Sunday, January 27, 2013

Running! and Goal Update

Good Sunday morning everyone!

Nothing too exciting for me to talk about today in terms of playing in mom's closet, or overtraining etc so I will just jump into my recap of yesterday.

Yesterday I stayed right on track with my eating. I knew I was planning on running about 10 miles last night so right before I run, you will notice a little bit of laxing on the "diet" food.

Here is what I had yesterday to eat:
Breakfast- Ab juice, an english muffin with PB, a hard boiled egg
Lunch- scallions, hummus, celery, apple with PB
Snack- some pretzels
Dinner (pre run)- the left over grilled cheese from Landry (bread = carbs for running) a couple noodles with garlic sauce (way salty so I just literally had a couple), a string cheese and some grapes

For running I brought a couple Tootsie Rolls with me in case I needed the sugar hit to keep me going. I started off running at 5.0 and was singing along to my music thinking "this is gonna be easy". Then at about 3.36 miles in the treadmill shut off. I dont know if I accidentally hit the stop button or what but I was PISSED. There is nothing more defeating then starting back at 0 on the treadmill after you know you have gone about 3.5 miles. What happened was I had glanced at my distance (I run with my glasses off so I am not constantly glancing at the readout) and was running. Then I switched my song on my iPod a couple minutes later and set it down. After I set it down, the treadmill turned off. SO I am guessing I got to about 3.5 miles.

Once I restarted I was in a bit of a funk. I LOVE seeing the mileage go up on the treadmill. UGH. Then once I was in to actual mile 5 my body decided it was time for a pit stop. I didnt want to pause the treadmill and have it stop so I slowed it down to 1 mph and ran upstairs quick to use the restroom. AHHHH much better.

Then I came back downstairs and hopped back on and bumped the speed up to 5.2. I did take some nibbles here or there of one Tootsie Roll and sucked on it. I ran 5.2 the rest of the time that I ran. At one point during my running (I dont remember when), I increased my speed to 6.0 but I just couldnt do it. I ran it for about a minute but my legs were getting spent so I took it back down. I ended up running 7 miles and then walked 2 at 4.3 mph. So I got 9 miles in total. It wasnt exactly what I wanted BUT right now I am not training for my half marathon. SO anything is good. Plus I am coming off of the stomach flu too. And the good news was that I had NO cramping what so ever so I think I am done with that.

Last night while running I burned 1316 calories. My goal for next time is to run 8 miles and walk 2 for a total of 10. I really think I could of had it not been for the mind screw of the treadmill stopping.

Before running, Aaron and I decided that we wanted some Thai food for dinner. I told him that I would go get it after I ran which is why I was also on a bit of a time crunch to get into town and get the food. Otherwise I probably would have walked the last mile to get to 10 total.

So once I got home, I had some Tofu Pad Thai for dinner. Yummy!! I had plenty of calories left for the day for it so I wasnt worried about having some of the starch from the noodles. AND they put the sauce on the side so I could just add a bit. And they had orange slices on the side- awesome for after running. I was mad Aaron threw his oranges away!!

I still have half my Pad Thai left that I will probably have tomorrow for lunch before I work out.

So this morning I weighed in at 155.5. Ugh. A half pound gain. Thats ok. I think it is from the running. It isnt from the food. I documented it all and I actually had a TON of calories left over.

SOOOOO for today.

I am NOT going to run tonight. Instead I am going to work out with Aaron. I am going to do arm work and some legs. Tomorrow night is leg work at the gym so it will just be light tonight. I want to show Aaron some of the moves that I do at the gym. And I still want to work on Turkish Get Ups. And yes. The goal is to keep the kettlebell straight up and down from your shoulder. It is an isometric exercise (well that part of it). You definitely feel it in your shoulder . The point of it is to get a full body workout in just one move. Abs, legs, core, arms, shoulder, chest etc.

And no word from Eric yet. Last night was the Full Moon so we will see if labor happens today. I am so excited for him!

Onto my 2013 goals.

One of them is to run at least 4 races. Well Friday I signed up for two of them. One is a 5k on March 15 to commemorate the tornado and all the proceeds are going back to the non profits that helped us out. I will not be running this for a PR but I will be running it. I will see my friends at the end and cheer them on (who are walking). I also signed up for the Color Run on May 11th. This one I will be walking/running with friends. And I dont mind the walking. You definitely want to savor the experience.

1 I still have to sign up for is the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon on June 2nd. This is the one I did last year. This year I actually want to train for it. I am hoping to PR it (under 2:45) but I really would like to come in under 2:30.

Another possibility is the Free Press Marathon in November. My mom mentioned that my dad wants to run it. This coming from the man who said he cant run because of his knee and who has NEVER run even a 5k before. But we all have dreams huh? LOL. The reason that he is talking about doing it is because his boss's grandbaby passed away shortly after she was born and they want to run it in memory of her. So I told my dad that if he runs it, I will too. It is a VERY cool run. It is downtown Detroit (sounds scary but it isnt) and runs across the bridge to Canada and then back to the USA via the tunnel. I went to sign up for this one last year for the Half but it was full already.

My Zumba instructor has a lead for me for a job and is passing my info onto the people looking. Keep your fingers crossed.

I am very close to my weight goal. After that, anything I lose is bonus. I am fine with the weight. I just still have fat that I need to get rid of.
So I think that is all the news for now. Have a great Sunday everyone!

Tip of the Day: Just remember that because these are zero calories, it doesnt mean that they dont have sugar. And sugar can add up quickly and cause you to GAIN weight. So still track and eat in moderation!!


  1. Katie and Rik ran the Free Press marathon last year! It fills up fast because of the international aspect to it. Will you be going for the full?

    1. not sure if it is the full or half they are planning on doing. I am just going with the flow on that one. LOL. The course is supposed to be pretty flat which I like. :)

  2. You just keep kicking ass and it inspires the hell out of me. I hope you know that. When I run....I think of you and think "if she can do it, I can do it".

    1. You are too sweet Drazil! Glad I can inspire you. Makes my day!

  3. Good luck with your goals this year. I can totally relate to the treadmill suddenly stopping. It annoys me to no end! The sudden jerk also makes challenges my balance and no one wants that surprise.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. No sudden jerk. It just suddenly slowed down and I was looking at the machine like What the Heck? LOL. Took me a minute to figure out what happened.

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