Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sometimes you fall...on purpose

Yesterday was a good day as far as exercise goes.

I went to the gym in the morning and got an easy 2.5 mile run in. Then came RPM. It wasnt RPM but spinning which Eric was filling in for. Which means that he can do whatever the heck he wants in terms of songs. And he made it tough. In fact he admitted that he almost didnt make it thru. He even had us do one of our hardest songs "Push the tempo" twice...back to back.

I ended up burning 919 calories.

I had my ab juice, part of my portebello mushroom burger for breakfast and my peanut butter cookie Lara Bar- part of it before the gym and the other part after. For lunch I ended up going to Panera with my Aunt. I had the You pick two with the low fat vegetarian black bean soup and the mediterranean veggie sandwich and an apple. Yummy!

Then dinner was part of my enchiladas and a cheese stick, some celery and hummus.

I decided that I was just going to have an off plan night while we watched a movie. I had some wine, and made up some "trail mix" with pretzels, clean chips, raw cashews, some semi sweet chocolate chips and a few of my jelly beans (my weakness).  Then I made Aaron and I grown up root beer floats with ice cream, root beer and whipped cream vodka.

So not surprising today to be 161.0. I am perfectly fine with that. Tonight I know that I need to hit the elliptical to sweat off the salt and alcohol.

Today we will also be going to Aarons grandma's house. She is in Florida but we will be having dinner with Aarons mom, brother and other grandma. It should be nice. I am hoping there will be salad there for me to eat. Usually she has salad so I dont have to worry about it.

Well thats about the news for the day. Happy Sunday everyone!!

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  1. We really need to change things up to see results. eating more once in a while helps keep your body on it's toes!