Thursday, June 28, 2012

weekly post

well i just realized that it has been a bit since i blogged. and i am sure you realized that we still have no cable or internet. lol. good news is that i have won the war with comcast. bad news is that we have to wait until tomorrow for the guy to come out and hook us up at the pole because the tornado knocked everything out. so a quick p ninety x for me so far this week. my shoulder has been bothering me and a lot of the workouts are for arms and shoulders. instead i have been doing my twenty minute zumba dvd in the morning to get my burn and sweat going for the day. that combined with gardening in the heat, and my gym classes has resulted in a slow loss...but a loss is always good. i am down to one sixty eight point zero after going back up to one sixty nine point five after my stomach bug. hey i will take it. i want to keep the numbers going down. this weekend i will be m.i.a. it is my sisters bacholorette party. dont worry folks. i will be keeping on plan as much as possible. wine for me...preferrably red. and i will be the designated driver for sure. and i am bringing my running gear with me to run the rail trails. should be fun. i will try to post on monday how my weekend went. oh and we should have internet by then too. keep your fingers crossed. have a great second half of the week and if you are in a hot hot hot area like i am today, stay cool and hydrated.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

quick recap

as you can see from my post, our cable, phone and internet has yet to be turned on as promised by comcast. this is going to mean a lot of cursing by me to them in the retention department come tomorrow. ugh. friday we had our plans suddenly changed for the weekend and had to head out of town. well that was suddenly curtailed when my youngest started throwing up in the car when we were about thirty minutes into the drive. seriously? this just happened last week with my oldest. so we turned back around and thank goodess my youngest is much better at being sick than my oldest. landry actually slept thru the night that night. but...i was up from about one am on getting sick. yup. stomach flu hit our house. luckily by three am i was able to sleep on the floor in the bathroom and there i stayed til about six am. saturday morning we hurried up, got the kids dressed and over to grandmas so we could do what we were trying to do on friday. i felt better but not one hundred percent. got some gatorade...which makes me even thirstyier..and a bagel and cream cheese. that stayed down for the most part. i did feel a bit queezy after about five hours and had to get sick. by then it was almost time for us to head home. the kids stayed at grandmas house so i came straight home and went to bed about five pm. i didnt wake up til eight thirty this morning...on sunday. i no longer ache so i think i am on the mend. and i am now down to one hundred sixty seven point five pounds. nothing like a little stomach flu to help the numbers huh? lol. today we have to go to a retirement party so i need to go and get ready so i can pick up the kids. dont worry...i will be eating light. lol. oh and i found my missing p ninety x dvds so i will be starting that back up hopefully tomorrow. yeah. have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

Friday, June 22, 2012

friday findings

well after a very  hard week of working out, with cx, rpm, body flow and my at home twenty minute zumba, today i was greated with the  scale telling me one hundred sixty nine pounds point five. woo hoo. and today we should, read much sarcasm here, be getting cable, phone and internet turned back on. we were going to go with a t and t, but they dont get internet out here. so it is back to big, bad, idiotic comcast who is trying to raise our rates for the exact same thing we had before. and we had to cancel it in order not to be charged every month for cable and internet because they dont have anything in place as a company for natural disasters and the people, the customers, involved. anyways, so the guy is supposed to call me today to let me know if we can get what we had before. if not, i will be speaking to the retention department and alerting the news station. ok onto happier things. tonight is zumba and cx classes at the gym. woo hoo. then i run back here, showers, and meet my neighbors at the park for the weekly music.  wine drinking will happen. laughter will happen. i am very much looking to bonding with neighbors and friends. hopefully next time i write, i will have a picture and a tip of the day for you. have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend wrap up

hey everyone. hope everyone had  a great weekend. mine was full of ups and downs. both literally and figuratively. friday night i had zumba and cx. the rooms air conditioner broke and zumba class literally fogged the windows. that made for cx to be a bit more difficult because everything was wet from the floor to the yoga mats to ourselves which made doing planks without sliding dang near impossible. after that i flew home to shower and change and meet new friends and neighbors down at the village park for the first night of dexters summer concert series. we brought wine. lol. i made sure to eat an apple for dinner on the way back from the gym but it wasnt enough. after a couple small glasses of wine i was feeling it. we ended up closing the park the concert was done at nine and we stuck around talking til eleven. then k went home and k, c and i went across the street to aubreys to get some food in our bellys...namely feta bread. oh yum. i thought for sure i would have gained weight that night however the next morning i was very shocked to see i didnt gain or lose anything. for that i was actually happy. guess between the the gym and the laughter i burned mega calories.   then saturday we had a graduation party to go to. it was a blast but was full of tempting foods. hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, pasta salads, subs, popcorn, cotton candy and oh the cupcakes. all sorts of different chocolate, mt dew, cookie dough, peanut butter, bubble name it. i held strong and had some grilled chicken breast strips, a ton of fresh veggies, a bit of fresh fruit, one meatball, a couple small bites of cupcake to which i fed the rest to their dog so i wouldnt eat anymore, and a handful of popcorn. not shabby. so then on the way home xavier says my tummy doesnt feel good and he pukes literally six times in the car and most of it was before i could grab him a plastic bag. so then we had to pull over and strip both him and his carseat down. thank goodness i had his swimsuit with us. we had stipped at a greek restaraunt and aaron went inside to ask for a towel. they handed him back two napkins. seriously. he said no that wasnt enough and they gave him two wet naps. seriously. lol. so he grabbed a handful of napkins and out he came. thank goodness we had diaper wipes on us and some spare plastic bags. so after we got him cleaned up, i stacked some newspapers on top of his carseat for a bit of a cush, put a piece of fabric over that and strapped him back in. he complained the whole way home of his tummy hurting and eneded up puking again in the car. this time i got it in a bag. when we got home, aaron had to return a redbox movie and i wanted to run on the elliptical. we got the kids to bed, i gave xavier a bucket to puke in and sent him to bed. i told him if he felt like he had to get sick to stick his head in the bucket then call me. i didnt want puke on our new carpet. i had kept telling aaron before that not to give him water. he will throw it up. well all night long xavier kept calling for aaron. aarong kept giving him water. and what did xavier do? throw up. duh. i was so angry that no one would listen to me. finally i gave him some flat sierra mist and that seemed to help a bit. he threw up and one am, then again at four am. that seemed to be the last of it when he came running into our room at seven am to let us know his tummy didnt hurt anymore.  that morning for breakfast i gave him some jello and some gatorade i ran out to get. it was faters day and i wanted to see if he was truly back to normal before heading to the next party. it seemed like he was on the mend. he had his jello and some crackers. a few bites of sandwich for lunch and we sent the boys off to bed for an early nap. aaron and i were exhausted too. that afternoon we headed to my grandpas house for a fathers day get together. i brought fresh veggies, and a can of tuna for myself. i knew there were going to be ribs but i didnt know what else. well there was cole slaw and potato salad too as well as key lime pie bars and brownies. i was so glad i brought what i did. i ended up eating veggies, my tuna, one very small rib, oh and half of one of my moms rolls which are to die for. and one small key lime pie bar which was ok and not worth the calories. then xavier threw up again. seriously. really? ugh. we cleaned the cement off...that goodness we were outside...and got him settled. i grabbed some ziploc bags to take with us just in case he had to get sick again. i really think he got sick because he had food his belly wasnt ready for after being sick. cole slaw, a rib, a roll and a brownie. plus he was running and jumping and rolling all around the yard. after that, no more puking and he said his belly felt fine. and even better was that he slept all night. so when we got home, we got them to bed and i went on the elliptical for an hour. i said before this weekend was full of highs and lows, ups and can see why. but with all that being said, i lost two and a half pounds this weekend. a major victory for me. this was the first time ever that i have lost weight on a weekend with major events. i usually find myself over indulging and screwing up what i lost the week before. yesterday i did my twenty minute zumba in the morning and worked in the garden all day. i lost another pound this morning. so now i am down to one hundred seventy point five pounds. not bad.  today i am getting ready to go do my twenty minute zumba again. i have found if i can do that in the morning, it gets my calories burning for the day. then we are going to run to lowes to get more weed barrier and work more outside.  then tonight is my long day with cx, body flow and rpm. whew. i am hoping to be in the one sixtys tomorrow... so close. hope you all have a great tuesday.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

positive progress

well i have some good news. with me working out like crazy this week, i am down to one hundred seventy four pounds. hopefully i can stay on task this weekend because we have a graduation party today and fathers day bbq tomorrow. i dont have a plan for today because it would be rude to bring my own food, lol, but i plan on eating before we go to the party. tomorrow, we have the bbq at my grandpas house so i dont feel bad about bringing food that i can eat. tomorrow will be lots of fresh veggies and a plain ole can of tuna. i also plan on doing some zumba tomorrow morning to get the calorie burn going for the day.   yesterday i did zumba and the ac broke in the classroom. we literally fogged the mirrors up. got a great sweat going for cx too however it was very hard to plank with everything wet from the humidity. last night i fell off the diet, clean eating wagon a bit when i met some neighbors at the park for the concert that dexter does every friday during the summer. had a great time and a couple glasses of wine for dinner, lol, and started feeling it. after the concert was done, we walked across the street to get something in our bellys. feta bread. my love and my enemy. i figured even though we split the bread, i was sure to gain weight from the wine and bread. huge relief and surprise this morning when i didnt gain a thing. makes it much easier to stay on course today. had a great time, a lot of laughs, and got to know my neighbors better. it was an excellent stress relief and break from tornado related things for all of us.    as for the internet front, floks i will hopefully have something up and running by end of next week. the problem we have here is that comcast is the only cable provider. and they like to screw us on pricing. so now we have to look at dish network and at and t. that is probably the route we will be taking. i will be calling them first thing on monday to discuss the options for us.   and on a personal front, please say some prayers for my husband. he had a phone interview yesterday and it went so well that a higher up person called him right after that. monday he has a third round phone interview with this company. tuesday he has a second round interview with a different company too. so please keep your fingers crossed that something firms up for him.  have a great weekend and happy fathers day to all you dads out there.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

tuesday and tornado recaps

hi everyone. going great here. yesterday was very busy with plyometrics, then arc, cx, body flow and rpm. had a great talk with eric, my personal trainer, last night after rpm. he says that he is going to teach me to train smart and get all i need in way of exercise done in thirty minutes because he thinks i overtrain. i am not denying that at all. i am sure i do. i just want to get results quick. lol.    so this morning i weighed in and one hundred seventy seven point five. scale is going in the right direction.   today i took it a bit easy and did p ninety x shoulders, arms and abs. i had to start and stop multiple times due to kids, phone calls, people at the door, etc but i did get it done and only had to restart the dvd one time. tonight the family and i went for a long walk around the neighborhood. we like to check out the progress of what is going on.   a mild day for me exercise wise, but nice. i had started to work out this morning then the doorbell rang. it was my neighbors. they had asked if i could sit their kids while they met with their builder and i said sure. well facebook didnt send one of the messages and i thought that their meeting was at five tonight. here it was actually at ten in the morning. lol. so i never did get my breakfast smoothie. lunch was carrots, english muffin with real peanut butter and two hard boiled eggs. dinner was a chicken breast, green beans and some raw red peppers. yummy. so i was on track today with my eating. my snack tonight were a few wasabi edamame and some hot tea. my night snacking has been my downfall and i really have to watch it.   tomorrow is a late night at the gym with an rpm class. not sure if i will do arc or run on the treadmill before class. plus tomorrow is p ninety x yoga and the first of my discs that is missing. i will be substituting x two yoga for it instead. very interested to see how it goes.   ok now for the tornado construction update. we are back in the house now. officially so since right before memorial weekend. the tornado hit the house march fifteenth. and we are the first ones back in our house on our hard hit area. right now we only have one other family that has gotten back in and he lives across the street and a couple houses down from us. we had the same builder. go figure. other than that, you have to go down about five houses from ours before you find habitable homes. and even the habitable homes are still needing siding or roofs. people are still fighting trying to get the yards replaced because of all the glass and debris. it is crazy. so why dont we have internet and cable now that we are back in? well it is complicated. lol. aaron is still looking for a job and is hoping to have something finalized next week. say some prayers. also we need to replace our large tv. geek squad is coming out to see if they can fix it but what i thought was originally pixels out, now looks like gouges from debris that hit it. we will see if it can be repaired on friday. also we are shopping for a deal. comcast has been less than helpful with us and our neighbors in this situation. one neighbor lost his entire house and comcast was still calling to get their boxes back. really? so we are trying to find a deal for the big three...cable, internet and phone. but in our area we are limited.  so we have a choice of going back to comcast, cancelling the phone with them because i already had canceled internet and cable and switching it over to aarons name to get the new customer deal...which i really dont want to do because i dont want to change our number or i call and talk to retention and see what i can do. i still have their boxes and modem. or we check into what dish has to offer. they dont have their pricing online which is a total pain for me. we will  be making a decision about cable next week. i will probably have to call and chew out comcast normal. we are still sleeping on an air mattress. the boys have their mattresses, but we havent replaced ours yet. once again, it comes to money and stretching the budget. we also dont have a grill. i really miss my grill. we are waiting on another insurance check to come thru. once it does, the grill, mattress and maybe tv will be on our replacement list. we also have to replace the lawn.  right now it sparkles with glass and nails. when you cut the grass you have to wear safety goggles. one of the neighbors was hit with a nail just above her eye and thankfully suffered no permanent damage. insurance will cover scraping and removal of the sod but not replacement. we also need to get a sprinkler system to keep the sod from dying. just add it to the list of things that need to be done. other than that, we are pretty much settled though it may not seem like it. a lot of decisions will be made soon regarding some personal things that have been stressing aaron and i out. once that is done and the job for him is finalized, i will be able to take a calm step back and really recover from all that has happened over the last year. it will be a great time for reflection.  anyone have any questions, let me know. besides a couple things which i am sure i will blog about later as therapy of sorts, my life is an open book. and it gives me a good subject for my blog for the day. i am sure you get sick of hearing what i did for exercise and what i ate for the day. lol. night all. blog more soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

crazy tuesday

first i would like to say hello to my new readers. and apologize at the same time. usually i like to give daily tips and fun picutres for motivation, however, until we fully get back into our home with all utilities up and running, i am going to have to do my blog from my phone. ok now for mondays recap. yesterday i got to the gym and ran just under three miles. two point eightish. then i had my cx class. oh man. my core is weak after my unplanned break from exercise. my abs are still sore from last friday. so then l came home and did p ninety x disc one which is back and shoulders. push ups and pull ups were the exercises on the disc. i didnt do the ab ripper portion because i had done thirty minutes of abs in cx and i was done. then last night i was debating about going for a run or going on the elliptical. i decided it was too beautiful of a night to stay inside so i went out for a jog slash walk. it was pretty humid and i didnt want to put too much strain on my joints after running earlier that day. it was a great route and a new one for me. i ended up doing another two point eight miles. not too shabby.               today is my crazy tuesday. for my new readers you may say what the heck is that? well already this morning i have done my p ninety x plyometrics. all jumping cardio for an hour. ugh. oh how i hate but love that disc. i got an awesome sweat. i only wish my heart rate monitor worked. this afternoon is cx followed by body flow and rpm. body flow is tai chi slash pilates slash yoga. and rpm is cycling. i am a bit nervous about body flow only because i know my balance is off after gaining weight. the scale was kind to me this morning. i gained back this weekend to one seventy nine point five probably because of the birthday party and not eating properly. this morning i was rewarded with my hard work from yesterday with a weight of one seventy eight. now we are going in the right direction. i hope i can keep on this path and lose a lot of this weight quickly. i took new before pictures last night and i dont like what i see on them. hopefully i can get them posted on here at some point. also i mentioned yesterday how i was missing some of my p ninety x dvds and i was asked if the tornado got them. the answer to that is i dont think so. the night of the tornado i grabbed what was important and that included those dvds. lol. i thought i grabbed them all but i must have missed some. so they are either away in a box still or they fell out along the way. not real sure. i think the yoga one may be upstairs in our walk in closet. i vaguely remember seeing it when i was unpacking. as for the other two, no idea. guess i will just have to say some prayers that they are found prior to friday when i need legs and back. thanks everyone for sticking with me thru all this craziness. it has been an interesting experience. and yes. i plan on getting pictures of the house up on my blog for you to see once i get internet. have a great tuesday everyone. i hope everyone has a great on track week.

Monday, June 11, 2012

monday, monday

this weekend was great. friday i had zumba and cx. oh boy was i sore saturday from cx. amazing how quickly you can get weak. saturday i signed up for rpm. class was ten dollars and it was a fundraiser to benefit cancer research. great class and i was very sore. one bummer though was that my heart rate monitor stopped working part way thru rpm so i had no idea how many calories i burned. i figured the battery was starting to die. it was taking more and more time for it to find my heart rate. eric told me after class that i could get the watch battery replaced wherever. i had to go to meijer anyways so i stopped there to get one. the guy who tried to be helpful and undo the back actually screwed up the back because the pieces around the plastic groove where you put a quarter to open it started to chip off. instead of stopping hekinda really messed it up. so who knows if i will have to replace the whole thing or not. i will probabaly take it to a watch shop and see what they can do. anyways sunday was landrys birthday party. had a great time. the scale didnt really like me for it today but oh well. today i took my boys with me to the gym. i got in one point eight seven miles on the treadmill before class. then i took cx. then i came home and started back up with p ninety x. day one all over again. push ups and pull ups. ouch. my shoulder is still screwy so i was taking it easy with the push ups. hopefully it starts to get better now that i can exercise regularly. when i was getting ready to set up the dvd, i noticed i am missing three dvds from the set. yoga, legs and back, and kempo. really bummed. i figure i can substitute in for legs and back. maybe do p ninety x two yoga, and then do cardio x for kempo. i will just have to figure it out. tonight i plan on going on the ellpitical for a while. hopefully i can get a good burn on. i would love to be in the one sixtys by the beginning of next week. dont know if it is possible, but we shall see. oh and on another fun note...when the gym was doing the fundraiser for cancer research day, they also had silent auctions going on. i bid on three thirty minute sessions with personal trainer eric. and guess what? i won. very excited about it. i plan on waiting a bit to meet with him until i start losing some of the weight i gained back. i want to use the sessions to break thru any plateaus i may hit. have a great monday everyone.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

couple day updates

hi  everyone. i wanted to let you know that i am still alive and kicking and back at the gym. yesterday i went and got just over a couple miles in on the fat burn setting on the treadmill and then geared up for rpm. it was great. i didnt realize how much i missed it. eric definitely kicked my butt with some new tracks. but i stuck with it and burned a crzy amount of calories. today i did another coule miles on the treadmill, again on the weight loss setting. then i hit zumba and cx. i have been having major problems with my shoulder lately and the range of motion has been going down with it. didnt realize how much that would affect me until i was trying to do a side plank tonight and about died. i can feel the knot in my muscle in my shoulder. hoping that is all it is and that it isnt a rotator cuff issue. but i still burned over one thousand calories and i am very good with that. saturday brings more time on the treadmill and then rpm class. they are doing a fundraiser for cancer along with a silent auction. each class is ten dollars so i signed up for just one. i also put a bid on a silent auction prize. a set of three personal training sessions with eric. i hope i win it so he can help kick my butt into gear and get me ready for the wedding the end of july. the scale numbers are starting to go down. friday morning i weighed in at one hundred seventy six. not bad considering i was at one eighty one the beginning of the week. i am hoping to get back into the one sixties by next weekend. if i do, i will retry on my dress for my sisters wedding to see how it is fitting. monday i plan on starting up p ninety x again. that will help get me back into shape quickly as well. also i know i said i was going to do a fruit and veggie fast. but i was still in pain from the half marathon and felt that it might not be the best time to shock the body more. however i have been having my smoothie for breakfast along with coffee. lunch has been baby carrots with two hard boiled eggs, and a toasted bagel with all natural peanut butter. dinner has been all veggies. the other night i made czesias brussell sprouts again. i love that recipe. i added sauted onions, mushrooms and garlic to mine too. so things are going well. i am going to try to stay on track with the diet this weekend. sunday will be difficult because it is my youngests birthday party. i did however go buy all natural chicken sausages for myself so i can have those instead of a regular hot dog. i will be staying away from the pulled pork but will be filling up on the veggies. i will probably treat myself and have some potato salad too. going to try to stay away from the cake but we will see... that is the news for now. thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

half marathon rehash

so i was asked if i could share what happened with my half marathon and how it was. well let me start by saying that previously the longest distance that i had run was the ten k that i did just after my birthday in may. that was a sunday. then the following tuesday i decided to see if i could actually runn a half marathon under the three hour limit.  so tuesday evening i set out and was able to complete it in two hours fourty six minutes and some odd body had serious rebellion after that run. my stomach cramped, i had to run to the bathroom to throw up numerous times, and i was so dizzy i felt like i was drunk even though i had brought water with me to stay hydrated. it took about two hours before i started to feel normal again. and that folks was the last time i ran before the real race. i took about a week and a half off to let my body recover. race day i wasnt really nervous. i had bought two packets of gu and a water backpack that held two liters. i didnt end up taking the backpack because it was heavy and i didnt want to slow myself down. i did not end up using the gu either. a bunch of racers told me it upset their stomach and i didnt want to experiment with something new during the race. the race was really well organized. lots of water and gatorade stops as well as a lot of porta potties. the scenery was gorgeous and i was running the race with my friend ambreen. it was her first time running a half too and in her training, her schedule she used never took her above a ten mile run. we both had the understanding that if one was holding the other back that they didnt have to wait and could just go ahead. well we were doing great. before we knew it we were on mile ten. we had taken a couple potty breaks, well i did anyways, because wouldnt you know that aunt flow decided to visit a couple days before the race. a full two weeks early i might add. the last three miles were very very long. at one point i stopped running to walk because my right hip and knee were aching and a cop pulled up along side of me to ask me if i was ok. i said yes to which he replied that i had better get moving then. nice huh? while running i also used the cardiotrainer app on my phone to keep pace. that was an excellent idea and funny enough, our total run was about fifteen miles, not thirteen.of course the total length depends on where you run on the course because the distance is taken from the shortest part of a curve.

Monday, June 4, 2012

figured it out!

this is going to be very rudimentary blogs for right now, but i figured out how to post a new blog from my phone. right now we do not have internet which is why i have to do it this way. i completed my first half marathon yesterday which i vowed would be my last. today however it seems like i like to torture my body and am thinking that i could do that race once a year and next time be better prepared for it. i hit a panic number on the scale today of one hundred eighty phone wont let me do the numbers function...weird. anyways, i am blaming it on swelling from the race yesterday because i wasnt near that number a couple days ago. so today i am taking it easy but getting my body back in the mode by starting a mostly fruit and veggie fast. i also plan on starting back to the gym this week to start major cardio work again. i have approx seven weeks until my sisters wedding on july twenty eight. i need to get as close to my pre tornado weight as possible because right now my dress is tight.