Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser and recaps

First if you havent watched Biggest Loser yet and you dont want it spoiled, skip this part of my blog today.

Fair warning!

Ok for those of you who watched it...

What did you think?

Do you like how they are handling the childhood obesity issue?

I like that they are having the kids do the work at home. 1. because the kids parents have issues themselves so it will be good for the whole family to do this 2. because these kids dont need to be subjected to the insane trainings that the adults on the ranch go thru 3. because the kids dont need the politics and games that they always do on the ranch in order not to be voted off

I also love that they arent weighing the kids on national television AND that they cant get voted off. AND they are showing the kids that exercise can be fun!!

Now what did you think of the puke fest that happened? And what did you think of the one guy falling off of the treadmill (repeatedly)? And finally, what did you think about Nikki quitting?

I felt her pain. It struck a nerve with me when she said she wasnt ready. How many times did you diet but because you werent ready the weight came back on (and then some)? I can raise my hand to this! It seemed like I was always losing weight to please others but never for myself.

I am glad that she is going home to see a psychologist to work thru her problems and to help herself get ready to adapt to a new healthy lifestyle. I mean- it took me (and is still taking me) a LONG time to readjust my head. I used to look in the mirror when I wore a size 24 and see a size 14. Now that I am a size 8 I look in the mirror and see a size 24. It is just never ending is it?

My sadness lies in the fact that I really wish that she could have asked herself before coming on the show if she was ready for this. Anyone who watches the show knows how hard the first workout is. And you know that it ALWAYS ends with at least one person puking. Her coming on the show and then quitting means that someone else in that audience got ripped off from coming on the show. Now before you start sending me hate letters, think about it. Do you think that she thought that the first day would be a walk in the park? That she weighed close to 300 lbs but could complete with ease the workouts that Jillian, Bob or Dolvett was going to give her?

It is never easy. When you weigh close to 300 lbs or more and you let yourself go for that long, every day is a struggle.

You have to want live be willing to die for it, to work hard for it in order to get off that much weight. Trust me. I was there myself.

To think that I will just go on the Biggest Loser and I will come home skinny like it is some magic skinny pill isnt realistic. These people work out ALL. DAY. LONG! That takes stamina.

I am glad that she decided to leave now. Go. Get help. I wish that they would update on her at the finale but I dont think they will. I wish her luck though in conquering her demons. We all have them. It is how you slay them that counts.


Yesterday I ate well. I had my Mean Green smoothie and I had to strain it. I think that was due to the ginger and celery. For lunch I made a beet juice. I was in the middle of drinking it and baking kale chips at the same time when my timer for the chips went off. I stood up and my computer cord whipped the juice right off the table. UGH. Thankfully we have hardwood floors but it looked like a bloody mess. LOL.
Dinner was more vegan chili. Nom Nom!

Then last night I went on the elliptical for an hour and also did my plank a day. 2 min 15 seconds. That is fricken forever!! And I also beat my record for the elliptical.

I was able to do 4.62 miles on the elliptical in an hour. Really good on the fat burn setting. I was on level 9 which is constantly like running thru mud. In the hour and a half that I worked out, I was able to burn 820 calories.

Today I weighed in the same at 165.0. I am cool with that.

For breakfast I had an english muffin with peanut butter, a hard boiled egg, and an ab juice. Kale, spinach, cucumber, broccoli and lemon. Sounds gross I know but I added a bunch of ice and 3/4 of a lemon and it just tasted like a tart lemon water. I could drink it every day. Honestly. Once I got to the bottom of the juice though were the little left over bits and I couldnt drink that so I tossed that part.


My Nutribullet stopped working. I am SO bummed. So I will have to pack it up and take it back to Kohls tomorrow. I dont really know what happened. Luckily Kohls is a great store so I should just be able to exchange it.

My cousin and her kids are coming over in just a bit so for lunch I will probably have some almonds and some more chili.

Tonight is running and then working my legs with Eric. I dont know if you saw the big rubber band that Nikki was using last night when she was with Jillian, but that is one of the exercises that Eric and I do. So I messaged him asking if we could use that again and he said yes! Very excited.

Ok everyone..I am off to clean my floors quick of the childrens crumbs before more crumbs come down onto the floor. LOL. Have a great Monday!

***PS I was asked what was in the Healthe Trim that was the appetite suppressant and it is Saffron. Healthe Trim uses real saffron extract in their pills***

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  1. I wasn't happy with her leaving - she left a spot vacant that many would die for. I think they should have let her elimination be the one and not made anyone else go. Everyone knows it's easily the hardest thing they'll ever do emotionally and physically. Maybe they should have let her talk to her family or something before she walked off?

  2. I dvr'd TBL, watched the beginning though. Still read your post, couldn't help it :). Your cucumber juice/mix sounds good, refreshing- clean. Giada on food network recently made a similar one, I think she added some lime juice and mint. Kohls will exchange your nutribullet. They are awesome with things like that!

    Great job on the elliptical!

    I eat plain Greek yogurt daily, love it....I add lots of cinnamon, hemp seeds, nuts (usually almond, pecans, or walnuts...about 1/4 cup). Will sometimes add 1tbsp of real fruit preserves.

  3. I didn't see it but my guess is that Nikki thought she'd be ready if she was *picked*, then thought she'd be ready when she got there. It's too bad that they can't call in a runner-up to take her place when something like that happens.

    So proud of you and all you've done. You go girl!!!

    PS: Sorry about the nutribullet. I read that they can crap out pretty quickly. I'm sure the next one will work great. Maybe it was the celery?

  4. Haven't seen it yet. A puke fest-ew! Thanks for answering about the ingredient in the pill :)

    *YOU are kicking arse!!!!

  5. I understood where she was coming from but I was so disappointed with her decision. She never gave it a chance, she pretty much lost the weigh in for her team and a guy who I think really needed more time there got sent home because of it and someone in the audience who really deserved her spot didn't get it. I think she should have given it more of a chance then she did.