Thursday, February 28, 2013

BAH...Thats all I have to say...

Well yesterday started off as a good day.

I called the snow day.

No biggie. I had to watch the neighbor kids for a bit while the parents went to a meeting...

Again no biggie. The kids like playing together.

While they played, I worked on new Zumba routines. Got a great start to the day and burned 502 calories.

That evening I was SUPPOSED to go to the gym to workout.


Fricken gym never got power back on.


And so we went to our delayed Red Robin trip.

I did really good.

Garden burger with no sauce, no cheese, but with tomato, onion, pickles on lettuce bun. They arent kidding about a lettuce bun either. Think a head of iceburg lettuce with the outside curved 1/4 cut off each end. It was pretty awesome and I think I will do that instead of buns when I have burgers. The garden burger had enough flavor to it that it didnt need ketchup or any type of condiments.

As my side, I had steamed broccoli. I did add a shake of their flavored salt to it. Yummy. And I admit, I had 4 fries. Gasp...I know! LOL. And I did have about half a milkshake.

I did take all that into account for my calories for the day. I should have been under and lost some weight.


Today I weighed 156.5. No biggie. I think part of it is because my legs are SO SORE!

Anyways... so after Red Robin I figured that with the gym still being closed I would come home and work on Zumba stuff again to burn more calories.

Nope. Again.

Aarons grandma doesnt have power at her house from the storm SO she and Aarons mom stayed here. His mom works early in the morning at the hospital so no working out for me. Damn it. Had to get the mattress inflated in the living room for her. Oh well...

And now it is 5:37 am and the kids dont have school AGAIN. No power to 4 of 6 buildings. And the gym STILL doesnt have power so no morning workout with Eric for me. Boo hoo!

Why is it the week I bump up to three sessions, two of them get canceled? WTF???

BUT here is the homework Eric gave me...

Wait for it...

You are gonna love this!

100 burpees

Yeah. I said that right. 100 F-ing burpees.

He said time myself and make every one perfect. A full squat down, jump back to plank, hold 2 seconds keeping abs tight, one full pushup, then hop back to your feet and perform a squat and jump as high as you can.

He said if form starts to lack, take a breather and hydrate but keep the clock going. Not done til I get to 100.

And dont you worry my friends. I will be wearing my HRM while I do this. I will be VERY curious 1. how long it takes to do 100 of these and 2. How many calories I burn

HOPEFULLY the gym will have power back by tonight so I can actually run and do RPM.

Stay tuned! This power outage is KILLING me...between the gym and no school. Talk about putting a kink in your schedule!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tip of the Day: If you have any of these symptoms, please check with a doctor.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

About 90% Decided

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday to you all!

Did you all get slammed with snow? We did. Snow day today...which I figured.

Well here is how my day went yesterday...

Dropped the boys off at school then headed into the gym.

I started the treadmill off at 6.5 and actually had to double check it because it seemed so easy. Then I bumped it up to 6.8 and then up into 7.2mph. I was running at that for a while and bumped it up to 8.2 when BAM! My fricken hand hit the stop button. FUDGE!! At that point I was still running at 8.2 and trying to get in under 17 minutes for 2 miles. 1.83 miles in 15:54...UGH!

So I restarted the treadmill but you know how it takes a few seconds for it to amp up. Well I ended up completing the remaining .17 miles in 1:20. Damn it.

After that I walked about 4.2 mph at an incline of 5.0. I did 1 mile total that round so I did a total of 2.83 miles.

Then it was time to work with Eric. Today we focused on technique for the lower body and really focusing on holding in the abs and tightening the core. We did squats, upright leg press, step ups and dead lifts.

For an hour at the gym I burned 612 calories.

Then the storm hit while I was in Meijer with the boys after school. My MIL was not able to get a flight out of Florida until pm so that meant no Red Robin. Fine by me. So instead for dinner I had a clementine and cheese stick. Like normal. LOL. But other than that, my eating was just fine from what I had originally planned.

And I didnt end up doing the 15 minute Insanity either. My legs are a bit sore so I decided to just take it easy. Really I just was VERY concerned that Aaron had to go pick up his mom at the airport and that he had to drive in this crappy weather that I couldnt think about exercising. UGH. We only got about 1" of heavy wet snow before it stopped before he left but it still was very unnerving for me to let him go get her.

He was fine. Did 40mph on the highway. Tons of people in the ditches but probably those were the dumbasses that passed him doing 60.

This morning I woke up at 155.0. Woo hoo! I am doing good! But I also woke up with pink eye in my left eye. My eyelid is all swollen too. Damn it. Luckily I have some eye drops for it.

I decided that I am going to make up one workout session with Eric tonight at the gym. We are going to combine back and chest and then on Thursday focus on legs again. We went sort of light today so Thursday we will hit the legs hard core. Should be fun. As long as the power at the gym comes back on...once again...DAMN IT!

But before that, I am going to start working on new Zumba routines. I got my new dvd and music and the music this month ROCKS! There is an awesome remake of A-Ha's 80's hit "Take on me" which is one of my FAVORITE 80's songs. Cant wait to check it out.

And my grocery savings yesterday...

First I went to Busch's on the way back from the gym.
I bought cream cheese, kraft singles (2 because they were $2 off each), plain bagels (2 packs), Sabra Hummus (2 packs), Semi Sweet chocolate chips (2 bags), Maple syrup, and Kopplingers bread (3 loaves). Everything was on sale that I bought. I spent $39.79 and saved $16.89. Not bad.

Then I went to Meijer after getting Xavier from school...this list is longer...
Bananas, 3 bunches green onions, 4 cans tuna, 1 free can of tuna (because I bought mayo), quick oats, wheat thins, dark chocolate covered acai berries (these are AWESOME!), Tyson popcorn chicken, 2 packs of oreo cookies, 1 box of yogurt grahamfuls, mayo, tyson bacon, my Krema Peanut Butter, a 3 lb bag of clementines, cat litter, 2 rolls of Bob Evans sausage, 2 packs of Fruitable juice boxes, a big bag of string cheese, 3 containers of Grands Biscuits, 6 boxes of mac and cheese, 11 individual LaraBars (they were surprisingly on sale 10 for 10, 1th for free), 4 packs of toilet paper (4 rolls a pack), 1 bag of organic carrots, 2 boxes of kleenex, 3 bottles of Meijer brand Ranch dressing, 2 bottles of Meijer ketchup, 5 boxes of sandwich bags, 4 packs of english muffins, 4 frozen cans of orange juice concentrate, 2 bottles of wine, 3 bags of frozen steamable veggies, 1 box of Meijer brand of poptarts, 3 containers of strawberries, 1 pillar candle and a bottle of DHA gummie vitamins for the kids.

Everything I bought was on sale or I had a coupon for with the exception of the Tyson popcorn chicken, vitamins, pillar candle, oats, peanut butter, bananas and green onions.

Most of what I bought was the 10 for $10, 11th for free. I was a very happy camper. I ended up spending only $137.58 on all that and saved $64.87 between coupons and in store sales. I was able to stock up on things like ketchup and sandwich bags, ranch, bread etc.

Ok so back to what I am decided about...

I am about 90% decided that I am going to become a Beachbody Coach.
I love a lot of their products. Shakeology first and foremost. Natural, great ingredients that made me feel fabulous!

P90X I of course LOVE. Before I started working with Eric and before the tornado I was doing P90X and getting great results. But after the tornado, I needed a bit of a push and started working with Eric because I decided that I want to get my Personal Training certification. I want to make sure that when I train people, I have proper technique. And of course I love learning new techniques.

And while I may not be doing the program, I still have the discs that I like to pull out to do a certain exercise when I cant make it to the gym. My favorites like Kempo or yoga or core...

Also Beachbody has partnered with Les Mills. Think Body Pump,  Body Combat etc. and you can now have these classes that I LOVE and do at the gym in the comfort of your own home! Love this! And I might get the Body Pump ones for Aaron. I think he would REALLY like them.

Plus I am going to be starting Turbo Jam hopefully next week! It is supposed to be a high cardio dance fest like Zumba. Something great to play with and add onto my Weight lifting days and of course my weekends.

I need something to bring in some extra income for the family. This seems like a natural step. It allows me to be a stay at home mom and gives me the flexible schedule to still do my fitness stuff. Plus hopefully it will help pay for me to get my Personal Trainer Certification. :)

So please, if you would like to learn about some of the programs to switch your routines up in your home, let me know. I have said before that I am not gonna talk Beachbody here all the time but I will let you know of any discounts, specials, etc if I decide to do this. :)

Tip of the Day:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ah To Be Well Again...

Well it feels good to be back with the living and blogging and exercising again.

And for my first day back, I would say everything went damn skippy.

Yesterday morning I was on FB and on one of my friends pages they were talking about Insanity. Well back months ago, Shaun T was on Dr. Oz and he did a 15 minute workout routine for his show. Did you know that routine is online?

So I decided to try it. Insanity scares the crap out of me but hey- what doesnt kill you makes you stronger and it is only 15 minutes right?

Well $hit. I mean $HIT! That is no joke! By the end of 15, my legs were burning, my lungs were on fire. I THOUGHT that it was because I was just getting back into working out from having a week off and being sick BUT I told my cousin about it and she did it yesterday as well and proceeded to text me how HER lungs were on fire too. And as the day went on, my legs got more and more sore too which I made sure to warn her about as well.

In the 15 minutes, I burned 192 calories. My max heartrate got up to 170. Again...a no joke workout. If you want to try it, just click here. I dont think I will be buying the Insanity any time soon. If someone wants to loan it to me to review then I will but oh holy cow!

Let me know what you think if you try it!

So yesterday afternoon when I went to pick up Xavier, I started to get nauseous. And I thought- I better not be getting the damn stomach flu. Maggie and I were supposed to practice last night for our class Saturday.

I ate a little something and drank some wheat grass. I cant say that I was feeling 100% when I went to the gym but I wasnt feeling like I was gonna puke anymore.

I ended up setting the treadmill at a nice easy 6.0 mph. I ran that for a mile. After that, I bumped it back down to 4.0 because my mom was texting me pictures of their countertop and flooring choices and I couldnt see running at 6.0 to comment on them. Then I bumped it back up to 6.5 and finally for the very end 8.5. I got two miles done in 20:43. Not horrible for doing some walking in there as well.

Then Maggie and I practiced our Zumba for about an hour. We have a list of the songs we are comfortable with for Saturday and was going over those. We should be just fine.

All in all, time at the gym I burned 695 calories. Not insane but pretty good for not going all out with Zumba.

Eating was right on par too.
I think the only thing that I ate that wasnt on my outline yesterday were some pieces of a baguette from the weekend (I had two with lunch, then finished basically two more pieces after working out), an extra piece of string cheese (I ate one before working out to see if it helped the belly and then another with my clementine after working out) and some jellybeans.

This morning my body told me it was happy with the progress from yesterday by weighing 156.5. Whew. Loved that number I can tell you!

So today is gonna be a little different. My MIL comes back into town and she wants to go to Red Robin for dinner. So I am planning things out.

This morning after I drop the boys at school I am meeting Eric at the gym. First I will run and try to get a good burn. I am hoping to start off at 6.7 mph but we will see. Then lower body with him.

Then I run home in time to get Landry from school and grab us some lunch.

While Landry is napping, I think I "might" try to do the Shaun T thing again. Not sure. Depends how my lower body feels.

Then once I pick Xavier up from school, we have to go grocery shopping.

After that is Red Robin. And here is what I decided I am going to eat...

Breakfast: wheatgrass, coffee, banana, hard boiled egg
Lunch: celery, hummus, roast beef
Snack: Wheatgrass juice and maybe a piece of string cheese...dunno yet. If I am hungry I will have the string cheese, if not, I wont.
Dinner: Red Robin Garden Burger with lettuce bun, no cheese, no sauce but with pickles, tomatoes and onions. No fries but instead will ask for a cantaloupe side. Drink will be water with lemon. That dinner there is 245 calories. Not bad! See it pays to do your research. I pulled the calorie contents using MyFitnessPal in case you were wondering.

Tomorrow be waiting to hear how I do on my grocery shopping extravaganza with my 10 for $10, 11th free!

Tip of the Day: Not really a tip, but more is all a cycle people

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Business


I'm Back!

Did anyone miss me? LOL.

And why do I hear crickets chirping...hmmm...


Not much to report from this past week. With being sick I couldnt exercise at all. I just took it easy.

I did gain some weight. Back up to 160.0 but I know that is because I couldnt exercise.

Thats ok. It will come back off.

I was supposed to meet Maggie yesterday to practice Zumba because we have our first class this Saturday but with the sickness at our homes, we decided to wait until today.

So this morning I plan on doing some cardio kickboxing on demand. Then tonight will be running and Zumba practice. It is nice. I dont have to be anywhere in particular tonight so once Maggie and I are done, I can run more.

Eating will be as follows:
Breakfast: wheatgrass, hard boiled egg, english muffin with PB
Lunch: scallions, celery, hummus, roast beef
Snack: wheatgrass, apple (not sure if I will have enough PB left!)
Dinner: cheese stick, roast beef and clementine

I really have to go grocery shopping this week. It always seems like I am running to the store for something but I am out of sandwich bags and all my necessities. Luckily Meijer is having their 10 for 10 and 11th item free this week so I can stock up on things like my english muffins, strawberries, organic carrots and green onions, tuna, kleenex, toilet paper, sandwich bags...etc all for a $1 each! And trust me...I will be stocking up!

I do have other things I need for my day to day like hummus, eggs, oatmeal, bread, Larabars, natural PB, etc but I think most of what I need is on sale.

Hopefully I can take advantage and save a bunch.

Thats it for today!!

Have a great Monday everyone!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Sickness Update

So this is just gonna be a quick update.

I took Xavier to the doctor yesterday. No puss in the throat so no point of doing a swab just to have him throw up. Good. So my intentions was for him to go back to school today.

Until he woke up from his nap and puked again.

I asked him if his stomach hurt. He said no.

I started laughing which pissed him off and he told me to quit laughing. I had to explain I wasnt laughing at him, I was laughing at the situation because I had no idea how to help him.

I think what happened is that he was laying flat in his bed and the phlegm got to him. I am the same way. BUT because he puked, I had to keep him home again today from school. Fine.

I am starting to feel better. I stayed at 157.0 for this morning. Last night I did a combo of night time cold and sinus drugs and a small glass of wine. I slept great. LOL.

My ears still feel a bit cloudy as well as my head. I took some ibuprofen this morning again. That has helped the past couple days.

Yesterday I did ok with food. Breakfast was hard boiled egg and english muffin with PB. Lunch was apple with PB, and some lunchmeat, Dinner was some left over cold nachos and then more homemade ice cream. This time I did half a banana, frozen avocado, cocoa powder, a serving of my Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood powder, almonds, unsweetened coconut and almond milk. It was awesome. I think the superfood combined with wheat grass is helping me kick this quick.

Well that is the news for now. I am still gonna take it easy again today and not go to the gym tonight. It is killing me to not go but I know this cold or whatever it is would be a lot worse if I hadnt taken it easy.

I need to get better to get back at it on Sunday when I meet with Maggie to work on Zumba stuff.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nothing Fancy

Ugh. Ok...this entry is not gonna be fancy today.

Straight and to the point.

Xavier is home from school AGAIN today. He is keeping food down but says his throat hurts so I want to take him to the doctor to make sure he doesnt have strep.

My friend Joy is in the hospital because she had a sore throat. Now it has gone to some super bug and pneumonia and she is in Critical Care ICU and is on dialysis. Seriously. This is getting insane this year.

And I am not feeling well. My head is cloudy and my ears slightly hurt. And I am exhausted.

Yesterday I ate fine all day til dinner. Aaron made nachos and I had some. The chips were really salty so I wasnt surprised to see I gained weight today. Up to 157.0. I dont really care. Honestly I am not hungry today anyways.

I never did the elliptical last night. I started feeling yucky yesterday and decided to rest. I wanted some ice cream for my throat last night and we didnt have any so I made my own. This is what I did....Frozen banana slices, frozen avocado (does the same thing with smoothness as the banana without all the extra sugar), big spoonful of unsweetened cocoa powder, a spoonful of natural peanut butter, a couple good dashes of cinnamon and almond milk. Blend til smooth. It was awesome. Well what I could taste of it anyways.

I made one for Aaron too. His was frozen bananas, the cocoa, cinnamon, huge spoonful of regular PB and peanut butter cups. He ate it all up.

And I dont know what I am going to eat today. I did have my wheat grass. And some coffee. But I am not hungry. Really I just want a nap. So I will probably have a hard boiled egg, a clementine, an apple and PB at some point today. We shall see.

I also canceled with Eric today. Between Xavier being home again and me not feeling well, I thought it was for the best.

Ok time to get Landry ready for school. Hopefully I can get Xavier in to the Dr office while he is at school.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Child Equals Exhausted Parents


So yesterday I was supposed to work with Eric in the AM while the boys were at school BUT Xavier had other plans.

He ended up puking yesterday morning. Well the poor kid ended up having the stomach flu. He got sick a couple more times (once was in my car but I was smart and brought a bucket with me) and I thought was on the mend. He wouldnt eat anything all day but come lunch he wanted a juice box. So I squeezed a couple squirts into a glass and told him to sip it. He was fine. I even got him to nap.

When he woke up it was tummy drama all over again. I gave him some honey hoping that would calm the stomach with a sip of water and a couple bites of bagel but he chucked that up too. All night long he was up asking for drinks. I will take that over throwing up but seriously? SLEEP KID! Aaron and I are exhausted today.

I think he is on the mend but because he still hasnt eaten and kept any food down, I am keeping him out of school for one more day. He will be relegated to the couch again.

As for yesterdays workouts...

After we dropped Landry at school I made Xavier come home and lay on the couch. I did a 30 minute cardio blast On Demand workout. Same one I normally do. In 37 minutes including warm up and cool down, I burned 247 calories.

Then that evening Aaron came home early to relieve me so I could go to the gym for a break.
Ambreen was running on a treadmill so I popped on next to her and ran at 5.0 mph for 2.75 miles. After that I was meeting Maggie to go over Zumba stuff. We didnt really do the routines full out because we had to work in the upper section of the gym.

Once the class before RPM cleared out, I ran in there to get Eric's bike ready and to tie balloons to it. It was his 1 year anniversary that he has been teaching RPM so we got him a card, balloons and a new bike gel seat. He was so surprised.

And he apologized for what he was about to do to us. ROFL.

RPM was a new release so all new songs. Oh baby. I thought I was going to need a heart defibrillator. My legs hurt so bad!! My legs STILL hurt today! That is quite unusual for me from RPM so the new release is THAT good.

Last night I was at the gym for just under 3 hours (running, zumba, RPM) and in that time I burned 1162 calories. So my total calorie burn for the day was 1409.

Today I woke up and I weighed in at 154.5. Back to a half pound from goal. Good.

And my plan is to do some weights this morning in the AM. I am going to do a Zumba dvd upstairs then some weights. Then tonight I want to run on the elliptical. Yup. I said the E word. And this time I am gonna do it.

Then I am going to bed. I am exhausted. I am hoping at nap today I can catch one too.

As far as food goes:
Breakfast- wheatgrass/orange pineapple drink, hard boiled egg, english muffin with PB
Lunch- celery, scallions, hummus, roast beef
Dinner- clementine and string cheese and maybe some minestrone soup before I run. Not sure yet.
Snack- wheatgrass drink, maybe an apple with some PB. We shall see.

And back to the wheat grass. I would say I am definitely getting detoxed from it. I was having to pee a LOT more than normal from it yesterday. We shall see if in the long term it helps with skin. A fun experiment I say.

Thats the news for the day. I am exhausted and hoping to get some rest. Heck I will be lucky to muster up the energy to do the workouts that I just laid out for the day!

Tip of the Day: If you want something fun and challenging for the treadmill, try this!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Monday Updates and New Experiment

Morning y'all.

If you didnt notice, I posted a different entry a bit ago. Something that really bugs me about society today. If you didnt see it, check it out. Weigh in on the subject. I am interested in what you think about it.

Anyways I am starting a new experiment. Yesterday in my tip of the day, I think I posted about wheat grass. And if you didnt notice, wheat grass is supposed to tighten loose and sagging skin.

SO, yesterday I went to Plum Market and got some Wheat Grass powder from Amazing Grass. It is Organic Wheat Grass and grown in Kansas outside. Apparently inside grown grass isnt that good because it can mold. Who wants to drink moldy grass? Nasty! So I mixed a scoop of it with a half and half mix of orange pineapple juice and water. It is not bad at all. A little chalky but not undrinkable by any means.

Yesterday I did both my cardio kickboxing classes in the morning. Burned 612 calories.

Then in the evening I went to K's house and ran intervals. I started at 5.5 for one minute for warm up. Then I went to 10.0mph for 15 seconds and about flew off the back of the treadmill. ROFL. So then I bumped it back down to 5.0 for 45 seconds. Then up to 8.0mph for 15 seconds, back down to 5.0 for 45 seconds and repeated that for a total of 12 times. After that I started playing with the incline. By the end, I was walking 3.0 mph at 12% incline. In the middle, I was walking about 4.0-4.5mph with 8% incline. Not bad.

By the end of 56 minutes, I burned 539 calories and did 4 miles.

Total for the day of 1151.

Today I was SUPPOSED to work with Eric this morning BUT Xavier has other plans for me today. He is sick...well he says he is sick. Says his tummy hurts. He is the BIGGEST baby though and can work himself up to puking just from crying. And of course he puked so he has to stay home. UGH. He is going to be in for a VERY rude awakening when I dont let his butt of the couch all day.

Landry still has school so I will need Xavier to put his shoes on to take him to school and pick him up.

Tonight is Zumba practice then RPM. I am hoping to get some running in there somewhere now too. I will have to see what Eric wants to do. I HATE missing a session with him. UGH.

And because this morning is canceled, I plan on doing one cardio kickboxing and then maybe see if I can have P90X play upstairs and do the legs dvd. I am not sure. I plan on still working my legs though.

Oh and this morning I weighed in at 156.5. A half pound loss from yesterday but I am a bit sore today from the running so, a loss is a loss and I will take it.

Ok. I need to go and take care of a sick kid and get another one ready for school.
Talk to y'all later!

Tip of the Day: Another wheat grass post but I thought it was good for those of us trying to get our veggies and tighten loose skin!!

Time To Talk....Enter the Dragon!

Ok peeps.

Maybe it is the sassy new haircut, but my dad was telling me about something this weekend that made me EXTREMELY riled up and a bit pissed off.

Now I know people who have had gastric sleeve, lap band, gastric bi-pass etc BUT did you know that there is now a procedure in Europe where a port is inserted into your stomach and 20 minutes after you eat you hook up an external pump and PUMP the food out that you ate? Seriously!

Now I have the upmost respect for those who went thru gastric surgeries. It is a major thing to have to do. Your life is at risk to undergo these major surgeries. Many times it is a last ditch effort to keep yourself alive!! But really isnt this pump just a form of bulimia without the throwing up? You can eat ANYTHING you want. Cheeseburgers, pizza, ice cream, cake...etc. Then poof! You just pump out 20-30% of what you ate and lose weight.

I know that people who have surgeries cant eat certain things. Or very much of ANYTHING. Their stomach is reduced. I know a smidge about this because my grandpa had esophagus cancer and his stomach is now his esophagus. Because of that he cant eat things like berries with seeds or chocolate because these things need to digest on the way down to the stomach. Its interesting but similar (obviously not exact) to what weight loss surgeries do or what you need to expect from it.

But this is supposed to be cheaper and less evasive than the surgeries. And of course (once again) you can eat whatever the hell you want.

Who wouldnt like that?

But I dont see this as being successful long term. Do you?
Check out the story here. I suggest watching the news story too and not just read the article.

I bring this up not to attack people who are looking to lose weight, TRULY lose weight, BUT if you dont want to change...I hate to tell ya...remove that port and your weight loss aint gonna last. It is kind of like looking for a magic pill (more about that "pill" later).

It made me really angry when my dad told me about this. Do you know how HARD I worked to lose this weight? The hours I worked out? The food I "gave up"? Dont you think I would have LOVED to be able to eat whatever I wanted and lose weight? Of course you do! Many of you are/or have been there yourself!!

To think that this world has come to a point where bariatric surgery was too hard. To diet and exercise was too hard. That us as humans are too lazy to workout, count calories, and watch what we eat...its just insane. I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around it.

And what is to stop someone from saying that they need to lose 10 lbs from doing this surgery? Or from pumping too much? Isnt this one small step from pushing yourself (or pumping yourself) into anorexia or bulimia without the acid erosion and teeth issues? 

Even Maggie and her husband had an experience this weekend while at GNC. This is what she had to say yesterday...

"Yesterday (my husband) and I were at GNC and there was a chick there who was looking for something to make her butt bigger. We both blurted out...squats! She didn't like that answer and made the only guy working there call corporate to ask them if there was an ass growing supplement. I'm completely serious. When we all told her you have to do squats, lunges etc, her response was " Oh, I have to work for it?" and she left. Guess what lazy flat- ass girl....yes, you do! Either that or get butt implants. But I'd rather take the hard work, the results are that much sweeter"

What is this world headed to? 

Are we that much of an instant gratification society now that you cant get your ass to the gym for 30 minutes a day? FUCK! 

Sorry. If you cant tell this really makes me angry. Time to sound off...the good, the bad. Give it to me. Lets get some conversation going here!! You all have to have SOME sort of opinion on this!!

And because this is such a hot button topic for me, I will be doing a separate post with what my workout stuff was yesterday. This needs to be kept separate.

Lets open the floodgates.

Time to talk.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well this weekend was a really nice weekend.

It was good to go and visit with my sister and parents and see my niece.

I got up there early (before 9) so I could watch Norah while my sister and my BIL went and got their taxes done.

Landry stayed home because Norah had been running a slight fever and I thought it was better to be safe than sorry with him. My sister thinks that she is getting her two year molars and that is why because she is stretching her jaw a lot and if she bites into certain things she starts crying.

Anyways so once taxes were done, my sister came with me to get my hair done.

Your dying to see pictures right? LOL

Well here ya go...

It is hard to see the purple in the first picture so I used the flash in the second one.

We decided to go purple because Aaron thought blue but his second choice was purple. Purple was chosen because the blue she has is very dark- not a turquoise blue like I would want and she said the blue tends to fade to green. Yeah I dont want to be walking around with green hair.

I LOVE the cut and color but next time I am going to have her do more purple. She said she didnt want to overdo it the first time. LOL.

We went to the mall afterwards to see about new jeans for me at the Buckle. I said once I reached goal weight that I would buy a NICE pair of jeans and not just a Meijer pair. But after trying on a lot of them, the pair I needed and liked, they didnt have in my size. Translated...they were stretch jeans and the pair that I tried on currently fit but would be too big two hours from now after they stretched. So, no new jeans for me.

So then I hung back at my sisters house for the rest of the afternoon. We were talking about a wedding she is going to be in and she showed me the dress and shoes. I had her try them on so I could see them together (green dress, purple shoes) and it was quite pretty. Then I thought maybe I could fit into her dress. Nope. Hips were too big. Thats ok.

But then my sister said "Well have you ever tried on my wedding dress?" Um no. She never had it washed because she was going back and forth about having it cut short to wear as a regular dress. So we pulled it out...and I put it on...and

It fricken fit! And I got it zipped up!

Oh holy crud!

Oh happy day!!

Never in a million bagillion years would I think that I could fit into my sisters wedding dress!

How fun!!

So then that evening my sister talked me into watching Norah while they went out for a while. So I never did get to run on the treadmill.

I ended up getting to my parents house at 10:30 that night. I stayed up a bit because I actually beat my parents back from their banquet.

So they got back about 11 or so and we chatted for a bit and went to bed.

Sunday I got up and we got ready and went to Home Depot for paint samples.

Then we spent the afternoon picking out paint and then my dad says "well if we are painting, why not get new counters and floor?". Their house is now 15 years old (I think) and the formica they have in the kitchen while beautiful (it was just before the granite style formica came out but sort of looks like that) is showing its age. And their floor is a linoleum that is starting to separate at the seams and they had been kicking around the idea of replacing that for a while too. So then we looked at new floor and new counters. I think we are pretty good with what they selected. It will just depend on the counters in person because we selected from looking at the colors on her iPad.

I did pretty good with my eating this weekend until last night.

Saturday I had packed food so I had a couple hard boiled eggs, a Larabar, some cheese sticks, a clementine, some pretzels, peanuts etc throughout the day. Sunday I had a cheese stick, hard boiled egg, english muffin with PB, some flavored cheese that my mom bought at a womens show (minimally processed and had not a lot of additives), some crackers, some deli turkey, some cinnamon sugar stick things. Then when I got home after 6pm it sort of went to hell. LOL. I had some hummus, celery, tuna, wine. Then I made popcorn for Aaron and ended up having a bowlful. A big bowl. Then some cookies. Sounds not bad right? Well my tongue still feels salty. So I know I gained because of the popcorn. Instead of popcorn I should of worked out. But oh well! New day today.

Weight today: 157.0

I am really not worried about it. Back to the normal routine today and I will be working out with On Demand throughout the day to burn the calories and sweat the water retention out.

So today...

Today I plan on doing the two cardio kickboxing shows again to get a good burn going this morning. Then this evening I am hoping to go to K's house to run sprints. I found a thing on that says to get rid of stubborn body fat, the best thing to do is run sprints. So 15 seconds of high intensity, 45 seconds of low intensity, repeat 12 times and then low intensity for 30-40 minutes. So I want to try it and see how it goes. They also have a supplement that is supposed to help with the stubborn body fat and the bodybuilders seem to swear by it so I may end up trying it.

Food for the day:
Breakfast- hard boiled egg, coffee, english muffin with PB
Lunch- scallions, hummus, celery, turkey or roast beef
Dinner- clementine, cheese stick and maybe some minestrone soup. YUMMY!
Snack- apple with PB

Thats the news for now. Happy Monday everyone!

Tip of the Day: I found this really interesting about tightening loose and sagging skin

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Full Disclosure

So do you all remember my picture of my bikini?

Ya know... The hot pink one that I have on a hanger and it is hanging on a cabinet in my kitchen?

The one that I bought a size too small?


I thought that I would do a full disclosure here and take a picture of me in it so we can compare progress.

I mean I still have like 3-4 months until summer right?

Keep my eye on the prize.

Besides if I show you it will help keep me on track to look BETTER in it.

Here is the reminder of the swimsuit. My itty bitty bikini. Something I never thought I would wear in a million gagillion years back in 2010...heck...even 2011 after I had lost 100 lbs!

I love the color....Pink. Something I never, ever would have been caught dead wearing before.


Gimmie pink.

Anything ya got.

Pink shoes...

pink watch...

pink shirt....

Ok, ok ok.... Am I killing you yet???

Here is what I currently look like in my swimsuit....drum roll here....

 My tummy hangs over a little bit. Not as bad as when I bought it. My top fits great. Lower body is a work in progress LOL.

I also still have those weird saddle bags on the sides of my legs.


When will those things GO AWAY!!

But as I said before...

Work in progress...

3-4 months....

If I did it with my dress from my sisters wedding, I can surely do it with a damn bikini. Who is with me on that one? And if I keep working the way I have been, I will be interested to see what it looks like in a month. I mean heck. March I start working with Eric 3 days a week!
So back to what I did Friday.

I did two On Demand kickboxing exercises. One was 45 minutes in which I skipped the cool down for. And then I started up a 34 minute one. In 1:17 I managed to burn 667 calories all the while refereeing my two kids. Ugh. Landry was just TIRED. The kid was up before 6am again and then didnt go back to bed. So he was crying if you LOOKED at him wrong. LOL.

Then I hit the gym that evening.

Running and Zumba. Woot!

Well not actually running. I ran 5.5 mph for the first mile. After that I kicked it back to 4.3 mph and a 5.0 incline. And I really dont remember how many miles I did. I did at least 3 in total BUT I was talking with y friend and then it was time for Zumba so I hit the stop button and went. Oh well. I will just record 3 miles.

Zumba for me last night wasnt as high of cardio as normal. It didnt feel like I was taking it easy but my heart rate wasnt getting up there like normal. Then again maybe I was taking it a bit easier than normal. At that point I had burned the 600 from that morning and then over 400 walking so maybe my body was telling me to slow down. Who knows.

In the end I burned 981 calories at the gym. A total of 1648 calories burned exercising.

When I got home I had my clementine, string cheese, and some pretzels and hummus for dinner. I had a nibble or two (well maybe three or four) of homemade mac and cheese. 

Then Aaron and I started watching Skyfall. I LOVE this movie but I couldnt help but start to fall asleep. I was exhausted!

So Aaron and I went up to bed before 10. 

This morning I am up early to head to my sisters. 

I was greeted with a pleasant surprise. 154.0!! I hit my GOAL!!! Woot! Now to not F it up this weekend huh? food will be the biggest wonder over the weekend. Because of that, I am packing a few things to help keep me on track. My peanut butter, clementines, cheese sticks and english muffins. My staples.I am sure my mom will have some sort of veggies (celery or otherwise) at her house. If not, I can run to Meijer. 

Tonight I will be running as well. On my parents treadmill. Hopefully this time it doesnt shut off after 4 miles. UGH!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be back home so it will be back to normal for me. Probably some elliptical tomorrow night.

Thats the exciting news for now folks. Enjoy your weekend. Monday I will post my new hair style!

Tip of the Day:

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Day Late...

A day late but not a dollar short. I saw these on Facebook yesterday and had to share them.

Ok as for yesterday.

I went to the gym and jumped on the treadmill and set that bad boy to 6.7mph. I ran that for 4 songs and then checked my distance and bumped up my speed to 7.0. Then I bumped it up to 8.1 for about a minute and then back down to 6.5 mph. I ended up running 2 miles in 17:36. So I did way better then Tuesday when I did 2 miles in 18:11.

Then I walked a mile at 4.5 mph and 4.5 incline.

After that was time with Eric. He was still with a client so I started with some light shoulder work. Once he was done, we went over and I did upright rows. Then we did a torture thing with two Bosu balls. You put them ball to ball.and hang onto the top flat surface, do a push up and as you push up you bring the ball up off the bottom one, set it back down and then go back down and do another push up. OMG! Stability, chest, everything. We repeated that circuit for a total of 3 times.

Then we did tricep dips using two benches and the spiderman crawl across the floor. Repeat that circuit for a total of 3 times.

Then we did chest presses. And then plank on the stability ball. And as my arms were held on the ball in a forearm plank Eric kicked at my ball. LOL. That is very hard. At first I started laughing when he was doing it and almost fell off the ball. Then I got used to it and really had to concentrate on it.

My arms got a rockin workout!! They are sore, my shoulders are sore, my chest is sore. Mission accomplished!

Calories burned: 629 calories in 1:04

Then in the evening I went back to the gym and walked. I listened to my body after my run this morning and my legs just wouldnt do it. So I did 3 miles at a 4.5mph pace with a 4.5 incline. It still got my heart rate up. After that was RPM. Eric comes back for classes next Tuesday so Nina was subbing again. With Nina, I picked the pace back up again and got a GREAT leg workout. Take it nice and easy is something I did NOT do in class.

My food for the day was spot on. I ended up having the apple and peanut butter after lunch and then before I went to the gym I had a hard boiled egg. Once I got home from the gym I had roast beef, a cheese stick, a clementine (I picked them up on the way home from the gym), some pretzels, hummus, and a scallion. I was starving.

Aaron was asleep on the couch when I got home from the gym and went right to bed when I stepped in the door and he woke up. Poor guy has a scratchy throat and a cough. Sounds like he swallowed knives. And he is tired from all the traveling. Hopefully he gets better quickly!

Onto today.

This morning I weighed in at 155.5!! I just looked at the number in shock. I wasnt expecting it! Oh holy crap! Awesome and only 1.5 lbs from goal again.

I found out last night that Xavier doesnt have school today and Monday. Presidents Day. UGH. So I will be doing an On Demand workout in the morning. Not sure what yet. Maybe a personal training one. Or a long kickboxing one.

Then tonight is running and ZUMBA!!

Food: Today is Friday which means NO MEAT!!
Breakfast: coffee, hard boiled egg, english muffin with PB
Lunch: tuna, celery, scallions, hummus
Snack: apple and PB
Dinner: cheese stick and clementine

Aaron got me flowers and James Bond Skyfall yesterday for Valentines. I told him not to get me anything but he knows that I lust after Daniel Craig and frankly Skyfall was the best James Bond movie yet. So tonight as we watch it, I might have some popcorn (popped with coconut oil) but I usually bloat afterwards so I will have to think about it being so close to goal now. Also I did buy a bottle of wine so I might have a glass of that. It was a rough year for us but you take the vows "for richer, for poorer, sickness and health, good times and bad" for a reason right? I thought it was really nice that he made note of that in the card.

Saturday will be an early morning. Landry and I are headed north at 8am. I am finally getting my hair cut and colored! Can I get a holla!! I will take pictures. I have to watch my niece in the morning while my sister has their taxes done and then she is watching Landry while I get my hair done. That night I will be running on the treadmill after Landry goes to bed. I will also be on my own for food because I am staying at my parents house and they have a convention to go to. That is actually a good thing for me. Keeps me from eating badly. And I am thinking about bringing my bikini with me to hang up in their kitchen. I have a bad habit of binging at their house.

I also need to pick paint colors for my parents house. The house hasnt been painted since they built it about 15 years ago. Its time. And it is time to add some color. It isnt white but it is a cream with a pinch of pink. We need COLOR!! I cant wait!!

Ok that is about it for me. I take it from the crickets chirping about the Beach Body thing that no one is interested on here. No problem. I would hate to not ask, ya know!

Have a great weekend! I will talk to you all on Monday about my weekend.

Tip of the Day:

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! and Other Stuff

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

And instead of EATING candy today I got you some EYE candy for you. Arent I special and thoughtful? Hmmmm.....

Ok... Eyes back here please.

So yesterday was a good day.

I stayed on track with my eating and just added some of my reverse universe soup to my meal plan before working out as Dinner. Then right before I worked out I had the clementine and string cheese. After working out last night I had a few pretzels and hummus. And when I say a few...I mean a few. It was the last ones in the bag. And I may or may not of had a few jellybeans...

Ahem...but anyways.

As far as exercise goes, yesterday morning after dropping Xavier off, I did another On Demand video called Dance Jam. It was a lot of fun. When we put all the moves together at top speed, it got my HR up. So that was good. And it was only 45 minutes. I burned 299 calories doing it. I probably could have burned more, but the slow parts where you are learning the current move bring the heart rate back down.

That afternoon when Landry was SUPPOSED to be napping I decided to work on my Zumba stuff. It was great. I could play the music on my phone and watch tv all at the same time. LOL. Talk about multitasking! And alas, I havent heard from the gym yet about starting to teach so I am going to start bugging them next week. In 54 minutes there, I burned 453 calories.

That evening after the boys were in bed I did some more Zumba. I knew today would be a big running day and so I decided to switch it up. Plus my legs were really sore from Tuesday. And for whatever reason I just cant get my ass on that elliptical. Ugh. Regardless, I ended up working out for 42 minutes and burned 321 calories.

So that was a total of 1073 calories burned yesterday. Not bad for no gym. See? It CAN be done!

And this morning I weighed 157.0. Another pound down. Only 3 til goal. 2.5 until my low. Whew.

Today will be interesting and once again BUSY!

This morning both boys have school. Both boys have Valentine's parties.
Landry needs juice for his school. Xavier needed strawberry cream cheese. So that is done and out and ready so I dont forget.

I had to do Valentine's with both boys this week by myself because Aaron was gone. A little sad about that one.

And I did get the boys each a little goodie bag of chocolate and candies that I will give them tonight before I leave for the gym (after dinner. I dont need to leave for the gym til 6). And I even made them heart shaped chocolate chip pancakes this morning that I will put some whipped cream on. :) boys to school.

My butt to the gym.

I am gonna run again at 6.5 mph and then once again kick it up at the end. Then I work with Eric. I need to be done with him BY 10am so I can fly back to Landry's school for his Valentine's party. It starts 45 minutes before the end of the day so 10:15. I will probably be a few minutes late but its ok.

Then I pick him up and take him to speech.

From speech its home to try to get some normal lunch in him and then try to get him to nap.

Aaron should be home early today. I am thinking 3-4 ish. His flight leaves Wisconsin this morning at 10:30 and he is out in BFE. The airport only has two terminals so he isnt too worried about fighting the usual crowd and security.

And no. I didnt get him anything for V.D. Not even a card. I think it is a waste. I just tell him how much I love him. He asked me what I wanted and I said nothing. I told him I would kill him if he bought me chocolate, and flowers die. If he wanted to get me something he could get me a box of clementine oranges. LOL. He said "oh thats romantic!". Well what is it about chocolate that is romantic?

So he will be home in time for me to hit the gym tonight for more running and RPM! Woo Hoo! Eric wont be teaching RPM yet so Nina will probably be subbing again.

Ok so here is my menu today. A little different because of going to the gym:

Breakfast: coffee and hard boiled egg right now, an Apple Pie Larabar while I take the boys to school.
Lunch: celery, scallions, hummus, roast beef
Snacks: apple with PB, hard boiled egg
Dinner: string cheese, roast beef

In MyFitnessPal I have the apple under dinner because I am out of clementines but I will probably eat it before hitting the gym to get the good boost of sugar I will need to get me thru.

On a personal note...

I am trying to think of a way that I can earn some money at home via fitness related things. One thing I am thinking about doing is Beachbody Coach. Anyone use Beachbody or would be interested in me being their coach? I like that there are no parties involved. It gets hard to schedule those with Aarons schedule, him traveling and my gym. And I like that it is me helping others to get fit. tI have used P90X. And I am going to get Turbo Jam to try. And I have used Shakeology (which I LOVED as a protein shake). Let me know ok?
My concern is that I dont want to rely on the family to buy stuff. This isnt their gig. So expanding that circle quickly is goal and key. But I really want to help others! So maybe this is what I need to do. It would be a good supplement to my beginning Zumba teaching as far as income goes.

Ok that is it for today. Please weigh in on the Beachbody thing. If you wouldnt want to try anything then let me know as well. If I do become a coach, I am not going to be blabbing about it all the time. That you can be assured of.

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone! And resist temptation for sweets!! Make sure you have your vision boards available incase you get tempted.

Tip of the Day: These are oldies but goodies. And I thought they were appropriate for today. In fact, I did the nail one last night!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Oh Yeah Baby! Momma's Back!


And that isnt a Grrrr of frustration....

That is a Grrrr.....of watch out bitches...

Im back!!


Yesterday was a GREAT day. I cant say that enough.

I got to the gym and I decided to run on the treadmill for a warmup. One of my goals was to be able to run 6.5 mph for a good distance or at least ten minutes. Well I did the distance part the other day of making it a mile. Yesterday I set that badboy at 6.5 and just went with it. I actually even towards the end of my run bumped it up to 7.0, then to 7.5 and finally 8.1 to finish out my run. I ended up running two miles in 18:11!!
Next goal is to be able to finish a 5k with that speed. I stopped the machine and snapped a picture (to remind me later of my time) and then restarted the machine up at a 4.5 walking pace and an incline of 4.5. I did another half mile.

Then I decided to stretch out on the Precor lower body thing they have specifically for stretching out the lower body.

And Eric showed up. He really surprised me! I didnt think he was going to be back yet. A double awesome for me.

So yesterday we focused on not weight but reps with no rest between moves and he gathered up his weapons of mass torture.

First circuit was squats. Each side of the bar was loaded up with 15 lbs and the bar is 45. So 75 lb squats. No problem. 20 reps. He showed me how to really tuck the stomach in and hold it to give me more power. From there I used the medium box and had 20 lb dumbbells in each hand and did alternating step ups. I think I did 16 or so of those... From there it was to the floor for a stability ball move. You lie on the ground with the ball under your feet in a reverse plank butt off the ground. Then using your legs you roll your feet in while raising your hips. OMG. This move works your core, stability and calves. Mommy likey! And I can do that move at home because I have a stability ball.

After those three moves were done with no rest and then once completed Eric gave me one minute of rest and then we repeated that circuit the same way twice with another rest in between.

Next circuit was deadlifts. Same weight as the squats focusing on pulling my shoulders back and not arching my back. 20 reps. Then we had reverse lunges using the 20 lb dumbbells. Not sure how many...1-20 somewhere in there. And then back to the floor for frozen pike situps. If you know what a pike is, then imagine going up into a pike and holding each one for 10 seconds. Oh yeah! Eric showed me how to lift my chest up and out to use more abdominal muscles then if my back was slightly arched. Then was one minute rest. We repeated that two more times but this time between circuit two and three we had no break. Done!

I had talked to Eric about wanting to take my weights to the next level. To basically act like I was training for Ms. Fitness competition. That I dont want to look like a man but I do want to focus on muscles and tone. He is on the same page. Beginning of March we are going to go to 3 days a week of lifting. The two days will be like normal. Legs then Upper Body. Day 3 we are going to focus on my shoulders. We cant do heavy extreme things with my shoulders when they still arent 100% so rather than wasting (well not really wasting) a session out of our two we will add them in the third day. That way I can still train really hard the rest of my body.

After that I was going to walk on the treadmill to stretch out but it was getting close for me to have to leave to get Landry from school so I decided not to. All in all yesterday at the gym I burned 703 calories. Not bad for a morning workout!!

Then in the evening I did another 30 minute On Demand Advanced Cardio Kickboxing session. These arent so much about kickboxing as it has a ton of lunges, jumping jacks, speedbag and squat work in them but it was great for getting my heart rate up. Calories burned 243. Again, not sure how accurate the readings are but this time seemed more realistic and I didnt notice blips with it like I had been.

And I did really well with eating. No unplanned snacking or anything. I think the only thing that I ate that I hadnt planned on was an extra hard boiled egg as a snack yesterday because I boiled some and one cracked badly and partially spilled out into the water, and some roast beef after I worked out for dinner. No sugar. No chips. No salt.

I even went grocery shopping yesterday and didnt buy my FAVORITE chips that were on sale for buy one get one free because I knew I wouldnt have the willpower with them in the house.

This morning I was rewarded with the scale saying 158.0. That made me feel really good. Moving back in the right direction.

So today will be some more On Demand stuff. I think this time I may try some of their dance stuff. If I dont like it I can always go back to more kickboxing.

I plan on doing an AM workout session and a PM one again. Tonight after my cardio On Demand (I want to make sure that the kids stay in bed) upstairs, I will head to the basement to do some elliptical. I need to get my mileage up for the month.

As for eating, this is what my diary looks like today:
Breakfast: Hard boiled egg and coffee upon waking, english muffin with PB right before working out
Lunch: tuna, scallions, celery and hummus
Snack: Fuji apple with peanut butter
Dinner: roast beef, cheese stick, clementine after working out

That is my news for the day. Aaron is out in Wisconsin for training for work with a client and a supplier. The suppliers factory is located there. I guess today they are talking about going out ice fishing. LOL. I laugh because these guys ice fish in their underwear. Talk about the suppliers getting close with their clients! LOL. They sit in a warm shanty on the ice, I am SURE with beer, and fish. These Wisconsin guys remind me of the Youpers here in Michigan. If you dont know what a Youper is, it is someone from the Upper Penninsula or UP.

And finally I want to update you on Tina and Mike. Mike is home from the hospital with a shock jacket on. If his heart gets out of sync, the jacket sends a shock to it to get the rhythm back. He has had to leave his job and pack his tools. Tina said that he seems a bit depressed right now which is understandable suddenly needing a heart transplant at the age of (I think) 31. The kids are wondering where their daddy went and Tina is having to pick up and basically be a single mom because Mike has no energy and cant really function right now as he is processing all this. So really positive yet negative (understandably) at the same time. Please continue to say prayers for them.

Ok that is all for me today. Have a great day everyone!

Tip of the Day: I will be getting me some wheatgrass for my drinks!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Constant Reminders

Do you have a vision board that you use? Something to remind you of your goal?

If so, what?

Is it in plain sight for you to see anytime?

I decided that after this weekend I needed SOMETHING.... ANYTHING... to help. That when I was in the kitchen and I went to get some food that I could look at it and ask myself "Do I really need that? Am I really hungry? Or am I just bored?"

So yesterday I decided that I needed a little push in the right direction and clipped my new bikini onto hangers and hung them in my kitchen. You cant miss it! LOL. I didnt hang the new black one... I went with my eye popping pink one:

Excuse the mess under it. Xaviers school work.

Ahem. Anyways...

I hung it on a cabinet that has spices and stuff in it. A cabinet I dont use a lot so I dont need to be moving it all the time. And it is close to the fridge still to look at and remind me.

I also changed the wallpaper of my phone to two shots of me in the bikinis that are too small. I think that is a great constant reminder.

Also if I had computer ink I would print off a picture of Ms. Fitness and add that to my fridge. Ah well, another day.

So how did I do back in the saddle yesterday? Lets see!

Yesterday morning I did a Cardio Kickboxing that was On Demand. It was 25 minutes and my HRM said I burned 222 calories. My HRM is starting to act a little wonky and not pick up my heart rate all the time so I think I need to get a new battery for it. That being said, I know these numbers are not accurate. You will see why in a minute.

Then that afternoon I did Advanced Abs from On Demand. That was 20 minutes and my HRM said I burned 117 calories. Not bad for a lot of floor work. And planks. Ugh.

Then last night after putting the kids to bed I did One Hour Breakdown from On Demand. This works the whole body. It uses light weights (the guy used about 3 lb weights, I used 10's. What a wuss lol) and cardio mixed up with some kickboxing. Expect to do some burpees, push ups, Spiderman crawls, bicep curls, jabs, kicks, tricep kickbacks, lateral moves, etc. It was a good workout. My heart was going....or was it? After an hour my HRM said I only burned 312 calories. Now I know that that was wrong! Weight was heavy which bumps up heart rate and the cardio was no joke.

I liked this workout a lot BUT the guy talks too much and takes too many breathers between exercises. Next time I know to do jumping jacks or something while he talks.

And I like the On Demand workouts. Last night while I was doing it, Landry called me upstairs TWICE. Had I been in the basement, I wouldnt have heard him. It wasnt for anything major but a pain to stop the workout nontheless. I did get to run up and down a flight of stairs a couple times though. LOL.

And I like that the routines are fresh and something I have never done before. I do need to go thru and see what else they offer for free. The One Hour one was under weight loss.

And I ate well too. Breakfast was as I had planned. Cheese stick, english muffin with PB and a hard boiled egg. Lunch was pretty good too. Celery, scallions, hummus, a couple of Xavier's left over wheat thin crackers, some of his lean left over turkey, the rest of the roast beef (a piece and a half of the lunch meat kind) and one slice of fuji apple that Landry didnt finish. Snack was some pretzels, tortilla chips, wasabi edemame, a few chocolate chips and a few jelly beans. Dinner before working out was some more tortilla chips. Thank goodness those are gone now. I couldnt stop eating them! After workout was the rest of the Vegan Thai dish that my friend Ambreen gave me the other night (I added extra chili flakes), a cheese stick and a clementine.

I had planned on running on the elliptical after doing the one hour workout while I watched Biggest Loser but I was exhausted and I know today is going to be a long day too.

This morning I weighed 160.5. So 2 lb loss from yesterday. Headed back into the right direction.

Today here is my plan:

This morning for breakfast I am sitting here having a hard boiled egg and some coffee.
As I am dropping the boys off for school I will eat half of my Apple Pie Lara Bar.

Then I will be headed for the gym. Still not sure if Eric will be there or not but today is a legs day. I will run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then lift.

Then I will come back, get Landry, get him lunch and to bed for a nap.

Lunch will be celery, scallions, hummus, a half can of tuna and either a clementine or an apple with PB. Not sure which yet.

Dinner will be some Reverse Universe Soup before working out.
After working out will be a clementine and some string cheese.

My evening workout will be on the elliptical or kickboxing. Not sure why I am just not feeling the elliptical lately. I think I just want to mix it up some. Plus with the kickboxing, I can do that in my living room and listen for the boys if need be.

So that was my successful Monday back at it. Hopefully Tuesday brings some successes as well!!

Tip of the Day: I have some of this in my fridge right now!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Confession Time

So this weekend I had a really bad weekend eating wise.

I think I binged because of some stress I have been feeling for a friend of mine.

I am not perfect, I dont pretend to be and I am still learning to control my eating issues.

I didnt eat HORRIBLY like pizza and cake or anything...just lots of salty things like tortilla chips. And spinach dip. And hot wings. And of course, some alcohol. :)

And it didnt help that I took a rest day on Saturday. And only did some light upper body and core stuff last night.

BUT I am back on the wagon now.

I am sure much of my weight gain is due to salt and water retention so it is time to sweat it out. Plus with me doing more weight lifting, I expected to see an increase in my weigh anyways. My pants arent tight and my muscles are sore. So I must be doing something right. But I dont like my bloated tummy so it is time for some detoxing.

Weight this morning: 162.5.

So here is my plan of attack.

School was canceled for today. Can you believe it? No snow, just rain. Apparently the dirt roads with the wind we have been having are really icy. I keep forgetting that I live in a rural community! So no need to rush the boys around today.

Aaron is also gone until Thursday afternoon which means no gym for me.

SO! Here is my plan.

Today will be looking at Netflix for a workout routine to do this morning. Do any of you use Netfix for that? I heard there are some decent workout things on there...fill me in! Hmmm...I am on the Netflx website and cant find exercise things with the exception of things like the exorcist. LOL. Maybe it was On Demand that I need to look at. Either way, if you know of some good tv exercise shows, fill me in!! If I cant find anything I might like on there, I will do my 20 minute Zumba dvd and the Zumba abs dvd. I can do those upstairs while watching the kids.

Then this evening after the kids go to bed I will be running on the elliptical. I want to do an hour. After that, I will do a bit of core work and shoulder work (according to the weight lifter routine I talked about last week).

Meal plan for the day is:
Breakfast: string cheese, english muffin with pb, hard boiled egg
Lunch: roast beef, celery, scallions, hummus
Dinner: string cheese and a clementine
Snack: Fuji apple

This weeks meals will be much the same. The workout will vary from day to day though.

For example...Tomorrow.

Eric is talking about coming back. Depending on if he can concentrate today or not at the gym, we are planning on working out tomorrow while the boys are in school. I need to do my legs. Badly! And even if he decided to take a few more days off, I will be hitting the gym while the boys are in school. As long as they have school that is!

Then in the evening I would run on the elliptical again. I will be doing double workouts while Aaron is gone to mix things up a bit and confuse the body. And on top of doing my legs at the gym, I plan on still following my weight routine at home. So tomorrow will be chest and arms in the evening as well.

So that is the news for now. Nothing too exciting for the weekend. Just trying to get myself back on track before it gets too bad. But I know I can do it. It isnt like I went to fluff overnight because of it or anything.

How did you do over the weekend?

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day, Updates and New Goal

Good Friday morning everyone!

First thing..

Today is a snow day. SO I am hoping, if the icy rain quits, to get the kids outside for some snowman making, sledding, and dragging them around on the sled.

Ok onto yesterday.
So I survived. LOL. I made it to the gym in the AM and got 2.6 miles done on the treadmill. I only went 5.8 mph (5.5 was way too slow) because I knew I would be doing a lot that day. Then I had Zumba. Love Zumba. And it was fun to take it with a different instructor. Melissa does a LOT of the old songs that I know from the original dvd's and she even had Maggie and I come up in front of class to do part of one song. Calories burned: 809.

Then that night at the gym I ended up walking another 2 miles but I ranged my speed and incline. Depending on the song, I ranged from 2.0 incline, 4.5 mph all the way to 15 incline, 4.0 mph. Talk about working the butt and legs!

Then I headed to the weights and did more leg lifting. Glutes, quads, inner and outer thighs. My upper body is getting into shape but my lower body is lagging behind. Once I was done, I still had some time to kill so I started taking some pictures of my arms. Arent they looking fabulous?

I still need to work on the triceps. I have loose skin that I am hoping will tighten as I tone up and build muscle.

Then I had RPM. I took it a little easy after all the exercise I had yesterday but it was still a great class. I did have to leave at the beginning of the mountain track to run and pee. All the jumping to climb and bouncing back and forth takes its toll. Calories burned: 858

Total for the day: 1667

For lunch I was ravenous. I am sure it is from the exercising in the morning. For lunch I had my ab juice, celery, tuna (nothing added), and hummus. I did have a snack of some tortilla chips, grain crackers, edemame and some chocolate chips.

Then before I left for the gym I had some nachos I made with left over taco meat and shredded cheese we had. I shouldnt have but I did. And it was yummy.

After I got home from the gym I was starving again.

So I had a clementine, a cheese stick, some scallions, celery, the other half of my can of tuna, hummus, a few of my 5 grain crackers, some edemame and I think that is it. And I was STILL way, way within my calorie allowance for the day.

And my weight today? Up a frickin half pound to 158.0. Oh well. I dont care. I am sure it is because I am sore. My calves are killing me probably from doing the inclines on the treadmill.

And I have decided to make some new goals. I have reached one of my year goals which is to be in a size 6 jeans or 154 lbs. While I havent gotten my weight goal yet, my size 6 jeans are now a little big on me. So I have decided that my new focus will really be on toning the body.

I did message Eric yesterday asking him about how much protein I should be having. On one of my sites on Facebook, a few of the girls are eating 1 g of protein per pound they weigh. That means many of them are taking in over 150 g of protein a day!! That just doesnt seem right to me. So I messaged Eric. I was concerned because I want to really gain muscle that maybe I needed to up my protein. Nope. He said that right now I am fine at my 45g a day. And that once we start working out 3 times a week that I can up it just a bit but not too much.

Too much protein affects your kidneys and can shut them down. Did you know that?

These silly gals have the wrong calculation for how much protein they should be eating. Think about it. Protein is measured in grams. Grams is METRIC. Pounds is not. Which means that you need to convert your weight to METRIC.

At most per day you should be eating 1g of protein per KG of your body weight.

How the heck do you compute that?

Take your weight and divide by 2.2. That is the MOST protein you should be eating a day.

Your welcome!! LOL.

So getting back to my new goals...
I found this yesterday while googling fitness body building and I really want to start training like her to get her body. It even has her work out routine on the site along with what she eats a day.

This is Nicole Wilkins. 2011 Ms. Figure International.

She is built without looking like a man. Of course she is pumped a bit for the competition. I am sure she doesnt look quite like this in real life and I am sure she can put her arms down to her side. LOL. (Aaron was teasing about that this morning when I showed him the picture).

This is what I am going to strive to look like.

Here is her workout schedule (incase you are interested):

Day 1: Shoulders

Day 2: Chest/Arms


Day 3: Legs

Day 4: Back

Day 5: Light Shoulder Circuit

Giant set:

Days 6 and 7: Rest

Nicole incorporated Crossfit into her schedule one time per week and Sanga Vinyasa Yoga one or two times a week.

Pre-contest, cardio begins at 45 minutes, six days a week, and increases to 1½ hour seven days a week.

She does a lot of running and sprinting as well, particularly high-intensity interval training.
Now they also have what she eats a day. I will post that as well. I know they also use a lot of supplements which I will not use, however, once I start really training I will probably get a vegan protein powder to use on my lifting days.

Daily Meal Plan

Meal 1:

Meal 2:

Meal 3:

Meal 4:

Meal 5:

Meal 6:

As the show gets closer, fats and carbs begin to cycle and she adds in salmon and filet. Nicole generally keeps her carbs pretty low the entire prep.

She mixes up her vegetables among broccoli, green beans, peppers, onions, asparagus, cucumbers, etc.
Ok so yes, I may be crazy. We shall see if I can stick with it. But I think it is at least a good goal to try to achieve even if I only do HALF of what she does!!

Onto today...
 Tonight is the gym. I am going to do just a bit of walking and then focus on lifting for my shoulders. I will be getting my cardio during my Zumba class so I will be giving the running a little bit of a break for my legs to recover.

For eating:
Breakfast: lemon water, cheese stick (first thing when I woke up at 6am), oatmeal with cocoa, PB and maple syrup (about 7am)
Snack: almonds
Lunch: roast beef, celery, scallions, hummus and a clementine
Snack: hard boiled egg
Dinner:  Clementine, string cheese, roast beef

I really want to try to space out my meals and add some more snacks in. We shall see how it goes!

This post has turned WAY longer than expected. Thanks for still reading if you have made it this far.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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