Lets see...

Where did I leave off last week?

Zumba was Friday night. I did some squats and leg work before that which felt awesome. I ended up burning only 569 calories the entire time at the gym which meant that I must have been dogging it during Zumba but it really didnt feel that way.

That night I imbibed in some alcohol...ok...maybe three. And I had some hot wings. I thought the damage was done but in the morning I had only gained a half pound to 159.5. I thought that was good and I was fine with it.

Saturday I taught Zumba. I had two people. One was a regular and the other a brand new drop in person to the gym who had never taken a Zumba class before in her life. So we went a bit slower and did some different songs to mix it up for my regular too. Before class I ran a mile on the treadmill as well for a warm up. While I was there, I burned 719 calories.

That night I went with K and saw Oz. I didnt get popcorn or pop. Instead I packed a baggie with pretzels, almonds, a few semi sweet chocolate chips and some cocoa nibs. K bought me a water.

The movie was awesome. Tornado scene a bit close to home but all in all a great movie but something you should NOT take the kids to.

Then I was off to the bowling alley for a birthday party for one of my RPM peeps. She is turning 29 and wanted to celebrate her last year being in her 20's. I didnt bowl but I did great. I stuck with water and didnt touch the pizza they ordered. Quite a few people got smashed. I dont know how they were gonna work out the next day. LOL. When I got home about 1am I had some of my left over wings. It had been a while since I had anything and I wanted to stick with protein.

Sunday I woke up actually having lost a half pound. Down to 159.0.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I was busy back and forth visiting my grandma in the nursing home and then my aunt and didnt get home til dinner time. She isnt doing well (my grandma) and so I want to try to spend more time with her. Wearing on me with a drive one way of almost an hour, but I am trying to bump up the visitations.

I think it only fair to support my parents and aunts and uncles as they are preparing to lose their last surviving parent. I would want the same if it were my mom laying in that bed.

Here is my question to you...and it is sort of eating at me.

I messaged my cousin and my other cousins wife on FB. Same conversation, both together. Stating that grandma isnt doing well. 2 weeks was a significant difference. She cant talk because she has a form of Parkinsons so her body is literally freezing into a mummy like state. Because of this, conversation and visiting is VERY hard unless you have someone to chat with and she can listen in. I asked them to please start to visit her once a week with their parent (who visits every weekday except thursday) or to take my cell and if need be I will come down as well. They live in the same town as her nursing home. I live an hour away. They havent been AT ALL to see her. I know it is hard. I know they are busy...hell we all are busy...but I wanted to let them know that she is sliding fast and I dont want them to have regrets of not seeing her.


My cousins wife (and her husband (my cousin)who is NOT on FB) live in my grandmas house (just as a sidenote)

And today when I checked to see who read the conversation, it said she (cousins wife) "left the conversation". No acknowledgement or anything. No...I will talk to your cousin. Nada.

Is that rude? Selfish? Or am I reading too much into it?

I am only asking for 30 min to an hour one day a week to just go in and talk. It really pisses me off.

I dont know her very well. They dont come to a ton of family things...not that we have a ton of family things. I just think that you read a long pleading letter, you at least say yes...I will talk with so and so. I mean, it is her father in law that visits 4 days a week. How hard is it to go with him one night when you live in the same town?


Anyways...Enough. Let me know what you think. As you can maybe tell, I am fired up about it.

So today.

Woke up to 159.5. I am fine with it because yesterday was a rest day.
Tonight is Zumba class. I wonder how many people I will get.

Then I head to Powerhouse for legs with Eric. Yummy. Favorite body part because it needs the most work.

OHHHHH And on Friday I signed up with ISSA for my personal trainer certification.

This is no joke people.

The book they are sending me is 700 pages but I could start working online for it immediately.

The first chapter is all about metabolism and how the body uses triphosphate and uses it into diphosphate during exercise and how it has to be brought back up to a tri phosphate. No joke. Chemistry and biology.

I made it thru that unit and took the practice quiz and passed with 7 out of 8- which I think the one I got wrong was a misleading question.

Now I am onto unit 2 which is basic cell makeup leading into organelles and systems etc.

This is not easy people.

Eric said that this is why a basic meat head cant be a trainer. LOL.

Once I get past the first 2-3 units, it should get more interesting. There are 33 units. Right now, I am on unit 2. This course takes people 10-12 weeks to pass IF you can study about an hour a day. I am hoping that by the end of next week, I can be into unit 15. The boys will be with grandpa up north and I will be helping my mom while she lays in bed recovering from foot surgery. I should have LOTS of time to study.

I know there is no rush, but it would be nice to do it and get it done. Then I can go back and really concentrate on the meat of the book and what I REALLY need to know. I still need to get certified in CPR as well before I can take my final test.That isnt a problem. My brother in law can teach me because he is licensed. Makes it easier.

Ok I *think* that is all the news for now. I will be on and off this week because of the need to keep studying so just bear with me for a while. I should hopefully be able to still write quick blog entries in the morning but I have been trying to study when the boys are still sleeping too.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Mindfulness and Girl Crush

Morning y'all!

First let me start off by saying my workouts rocked yesterday.

I ended up running one mile and then walking another for warm up yesterday in the AM. I didnt want to run the whole thing and have my legs spent for the evening. Good decision on my part.

Then I worked with Eric on upper body. We did chest presses and spiderman push ups for one circuit. Then tricep dips (on the machine), laying down tricep presses using a weight and then a static exercise where you squeeze a balance ball to all hell for 30-40 seconds. OUCH! That was another circuit. Then we moved onto abs. I did an elevated scissor kick, then twists using a weighted bar and then kettlebell swings. It was a great workout. Not super high cardio but I burned 477 calories in the hour.

Then that evening I went back and worked on my shoulders. When I was done with that it was time for RPM+. Oh man! It was insane! Over 65 minutes of hard core bust it out fast paced cycling.

Calories burned in the PM at the gym: 731

My eating was insane yesterday. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I was always hungry yesterday.

I didnt eat any junk. Just good for me stuff but man!

It was funny because I had made a comment on facebook about being hungry all day and that I had just eaten a bowl of oatmeal and half a banana. Eric yelled at me on it saying I have to feed my muscles a well balanced meal. Well that morning at the gym he said to eat some oatmeal before RPM. Man!

So when I saw him between shoulders and RPM he asked me what I had eaten. This is what I told him:

Breakfast was my pancake thing with blueberries and my wheatgrass. Then after the AM gym I had a protein shake. Then for lunch I had a half a can of tuna, scallions, celery and hummus. Then for snack I had a Larabar. Then before leaving for the gym I had some roast beef, oatmeal (3/4 cp uncooked) and a half a banana. I think I had a pretty well rounded meal as far as protein goes.

He laughed and said he was trying to help. He thought that when I said I was still hungry that I had skipped a meal. ROFL. Ah no.

So then he told me that when I go home to eat some more. Finish my tuna. It is an easily digested protein.

So I did. Dinner was my half can of tuna, some roasted red pepper hummus and some pretzels.

Then I had my casein shake.

And I wasnt stuffed.

This morning I woke up at 159.0. It wasnt from what I ate. And I burned over 1000 calories yesterday so it wasnt because I had too many calories . My only assumption can be that it is muscles. Hey! I will take that!

But I do have to say that I am having a very hard time with weight going up. I know I said it yesterday and I will probably keep saying it. But as my weight creeps, I am starting to have nightmares. Seriously. Of me gaining the weight back. Ridiculous I know, but nightmares just the same. It isnt an eating disorder...I had over 1600 calories yesterday...but maybe more of an obsession. I am just so mindful of what I have been eating and I have been working so hard to get to a certain weight that it is hard to see the numbers go back up. My clothes still fit fine and everything...I just feel like my head isnt to where I want it to be yet. My body knows what I am trying to do and it is brain hasnt caught up from the "we are trying to LOSE weight, not GAIN" mentality.

I know what I want...I want to look like Dana Linn Bailey...or Nicole Wilkins...bodybuilder and fitness competitors...This is my ultimate goal... So I may have to put the scale a way for a while. I really want to chronicle this journey which is why I still am doing the daily weigh ins. I want to show with my pictures that I can weigh more but be smaller and fitter. But man...this is screwing with my head!

Dana Linn Bailey

And I have a HUGE crush on Dana Linn. One of the other instructors at the gym turned me onto her and I just love her. I know she looks SUPER built in the photo I posted...and she is. But when she isnt working out, she looks softer...but still well defined. Slowly I am getting there. It is a marathon and not a race and I have to keep reminding myself of that. And I know it will take a while for my brain to catch up too. Hopefully when I post new progress pictures and I see that things are firming but I am weighing more, I will know I am on the right track.

So today I dont have much on the docket. Just Zumba tonight. And because I need to get to the gym SO EARLY to sign up for class, I will probably do my abs and my calves today.

And I am cutting back the calories a bit today because I am obviously not working out like my Thursday.

So here is what is on the docket today for my of right now...

Breakfast. Oatmeal with flaxseed, blueberries and applesauce. 2 hard boiled eggs. Wheatgrass juice
Lunch: half a can of tuna (or roast beef), celery, scallions, hummus, 2 hard boiled eggs
Dinner: clementine and tuna
Snack before gym: cheese stick
Snack before bed: casein shake

That puts me at 1120 calories for the day. Goal is 1210 so I have some wiggle room PLUS I will be burning at the gym.

OHHH and I forgot to tell you all yesterday. I bought my first pair of skinny pants. I went to Kohls the other day to pay my bill and to wait to Dicks to open to get lifting straps and I was looking at the clearance rack. And there they were. A pair of pleather Vera Wang pants in a size 8. Oh baby. I thought...what the heck...I will try them on. And I found a really cute pink loose top on the clearance rack as well. Vera Wang again. I found some other things to try on as well but they were a yeah no or didnt fit sort of thing. And these pants...they slid right up. Not too tight but then again, they hug the curves because they are a skinny pant. And with the top I look oh so cute. They were mine! The pants? $10! For Vera. The shirt? $7. For Vera. The outfit cost less than $20. I would say that that was a great deal. I cant wait to wear them.

I was going to tomorrow night for my friends birthday BUT we are going bowling and somehow I just dont see the rocker/pleather pant look going well with bowling shoes...

Tip of the Day: I hate to keep harping on this, but this stuff is SO bad for you!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slaying the Snacking Dragon

I know I have posted this before, but it is my mantra, my inspiration, my motivation and something that keeps me going.

Yesterday was a great day.

I FINALLY was able to play with my Kinect Zumba Core game. I did the Intermediate class that was 48 minutes long and burned 388 calories. It felt like I burned way more than that though. I was DRIPPING with sweat. My only criticism with the game is that there is too much down time between songs. It is probably great for someone starting out that needs water after every song, but I dont and I wanted it to be quicker to keep my heart rate up. I think that is why the burn wasnt quite there.

Eating was SPOT ON. Seriously. No unplanned snacking whatsoever.

For breakfast I had my oatmeal and hard boiled eggs. Lunch I had that raw protein shake. After a while I got a little hungry but instead of going to pretzels and junk food, I had a scallion, some baby carrots and some hummus. Dinner I went a tad off course because I wanted some of the dinner I made to see how it was. New recipe for a loaded baked potato and buffalo chicken casserole. First I ate what I had planned on. A cheese stick, clementine, some pretzels and a half can of tuna. THEN I had some of the casserole. It was DELICIOUS!! but definitely not diet friendly.

I decided that I wanted to go to K's house and go running on her treadmill. I have a Martian Marathon (10k) coming up on April 13th and I want to make sure that I can run it. I havent really been focusing on distance but instead on speed so I need to readjust a bit for it. So last night I headed to her place and started running. OMG! I forgot was it was like to run in her basement. Our basement is cold and a great place to run. Hers is in the laundry/furnace room and it is HOT. I got two miles in before I said forget it and did a quick walk with a high incline. I did a total of 4 miles though. Her house will be a great place to run in the summer. Cool in the basement. But for now? Oh boy. Great in a pinch and great for a sweat. In an hour I burned 550 calories. Not bad.

A total of 938 calories burned yesterday.

By the time I got home I just wanted to sit on the couch and veg. And I didnt snack. Aaron went downstairs and ran on the elliptical while I drank my casein shake. That might be the trick to slaying the snack dragon. Evening workouts. Now a lot of my workouts are in the evenings so it doesnt really apply those days- Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays- because I get home, have a quick dinner and my shake and go to bed. It is the OTHER days I am worried about. And yesterday I did apply the gum technique after my lunch protein shake. That helped immensely! steps people!

Today I weighed in at 158.0. A half pound loss. One thing I am noticing is that my weight doesnt fluctuate by 2-3 lbs a day anymore since I started weight training. It must be the muscle that is getting added.

And while I am ok with that, it is still a VERY hard thing to step on the scale and not see the numbers budge OR (gasp) to see the numbers go UP. When you have been doing weight loss mode for 3 years, it takes a while for the head to readjust- at least for me anyways.

Ok. Onto my crazy Thursday.

This morning is some running and then upper body with Eric. Chest and triceps. And my chest still hurts from Tuesday and we didnt even DO chest. So boy am I in for it today.

Then tonight is shoulders and RPM. And not only is it RPM, but RPM+. Which means 65 minutes of cycling HELL. Oh yeah. Bring it.

Here is what I am planning on eating for the day:
Breakfast- egg white oatmeal omelet thing with blueberries, my juice with wheatgrass
Snack- Powerhouse protein shake post workout
Lunch- celery, scallions, hummus, 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack- pre evening workout- Apple pie Larabar
Dinner- clementine, string cheese
Snack- casein shake

This totals 1469 calories for the day. Right now before working out, this is over my allowed calories by 259. Obviously I will be burning WAY more than 259 calories for the day so I am not really worried about being over and just want to make sure that I have enough to eat and keep me going.

Ok so that is my day... how does your day look? Do you have any crazy days like mine?

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Devil is in the Snacking

Life is a bumpy road sometimes. You have your up days and you have your down days.

And whoever said that this road was gonna be easy is a straight up liar.

But that being said...

If you take things a day at a time the journey turns manageable. The great thing is, if you have an off day, you can hit the reset button and start over the next day.

I was doing great yesterday until last night.

My eating was spot on. WAY better than Sunday.

The gym was fantastic. I did 2 miles on the treadmill at a slower pace. I started at 6.0 then bumped to 6.5 and then to 7.0 for the last .25 miles.

Then I went over and foam rolled my legs until Eric came for me. My leg was feeling much better and no longer had the pull in it. Thank goodness for healing touch and heat! 

Yesterday was upper body so we did some pull downs, some funky bicep pulls and then the chin up bar. Fuck. I cant even hold my body weight up on that damn thing. For the first time since working with Eric I started to get frustrated. I would jump up and I couldnt even hardly resist when I came back down. Ugh. We repeated that circuit three times. 

Then we went to the big bar and did bent over rows. No idea how much weight I used but Eric told me when we work back to bring my straps in. Damn. They were in my car. Oh well.

After rows we did bicep curls and for the first round I stood straight up. Second and third time in the circuit he had me with my back against a wall...not into a wall squat but feet just out enough that I could still get full range of motion. This made the curls MUCH more difficult. Concentrating on keeping your back against the wall is very hard to do.

From there he tried to have me do a balance exercise with a row. Go to plank position with your left hand on a medicine ball, right hand on a kettlebell. Get your balance and row up with the kettlebell. Yeah no. I got like two of them and fell a bunch of times before Eric steps. Took the ball away and gave me a stepper to use instead of the medicine ball.

Then we took a bigger ball (not sure how to describe it..not a balance ball, or a medicine ball...just a weighted ball that wasnt completely filled out) and I would hold my core, arch back and slam it to the ground. The ball wasnt completely filled so it didnt really bounce. 

We did those two exercises in a three circuits. Calories burned: 523

Dinner was spot on for me too last night. It wasnt until I sat down to watch some tv that the cravings hit. I am gonna have to do something different tonight.

The thing last night that was calling my name? Cheetos. UGH. I dont even LIKE Cheetos. But we had a small bag of them in the snack cupboard and I ended up eating them. Bah.

Oh well. Today is a new day right?

And today I weighed the same as yesterday. 158.5.

So not much damage done. And today I am SORE. My biceps are KILLING me but that is a GREAT feeling. I want BIG, defined biceps. And my forearms. WTF? Forearms? Really? And my back. Oh baby!

Today will be my core day. I dont want to do legs because I have RPM tomorrow night. Tomorrow AM will be chest and triceps. And before RPM it will be shoulders. So the only thing that is left is core.

SOOOO I am excited because I will FINALLY get to play with my Zumba Core DVD. My plan is to do it after dropping Xavier off at about 9ish. I will do it for 45 min to an hour and see how it goes. I will also make sure to wear my HRM to report back to you.

I am switching lunch up a bit today too. It is good to confuse the body a bit.

Instead of my normal celery, scallions, hummus etc, I will be having a protein shake with half a banana and some peanut butter in it. The brand of protein powder is called Raw Protein by Garden of Life. It is raw, vegan, gluten free and dairy free AND organic. 

Dinner will be half a can of tuna, string cheese and a clementine.

Breakfast was oatmeal made with applesauce, flaxseed meal, cinnamon and blueberries. And two hard boiled eggs and my juice with wheatgrass.

Snack before bed will be my casein shake. WHEN (not if) the snack bug gets me, I will have a piece of gum and chew on that. Hopefully that will work.

My Tip of the Day really isnt a tip per say, but something that was perfect for me yesterday with my failing at the gym. It made me realize I didnt really fail but it was the first step in progress...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Super Fast!!

Ok everyone...

Super fast update.

I didnt get up til 6am this morning so now everything is in a rush because I have the gym this morning after I drop the boys at school.


Sunday I didnt make great choices for food. I ate lunch before we went to Chuck E Cheese but still couldnt resist having a sliver of pizza and a couple wings. Then I had a piece of chocolate cake that was crusted in rice crispie treats. Would you have been able to resist that??

Dinner was at Aarons grandma's house.  A piece of pork, some green bean casserole, fresh veggies, a smidge of mac and cheese and some hummus. Dessert were cookies and once my sweet tooth was triggered, I couldnt resist.

Yesterday my weight was up to 160.5. OUCH! But this morning after working with Eric and having my first Monday Zumba class, it is back down to 158.5. Pisses me off when I undo the hard work I did during the week in one sitting. UGH.


Last night I had 2 people in my class. We had a good time. They were a couple of m regulars. Hopefully I can build this class up.

Then Eric and I worked legs. I had pulled my quad again at Chuck E Cheese and warned him about it yesterday. We just worked around it for a while doing dead lifts and jumps and hamstring exercises but then we pushed it and used a machine so I could do upright squats. 240 lbs so not super heavy and I didnt hurt my muscle anymore. In fact it doesnt hurt at all right now. We also did wall squats and bosu ball work where I squat, jump up onto the ball and right back off of it landing in another squat. No broken ankles either. LOL. Calories burned last night between the two gyms: 982

This morning will be upper body with Eric. So before hand I am going to do some running and stretch out the legs.

Breakfast is my egg white oatmeal pancake thing. The rest of the day will be my typical fare as far as food goes.

Thats the news for now. I put the Tip of the Day at the top of the page today. I thought it was interesting.

Have a great Tuesday!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Zumba Day

Yesterday was a

I had to leave extra early for Zumba class because we had gotten snow and I had no idea how the roads were going to be.

Luckily they were just fine and I got to the gym plenty early.

So while I was there, the owner was training someone so I just watched for a few while I waited. It was nice to see how someone else trains.

Then we had class. I had 4 people- 3 regulars and one newbie.

One of my regulars usually has to leave part way thru. No problemo. I appreciate her coming.

The newbie I kept looking at because I recognized her.

Come to find out she used to take Zumba with me at Powerhouse! How cool! She is just getting over pneumonia and missed the last three weeks. Hopefully she starts coming to my class.

I also let everyone know that I am having a class now at 5:45 on Mondays. One of my regulars said she is gonna come but she will be late. Awesome. I dont mind that at all. She is a lot of fun.

After that, the rest of the day went fine. Last night Aaron and I watched Argo and I had some popcorn. So no surprise that my weight was up a pound today. No worries. It will be gone tomorrow.


I never did P90X last night. I was just too tired from running Friday then class yesterday. So I didnt do it. Instead, I will do it tonight.

And with the exception of the popcorn last night, my popcorn was spot on.

Today is gonna be a challenge for me.

We have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. And I dont want to eat pizza. So I will be packing a snack for me.

Then for dinner we are going to Aaron's grandma's house. I am sure there will be some salad...hopefully. So I might bring some hummus and have that. I heard the menu and it isnt exactly my diet. So good to be prepared. I will be packing for the day some cheese sticks, hummus, a clementine, a larabar, and a couple hard boiled eggs.

Oh and official race results are in!
I finished 13 out of 60 in my age group, 202 place out of 487, 28:46 minutes to complete which is a 9:17 mile. Not bad!!

Ok so that is it for now. I need to go so I can have breakfast and wrap birthday presents.

Have a great Sunday.

Tip of the day: I know I have posted this before, but yesterday I felt like I was coming down with something. Coughing a lot probably from running in the cold Friday night. I had 1 raw clove of garlic at 6:30 followed by 2 more at 8:30 and this morning I woke up feeling fine. I learned that from a friend of mine. 1-2 cloves of garlic every 2-3 hours to help chase away illness. Worked for me but watch out for stinky breath. You will definitely keep away the vampires!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

5k recap

Good Saturday to you all! I wanted to recap my 5k from yesterday.

First thing...all the pictures you are going to see were taken by K with the exception of the one where she is in the picture with us.


It was cold, rainy/snowy.

But it was a BEAUTIFUL route and perfect for the soul. And the rain though cold, was a great cleanser. It felt like you were washing it all away.

This picture is me and a couple of my neighbors. It was so cold!!

The race was starting late because everyone had to come and get their swag. The swag was AWESOME!

We each got a t-shirt, a necklace glow stick which I am wearing, some green mardi gras type beads and THEN your choice of either a glass or a mug. I chose the glass and it is a taller one which is great.

Another thing we were told was that this years race was SO successful with over 500 participants, that they are going to do the race every year on the 15th. It doesnt matter what day it falls on. Awesome! And they will still give to the charities every year.

The people who created this race are *I think* the track coaches in Dexter. They were in the tornado and took shelter in a closet because they dont have a basement. When they opened the closet after the tornado, the closet was the only thing that remained standing of their house.  

So this was something obviously near and dear to their hearts.

Finally we got started and took off.

And damn it if my tutu didnt start falling off.

I didnt think to check it to make sure it fit but apparently I must have lost more weight from the last time I wore it.

So that meant having to hang onto it the whole time.

Then my glow stick necklace popped off.


So I had to hang onto that too.


As I was about half way thru, I could tell that my shoe was loosening up and so when I came to a picnic bench I stopped to tighten my shoe. I shoved my phone down my shirt because I didnt want to set it down on the wet bench and tried to tie my shoe with numb fingers. It probably took 30 seconds or so.

Then I was off again. My lungs were on fire because of how cold it was.

When I came around the bend I pushed a bit harder because I was trying really hard to get a PR.  Hence the I AM DYING look on my face.

I finished strong and had to walk into the parking lot because I thought I was gonna heave. The water was inside the community center so I had to wait for a few for my lungs to calm down before heading for some water.

Then I walked back along the course to fine my one neighbor who was walking the route and we finished together. I let her cross the finish line and I went and got her some water and checked my time.

I finished in 28:46 which is one second SLOWER than my PR. Damn it.

If I hadnt stopped to tighten my shoe I would have crushed my record.

Ah well. Always the next 5k.

From there we went to Red Brick for dinner.

I had two glasses of wine, some onion rings, a black bean burger and a side salad.

I was STUFFED and did not have my casein shake last night.

In fact, basically as soon as I sat down on the couch after getting home, I fell asleep.


Aaron had to drag me up to bed.

This morning I woke up weighing 156.5. A one pound gain but lets say, since then I lost the one pound and probably some more. ROFL. So I am not worried about that.

Today I have to teach my Zumba class but awoke to snow on the ground.

So I am going to have to leave early and go in and take it slow.

Then tonight I am going to do P90X back and biceps. My shoulders are a bit sore but arms are not.

Food for the day is going to be my basic food I have everyday.

Breakfast: oatmeal with applesauce and blueberries, 3 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: scallions, hummus, celery, roast beef, 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner: string cheese, clementine, roast beef

Snack: casein shake

That is the news for the day. I need to run to shower and get ready to head out for class. Wouldnt you know that Monday is supposed to be snowy too and I have my first Monday class that night. UGH! When is spring gonna get here?

Tip of the Day:

Friday, March 15, 2013


So yesterday wasnt such a hot day for me mentally.

I thought I was doing well.

I THOUGHT that I was past THIS!

But the press completely threw me off guard on Wednesday.

I mean...I know the anniversary was coming up...

But it is FRIDAY....not WEDNESDAY.

So I started reliving the trauma in my head sooner than I was prepared for. Yes we werent home. Yes no one was hurt BUT to drive into your sub and get lost because nothing looks the same.

To have armed police stationed at the entrances to your sub.

To have your children see the destruction and then when you go to get them out of the trauma and take them to family and it takes you almost  2 hours to drive 5 miles....well...the memories start playing on a loop.

I went to the gym yesterday AM and got on the treadmill. I was taking it nice and easy at 5.5mph. At the very end of my run I bumped it up to 9mph just to get the legs extra warm. While I was running, I suddenly started tearing up out of no where.

Well. I guess I am not dealing with this as well as I thought. And I just figured I would tell Eric that I wanted him to push me to the break point for some therapy. And I mean break point as in puke or die.

I started to tell him that after my 2.25 mile run and I lost it. Just fucking lost it in the gym. Poor guy. And frankly he said no one was has been a year...and I know he was right. BUT that doesnt stop the images from going thru my head. I am sure I have a bit of the Post traumatic stress disorder.

I relate it to thinking back on your wedding when it is your anniversary. Ya think about the day...the weather...your everyone looked. Or a soldier that has seen the death...the destruction...that lives with those images inside your head...It is a mind fuck. It really is. I thought I had them locked away. But the press released them.

We didnt do the major workout I wanted. Instead we focused on technique for deadlifts. He even brought me wrist straps to borrow which were awesome for lightening the load on my wrists and forearms. With those I was able to deadlift 185lbs! My goal for the year is 200! So I am close.

Then we did abs. Backward crunches where you bring your legs straight up and down, then toe touches, then a plank starting on your hands...lowering to one forearm, then the other, then go back up to your one hand then the other. 1:19 at the gym and I burned 627 calories.

Then yesterday afternoon as I am trying to get Landry up to get Xavier from school, the Detroit News shows up at my door. Wanting to know if I want to talk. No. They were surprised that no one wants to. Well it is because we are trying to move on. Once again, I directed them to the 5k and to report on the good of that.

Then last night was RPM. First I did .86 miles on the treadmill to warm up until I could sign up for class. Then it was shoulder work. I even bumped up from my normal 5lb dumbbells to 10lb ones so I am actually a little sore today. Some of my gym peeps who belong to one of my groups on FB came up to me to as how I was doing. That was wonderful. I love that we are a family at Powerhouse. Thanks guys. It really means a lot.

Then RPM. THIS was the release that I needed. I gave it my all. All 65 minutes. I was drenched with sweat and could probably have wrung my shirt out. And I burned over 800 calories in class alone. In total last night at the gym I burned 1141 calories.

In total yesterday 1768 calories burned.

When I got home I thought I had pulled a quad muscle and it was really starting to hurt to walk. So I went upstairs and got heat on it. Now I dont know that it was a pulled muscle or just a sore muscle because apparently with pulled muscles you are supposed to apply COLD to bring down the inflammation and my leg is feeling ALMOST back to normal after having the heating pad on it last night. So I dont know.

Also this morning I weighed in at 155.5. Seems to be where my body is comfortable and I will take it. One pound loss from yesterday but I know muscles are a tad inflamed and sore too.

Today is the day that we will look back and celebrate that Dexter became an even tighter community then it already was.

The day to give back to the companies and charity's that helped us and STILL continue to do so.

So tonight my only workout will be to run the 5k.

And to stay away from the press as much as possible.

After the run I think it is only fitting for us to go have some drinks. I mean it is supposed to be fricken freezing...exact opposite of last years 80 degree we will need to warm up right?

So that is my day. Have a happy St. Patricks Day everyone and dont drink and drive.

Tip of the Day:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Media Circus

So tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary since the tornado disrupted our lives and turned it upside down.

And yesterday the press started to descend on our sub like vultures to a dead body. Wanting us to talk. To rehast what we went thru. Drudge up old feelings. The tears.

I call BULLSHIT on that.

A reporter came to our door yesterday while I was trying to get ready for my busy day.

And you know what I told her?

A lot of good came out of the tornado. Like what? She asked. Friends. Community support, a subdivision facebook page bringing us all together I replied. I told her if she wanted to report on some of the good from the tornado that she and her crew should be at the Tornado 5k Run/Walk tomorrow night. That it is giving back to the charities and people who helped us all those days. Eat that lady!

And she told me they will be back. Friday. Early. Probably like 5 or 6am. Yeah. Good luck with that. I told her that they need to be respectful of people. This is a private time. And do NOT block driveways. Our lives have gone on. That we need to leave for work. And get our kids to school. UGH.

ANYWAYS...sorry for my rant but today and tomorrow are going to be rough. Not one but two different reporters came to the door. And I really dont wish to speak to them on camera.

Yesterday I opted for a rest day. I was sore especially in my legs and butt and I knew that today I would be doing hardcore lower body with Eric in the morning. Especially after hearing what he had someone else do. 15% incline on the treadmill holding a sandbag. AND something else that landed her serious rugburn on the knees. LOL. If he was that hard on her, I KNOW I am in for it.

Today is gonna be a killer day. Running (no sprints, just a jog) in the AM to loosen the legs and then lower body with Eric.
Tonight will be walking to warm up and then shoulders followed by RPM. Yup. Today is my L-O-N-G day but I LOVE Thursdays.

Today will be basically like my other food days but I am having my oatmeal pancake for breakfast. I will be bringing a clementine with me for after my workout too. Or I might need to make sure I have some cash for a protein shake. I dont want my body crashing on me like it would have Monday night had I not had one.

Oh and this morning I weighed in at 156.5. A half pound gain from yesterday but I am ok with it. I snacked a bit last night with some chips, and I had some bread with lunch. And I had some hershey kisses. So eh. Half pound gain is no biggie. I will burn the calories off today.

Also I am ready to start getting my personal training certification BUT I have some questions and emailed the owners of the gym where I work. Mainly I am just trying to figure out if I am an employee when I train or am I an independent contractor. This impacts me and needing liability insurance.

So that is the big news for now. I am sure if I am ranting about the reporters now, that there will be more to come tomorrow. And for that I apologize. But I view this as a diary of sorts where I can vent and this had a significant impact on my life last year. And I cant talk to Aaron about it. He was in a dark place and when the tornado hit on a Thursday, he left to work in Alabama on the following Sunday. So he really has no idea of the construction and the shock and what the kids went thru. And frankly, he is just sick to death of talking about it. And I am there too. You want to know about the tornado? Ask someone who hasnt let go. I have. Time to move forward.

Luckily next year the press wont give a damn.

Tip of the Day:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This girl is on FIRE!!

Oh yeah! Two great days in a row!!

Tuesday I went to the gym in the AM. I got 2 miles in in 17:25. Not horrible for my first run in I dont know how long.

I started off at 6.5 mph and listened to a song called Ya Mama (Push the Tempo). We do this song in RPM and it goes really super fast at some points which is GREAT for running intervals. And when I say intervals, I mean I started off at 6.5...then to 7.0...then at the really fast points up to 9.2! This song is 6 minutes long. And I did it twice. At one point I had to dial it down to a walk so I didnt 1. heave, 2. have a heart attack. But then I picked it back up again and finished the 2 miles out at 7.0 mph.

When I was done with that, I walked another mile while I waited for Eric to be done with his previous client.

And by then my legs and butt were screaming!

So we did upper body yesterday. We started off with chest presses. Then we did bent over rows. Then we did shoulder presses...then bicep curls...then seated tricept extensions...then bentover flys. Repeat that circuit three times.

Then we really got busy. LOL. Abs.

Exercise 1: Laid on the floor with knees bent, a dumbbell in each hand. Do a shoulder press, and while holding arms up in the air, crunch up, hold for 2 seconds, back down to floor and lower arms. Repeat.

Exercise 2: while holding onto dumbbells, go into plank position. Do a push up. Do a row on each side with your barbell. Return to plank. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat.

Exercise 3: stationary hold of v-roll up. For like 20-30 seconds.

Repeat the circuit 3 times. Ouch-a-roo!!

Calories burned: 689 and my hands were S-H-A-K-I-N-G!!

The rest of the day my food was right on.

And by the time I went to bed last night my butt and legs hurt to touch. Not kidding.
So it was no surprise when I weighed 156.0 this morning. It definitely isnt from what I ate which means that there is probably some lactic acid build up along with more muscle being added on.

Fine by me!

Eric and I talked yesterday and decided that today would be a shoulder day for me at home.Originally I thought that I would do some Kinect Zumba Core as well but the way my legs feel today, I am not going to do that. If I do anything else, it will be some bicep work. Yesterday I was able to do 10 reps with 20 lb dumbbells. Not bad at all!! And my upper body really isnt that sore.

Oh yeah! Its official. I have a second Zumba class now on Mondays at 5:45. Woo hoo!! So now I will go from Zumba to working with Eric afterwards. Holy crap. My days are getting crazy!

Lets see my weekly workout schedule now:

Sunday: Rest Day
Monday: 5:45 Zumba teaching, 7pm Personal Training with Eric
Tuesday: 9:00am running for 30 minutes, 9:30 Personal Training with Eric
Wednesday: Workout at home...probably shoulders and some cardio, maybe a rest day if I need it
Thursday: 9am running/walking for 30 minutes, 9:30 Personal Training with Eric, 6:45 core work and walking 7:30 RPM extended addition
Friday: 4:30 core and calves and shoulders, 5:30 Zumba (non-teaching), 6:30 Zumba practice (if needed)
Saturday: 10:30 am Zumba teaching

Wow. Exciting! Plus I need to start studying for my Personal Training and Sports Fitness certifications too! Yup. I am taking the plunge! Very exciting! So that will be my evenings AFTER the gym.

So that is the news for now. I dont know that I need to go into what I am eating for the day. It isnt changing from what I normally eat with the exception of breakfast. It will be oatmeal and hard boiled eggs and not my protein pancake today. The rest is the usual.

I am meeting a trainer for coffee to just talk about working in the fitness profession. I feel like I am floundering a bit here and she has offered to talk to Maggie and I. After that I will be meeting to go over the school board presentation for next Monday and be video taped for it. And wouldnt you know that my fricken contact is acting up again! I dont know if it is scratching my eye or what but I need to see the Dr about it. I am not going to pay for contacts that continue to scratch my eye. AND it is a new contact. I just opened it two days ago. UGH. 

Have a great day everyone!!

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gun Show- Now Selling Tickets!

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday!!

Yesterday was a great day!

First thing- it was leg day. My favorite!!

Second thing...Kwame Kilpatrick ex-mayor of Detroit was found guilty on a bunch of Federal charges. Hopefully Detroit can start to make a come back now.

Thirdly...I took a picture of my "guns" yesterday...check it out!!
Still a work in progress, but can I say DAMN! I love the definition in my arms!!

Fourth...One of the guys I met on vacation with my husband in Jamaica shared the link to my blog here. We met at Couples Resort while he was on his honeymoon. Since then I have remained friends with him and his wife (ex) via FB. So nice of him to share my story! Thanks G!!

Ok. Onto my recap from Monday.

Eating was good.
Breakfast was my oatmeal with applesauce and 3 hard boiled eggs. Lunch was celery, scallions, hummus, half a can of tuna and 1 hard boiled egg. I needed to boil more eggs and I scrapped the steak once I found out how much saturated fat is in 4 oz! Holy crap, no thanks.

For a snack I had an Apple Pie Larabar about 4pm.

Then I did my dry run at 5pm out to Elite Fit to see how long it takes me to get there. I am either going to have to leave about 10 minutes to 5 OR see if they can do a 5:45 class to give me a bit of a lead time. I got there yesterday at 5:36. Rush hour.

After that was back to Powerhouse to work with Eric. He kept making comments about my gun photo. Ya know...look at those weapons of mass destruction...your my can be my bodyguard....LOL. Funny boy and a smart ass.  Its almost like a brother type relationship with him and I love that.

Anyways. So I warmed up for a bit on the treadmill to stretch the legs. No running. 4.3 mph at a 10 incline back down to a 6 incline for a mile. Just about 14 minutes.

Then we did Upright leg presses and lunges using a bar with weight doing alternating feet back. Three sets of each but did a fourth set of presses doing a drop set. I will have to look today to see how much weight we used. I am not sure. I had 4 plates on each side but it wasnt the big 25 lb plates. Maybe 10 or 15 lbs each. Drop set you use the heaviest weight, go to fail, drop a plate off each side...repeat til fail, drop another weight...etc.

From there we went and did a killer cardio workout. You wanna know what it is? Only 5 minutes so super short but my HR went up into the 180's so serious workout.

1. Burpee
2. Stand up from the burpee and jump up into high knees one time hitting your hands onto your knees
3. Jump back down and do 5 fast mountainclimbers
4. Jump back up and do 5 jump lunges

Serious shit right there. Do that circuit for a minute. Then rest for 15 seconds. Repeat for another minute. Rest for 15 seconds...Repeat for 5 minutes. Oh baby.

All in all burned 494 calories.

Eric recommended me to get a protein shake from the gym after that workout. And I did. I was glad I did too. I was already shaking and I know my sugar would have crashed on the way home. So I had a strawberry banana smoothie made with apple juice and a protein powder. The sign said it was 311 calories give or take so I estimated 350.

From there I stopped at Dicks Sporting Goods. They have those really short bootie sort of workout shorts and I have always wanted a pair but never liked my inner thighs because of the loose skin.

WELL I was VERY surprised. They looked really cute and I bought a pair. I wont be wearing them for a bit yet because it isnt warm enough BUT once it gets a little warmer, I will definitely wear them to workout. Plus it gives me a chance to get my legs more in shape. I know those little shorts will creep up a bit so I really want to tone my legs.

From there I came home and had dinner. I was still ravenous. So tuna, pretzels, hummus, a couple pieces of lunchmeat chicken and a little bit of steak was my dinner. And I was STILL hungry. But my casein shake was 9pm so that helped to fill the cracks and not leave me overfull.

This morning I woke up at 155.5. I am WAY cool with that.

Today is working with Eric this AM. Upper body baby.
So Today I am definitely going to do some running to flush out the legs.

Here is my food log (for now) for the day.

Breakfast: Because I am working out this morning, I did my heavy oatmeal pancake thing. My side of fruit was a clementine

Lunch: celery, scallions, hummus, tuna, 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner: A tuna salad....2 cups lettuce, 1/2 can of tuna, hummus

Snack: Casein shake

I am out of my wheatgrass so I am going to have to pick up more.

My mom got me the Kinect Zumba Core game and I cant wait to try it. I will probably do that tomorrow with shoulders.

Thursday will be legs again with Eric. Woo hoo! And then RPM that evening. I cant wait.

Friday is the 1 year anniversary of the tornado so we have a 5k that day at the Metropark to commemorate. So no Zumba for me that night but it is another reason I HAVE to run today.

Thats my news for now! Have a great day!!

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was a good weekend.

Saturday morning was my Zumba class. We had 4 people. One that was a return client and three that were new. Which is good!! I like when we get new people.

After we were done I spoke with the ladies to give them a bit of my background and how I lost weight initially doing just Zumba. They were impressed and asked me how long it took. When I told them 9 months they commented that they had 9 months then to lose the weight. I might have to explain to these ladies how I altered my diet, gave Zumba all I got and started walking 4 miles a day...then running in the evening.  But my calories burned were light: 593 for an hour. Actually less than an hour because I forgot to turn on my HRM until we were done with the first song.

When we walked out, Melissa said that she wants us to pick up another class on Monday nights at 5:30! Awesome! Today I am going to leave at 5 to time how long it takes me to get to the gym to see what time I am going to have to leave. I might ask if we can push the class to 5:45 if I need the extra buffer. Our class will start next Monday.

I also asked her about personal training and if they are looking for a specific certification. She said they ARE looking for trainers, but not a certain certification. Because of that, I might end up getting an inexpensive certification right now, get some experience, and if we move or if I want to work at a different place, I at least have some experience, clients and negotiating power. As in hire me and I will sign up to get certified thru ACE or ISSA but in the meantime I am certified thru (whatever certification I end up choosing). I most likely will go thru American Muscle and Fitness and get an extra certification in Sports Nutrition.

Also Saturday I went shopping with K to Victoria Secret. I dont remember the last time I was fitted for bras and that was obvious when I was measured. My existing bra that I wore just about every day was a 38 DD. I was measured at a 34C. HAHAHAHA. Yeah. So I bought 3 new bras. Had to. No way around it. BUT they were having a GREAT sale. And I LOVE a sale! Push Up bras for $30!!

Sunday I woke up and weighed 155.5. I was fine with that. I had done some munching the day before...nothing serious...and a couple glasses of wine. Eric warned me that my weight would be going up and I didnt do any lifting so I expected it.

Sunday was my rest day. I went and saw my grandma at the nursing home. Eating was spot on for the day until dinner. My borther in law came over and cooked up a TON of steaks and a standing rib roast that he had received when a family friends restaurant closed. And because it was all together and needed to be carved into steaks and had been frozen, he had to cook it all up. And when I say a TON...I am talking about 10 steaks that look like they came from the Flintstones and a HUGE standing rib roast that looked like it was off of the Flintstones car. Remember that in the opening scene? Yeah. That was dinner last night.

I ended up making a salad with carrots, mushrooms, celery, scallions, cucumbers and steak. For "dressing" I just used some hummus. Pretty good huh?? I did have two pieces of bread with some butter but it was delicious.

Then I had my normal Casein shake last night while we watched Walking Dead.

This morning I weighed 158.0.

Probably from the bread and steak BUT I know I will be using that protein today to get thru my workout.

Tonight I work with Eric. He messaged me yesterday to talk about our session for today to make sure we were on. I told him yup and asked what we were working because I had just done shoulders myself on Friday.

He said that we would mix it up and do two days of legs this week! Oh baby! I CANNOT wait! My legs are still what I need the most work on for toning. My arms are looking fantastic but my lower body holds the fat. So I really want to lean them up and build muscle.

This is how my food is going to look for today:
Breakfast: Oatmeal with 1/4 cp applesauce, 3 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Celery, scallions, hummus, some strips of stead
Snack: Larabar (if I get hungry)
Dinner: cheesestick, clementine, hard boiled egg
Post snack: Casein shake

Thats my news for now!!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bragging Rights

Yeah Nike didnt ask me to post today...nor are they paying me. pshttt....I wish. But I like the image.


Yesterday was a great day. Food was right on....basically...but I will get into that in a minute...and the gym was usual.

Breakfast was what I said...oatmeal and eggs. Lunch I had a black bean burger on two pieces of romaine which ended up being too soggy to use as a bun so I just cut it up and ate it with my side salad. And then I ended up eating the buttered noodles that Landry didnt eat. Sue me...

That actually kept me full until I was done at the gym so I didnt need the Larabar.

When I got to the gym I did a 10 minute warm up on the treadmill talking with Maggie for a bit. Then I went over and worked on my shoulders. Eric was there working with another client and for whatever reason he was feeling frisky and teased me. Funny boy.

After shoulders I went over and worked my abs quick before Zumba. Zumba I kept is really nice and easy not going all out. Eric would have been proud. I skipped cool down to go out and get my little boombox so Maggie and I could practice and Eric was talking to another trainer. I stopped because they harassed me about bringing in the stereo and Eric said he was just talking about me. Hmmmm...really? He said he has been bragging about me and proceeded to pull out his phone and whip out my progress pictures like a dad or mom pulls out their kids picture. Too funny. But it made me feel good. Really good. To have a trainer brag about your progress felt amazing!

Then Maggie and I went back and just practiced a few songs. Nothing major. In 2 hours, 23 minutes I only burned 869 calories. And you know me...that burn is NOTHING!!

Then I got home and found that Aaron got Jets pizza. Damn it. I ended up having 2 breadsticks, 1 piece of pizza, some roast beef, a cheese stick, a clementine, and the rest of those Eat your Veggie chips. And I had 2 mini bottles of wine. Ya know...the kind they sell for $1.

Could you tell I was starving?

Then about 9pm I had my Casein shake. THAT put me over the top and I was STUFFED.

This morning I weighed in at 154.0. Thats fine. I dont care.

Today is Zumba teaching. In fact, I need to go get my butt in gear and get the kids around too. Xavier is all ready for his swimming but Landry is lagging behind. Time to go crack the whip.

Catch you on the flip side.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Gonna Gnaw Something!

I swear to all that is Holy, that whatever is now going on with my body is INSANE!!

Yesterday, seriously, I felt like a pig that devoured everything in its wake. Seriously. Ravenously hungry.

As in I havent felt hungry like this since I was pregnant. ALL. THE. TIME!

Wanna know what I ate? Here is my list...

Breakfast- 3 hard boiled eggs, an english muffin with PB.

9am I was hungry again but I was at mother f-ing Comcast waiting until those lazy people open up at 10 am....SO...

10:30 snack- coffee and some of my natural cookies

Lunch 11:30- 2 stalks celery, 3 scallions, 3 pieces roast beef, half a can of tuna, 2 hard boiled eggs, hummus

Snack- more of those raw cookies

Snack- Peanut Butter cookie bar before the gym (about 3)

Snack AT the gym- cheesestick

Dinner- pretzels, hummus, tuna, Eat your Vegetable chips, roast beef, coconut water

Pre dinner "snack"- My casein shake.

Workout was: 5 minutes walking at the gym, then about 30 min of yoga and stretching. Then I went and worked with Eric. We did bench presses, dips, incline presses, tricep pull downs, flys and a couple other things. We also went over what I am going to do tonight...but I will get to that in a minute.

Then it was bonus night RPM. And instead of a 45 minute class, he does an hour. My oh my... Last week he did Push the Tempo two times back to back...this week he did 3 interval tracks back to back. Ugh. A great burn though and I burned 1043 calories while at the gym.

I did ask him about my hunger. He said that with cardio training your metabolism is suspended for a short while after working out but returns to normal. With weight training, your metabolism is increased hours past your workout and your body is burning thru fuel faster. He said that is why weightlifters eat like 5000 calories a day. Hm. Didnt think about that.

And I guess it proves a point. Yesterday I know I went WAY over my "allowed" calorie intake and I still lost a pound. Down to 153.0. I dont weigh myself anymore because I need to lose weight but more to just chronicle and out of curiosity.  In fact, Eric told me that my weight will probably start going back up with the weight training but that the clothes will become looser...and I am ok with that.

So onto what is going on for me today...

I am meeting my girlfriend A with Penni for lunch. A is pregnant and is due within a week or so and we havent seen her since she moved out of the 'hood. So we will be hitting Red Brick for lunch. After that I need to run over to school to meet with a group of us that is doing a presentation for the school board on how the tornado affected us and our children for Early On Education. Next Friday will be a year since the tornado.

Then it will be off to get Xavier and home to play with them for a bit before heading to the gym.

Tonight at the gym will be a 5 minute walk with an incline of 10, speed 4.0. Then I will do lifting for my shoulders and 4 minutes of abs. Eric gave me a great ab circuit for me to do tonight. 20 seconds forearm plank, 2 seconds plank position but raising a leg and an arm and then alternating, and then 20 second v-up hold. Repeat 4 times. Ouch. After that will be Zumba and then Zumba practice with Maggie in which I will dial the energy back.

Here is my food log for the day as I am planning it for right now:
Breakfast- 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup applesauce, cinnamon and blueberries...then 3 hard boiled eggs
Lunch- Red Brick black bean burger hopefully on a lettuce bun with a side salad and hummus.
Snack- Larabar pre gym*
Dinner- hummus, pretzels, clementine, tuna, cheese stick
Bedtime- Casein shake

*Note: Eric told me he wants me to cut out the Larabars and stick with natural food. Though this bar is "clean" it is still processed. I told him I was trying to find an "energy" type bar to have before the gym that didnt have all the shit in it and this was the best one. So because I just bought a bunch of them, I will eat them until they are gone. After that, I will cut them out and instead have a hard boiled egg pre gym with some hummus.

Right now as it stands, this is about 1510 calories according to MyFitnessPal. 300 calories OVER my daily allotment. Now I KNOW I will burn that extra 300 calories off at the gym but it will still be interesting to see what my weight does tomorrow.

I just finished my breakfast of oatmeal and eggs which should be really filling and already I am hungry again. Ha. Go figure. Eric said if I get hungry he wants me to eat veggies and hummus.

Ok I am off to gnaw on something...

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