Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rest Day and Jeans

Yesterday I decided to take a well deserved rest day.

I have been going full tilt and I dont want to get sick or injured, so as much as it pained me to do so, I rested.

Today because of it, I am quite sore. The second day after legs is always the worst. Normally I can head it off because I run every day which stretches the legs back out. Well...not today.


Because of that, I am up a half pound. I am ok with that. 165.0 is a fine number. Not the end number, but a fine number for today.

Today I am having an ab juice for breakfast, a clementine orange, an english muffin with peanut butter and a hard boiled egg. Lunch will be celery, hummus, grapes, raw almonds, cherry tomatoes and pretzel sticks. I plan on adding some hot sauce to the hummus to give it a kick today too.

Then off to the gym this evening for running and working the upper body with Eric. I will probably do my arm exercises this afternoon to loosen the shoulder up. Eric said it is going to take the upper body a while to catch up with the lower. Ok. I can deal with that.

Dinner will probably be a cheese stick and some sort of fruit when I get home. Maybe another Clementine. I like Clementines but why the heck do they sell them in such a large quantity?? Seriously? And you have to really look at them when you buy them to make sure that you arent buying some that have started to go bad already. Sorry. I digress...

So for my exercise yesterday because it was a rest day, the most exercise I got was running up and down the stairs putting away laundry. And while I was putting away my clothes, I had this idea to see if my size 6 jeans fit me. A month ago they were VERY tight and I couldnt do them up.

Well I went to put them on and they slid right up!! Now I will tell you honestly that I do have a muffin top with them but they werent tight like "I am squeezing myself into these and I am not going to be able to sit down...or breathe". I really didnt realize I had a muffin top until I lifted my shirt.

And the way I figure it, you know how you put new jeans on and they stretch to like the next size so you always have to buy them small? That is how these, I think, will be.

I was SO excited! 6's are the smallest I have been. And I dont think I have ever worn these jeans before. They dont have their tags on them but they have that new jean feel. If I remember correctly, I went to Meijer to buy jeans and they were clearancing out this brand. Back when I was losing weight, I would buy my jeans from Meijer because they were only $10 a pair. I was dropping sizes so quickly it just made sense. So when I found these on the clearance rack, I was actually like a 10. I decided to buy them and hang them up in the closet for when I could get into them. I had another pair of 6's but they were lost when we moved so I knew I could get back down. Last time when I was in the 150's (pre tornado) I was wearing my favorite jeans that my sister gave me. And even then in the 150's I wasnt as small as what I am now in the 160's. The muscle tone is just different. The jeans my sister gave me now almost fall off when I walk. What a great feeling huh?
Have you had any NSV's lately? If so, please share!!
Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tip of the Day:


  1. I would have to say running 16 miles over the course of 36 hours with no sleep, crazy heat and humidity and not quite the best nutrition.

  2. The commitment to your workouts is amazing and inspiring. Are you sure you're eating enough calories and protein throughout your days? I've been reading your blog for awhile and your calories seem very low for especially how much you exercise. When I under-eat it's tough for the body to drop weight as well.