Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Lifestyle Change

Hey everyone! Yesterday I was reading some of my favorite blogs for the day and when I ready Lucy's blog about what a lifestyle change really means, it struck a chord with me.

Think about this...

The new year comes and what is the first thing we always say we want to accomplish?


Well what do we have to do to lose weight and NOT have it come back on?

We need to change our lifestyle. We say it. We buy the produce and the health food and then life gets in the way. We may have to work late one night so we decide it is easier to order out. Or the kids have karate... Or...Or...Or.

So what are some ways we can adopt a healthier lifestyle and make it EASIER on ourselves?

One way is to prepare our food in advance OR make a big batch to get us thru the week. An example of this is my vegan chili I have been eating every day. Still is yummy!

Another way is to prepare our produce for when we get home. If you are going to make smoothies, cut up your fruit, throw it into bags or tupperware and straight into the freezer.

If you are going to eat more fruit, pull your grapes off the vine (for example) and into a tupperware in the fridge. It makes for easy grabbing.

Lucy inspired me to take some pictures of my jamb packed fridge to share with you all. You will see on the top shelf that I have two cartons of eggs. One is hard boiled which makes an easy to grab snack. The other is ready for baking or cooking.

My fridge is just packed to the gills right now. Spinach, kale, avacado, celery, carrots, my chili, apples, pears, cantalope, pineapple, the list goes on...

Under my milk is the chili. Then I have spinach on the right. Behind the milk is parsley and cilantro. And avocado and pineapple in the back.

My produce drawers. They are stocked full and very hard to close. LOL

My fruit I keep on the counter. Mangos, bananas and clementines. I need to let the mangos ripen so I can cut them up and throw them in the freezer.

I am trying to make my new vegetarian lifestyle exactly that. A lifestyle. And yes I still have meat. I still have chicken tenders in the fridge. I am just trying to make it easier for ME to maintain. So I have surrounded myself with good food.

What are you doing to lose weight and commit to a healthier lifestyle?

Last night was working with Eric for lower body.

First I got on the treadmill and did 4.25 miles. I ran 3 and then walked the other 1.25. Then it was time.

 I have to tell you- Eric had me squatting 175 lbs for my final round in the circuit! We did leg presses, squats, I got to play with the big rubber band and did squats with it, I did all sorts of crazy stuff last night. 

Then as a cool down to try to release some of the lactic acid buildup in my legs, I walked another mile.

So that means I did 5.25 miles, and burned 1087 calories last night. Woo hoo!

And then I came home to temptation. Last night was the Notre Dame/Alabama game. Our house roots for Alabama because we have friends that live there. LOL lame reason I know. Anyways Aarons mom came over with all the fixings. Crackers, cheese (all types) sloppy joes, bbq pulled pork, shrimp cocktail, fruit, root beer, vanilla ice cream, hummus, horseradish cheese dip, I mean you name it snack wise, it was here.

"I" think I did really good. I had some strawberries, a piece of string cheese, a couple crackers with jalepeno cheese on it and a little hummus and whole grain tortilla chips. And when I say a couple of each of these, I mean 2. A couple. I stayed strong.

I tried to stay awake but I ended up falling asleep on the couch while the game is going on. It worked in my favor. 1. I wasnt tempted to eat anymore and 2. I didnt have to clean up. LOL

This morning I weighed in at 164.5! Woot! Only a half pound loss but I would love to lose a half pound a day. LOL.

OHHHH forgot to tell you! My Nutribullet is working again. I think they have an overheat sensor in them. As soon as it was completely cooled down it started working again.

So I had another AB juice this morning. Yum!

Tonight is my at home night. So the elliptical and I have a date. And this afternoon I need to catch up with The Biggest Loser. I missed it last night because of the football game.

How are you guys doing with your new years resolutions?

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