Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summer Inspiration. It is only 6 months away after all!

Yup. I edited the photo. I couldnt find one that had 2013 on it so I made my own (as crude as it is).

I think it is a great reminder for those of us with goals of rocking a summer swimsuit. Those 6 months will fly by!

How do you want to look?

Do you have summer goals you are trying to achieve?
I know I do!

I want to rock out my two piece bathing suits I have.

I want to get a new bathing suit showing off my new flat stomach.

I want to be able to wear a string bikini without having hip bumps (fat saddle bags).

I want to have glamor muscles (back and arms).

So I thought I would share some of the pictures that keep me on track with you!

I had to edit a couple of them. I must be early on finding 2013 images on Pinterest. That or I dont know where the heck to look anymore.

Now for the kicker.

What are you going to do to get your summer body?

How are you staying on track? For me it will be continuing tracking in MyFitnessPal and working out at home and at the gym.

K and I went to Dicks Sporting Goods the other day so she could replace her treadmill and recumbent bike that were totaled in the tornado.

We decided that we would do at home gym nights and alternate at each others houses. So for example, if Aaron goes out of town (which is on his schedule for Jan and Feb) we can work out here because I wont be able to go to the gym.

And once Eric's wife has their baby in Feb, I will be on my own for a few weeks. I will probably pick up Body Pump and still take RPM with whoever subs for him but I still will need to have a backup.

It will be a great way to have a fun refreshing workout and have a buddy who has the same goals as you!

Do you like to work out with a buddy? Or if not working out with someone, do you have an accountability partner??

Fill me in. Goals and Plans. Thats what this forum is about afterall. Having someone there who reads and understands!!

Also I had someone mention about juicing or a smoothie using a blender or Magic Bullet. I want to go over what I ordered and what the difference is.

I bought the NutriBullet which is made by the people who make the Magic Bullet.

The difference is that it is an extractor. It is designed to break down the cell walls and release the nutrients into the smoothie/drink.

Basically it pulverizes the food completely so it isnt chunky like a smoothie and more like a juice. It can do carrots, cashews, peanuts, flax seed and so much more without having any chunkiness. And you dont lose the pulp like you do in a juicer. The pulp and rinds usually have the most nutrients in them.

In fact, I found one person on you tube that compared the nutribullet with the vitamix and they got just about the same pulverization.

Hey if I dont have to spend $300 on a juicer, I will be excited!

And with my NuWave blender breaking, I thought this was a great chance to try this one out. And I got a gift card for Christmas for Kohls and I had a 20% coupon.

So it should be here tomorrow. And one of my goals for the year is to do a 10 day juice fast. I now belong to an online group called "Juicing Vegetables". I have gotten a ton of recipes from there so I can experiment. Funny thing is too that it is mostly veggies and little fruit. Fruit has so much sugar in it that they recommend more veggies over fruit. So I am going to give it a shot. What have I got to lose right? to recap yesterday.

I got 5 miles in on the treadmill. 3.5 miles before working with Eric and another 1.5 afterwards. We did 30 minutes of legs. I am so sore today!! I did 175 lb dead lifts. One of my goals for the year is to do 200 lb deadlifts. So I am getting close!!!

We also did squats, one leg squats (with  no weights), I stepped up onto a bench and then back down into a lunge, I did high  knees and then I did jump squats.

Last night was the first night I cursed Eric out. LOL. He said he knows he is doing something right when I curse.

He took pity on me and we did no abs because my abs were still sore from working them this weekend.

He also talked to me about maybe going to 3 days a week of training. I am responding so well to what he is doing, he wants to take it to the next level. I am thinking about going to three days a week in March.

Then when I got home I did my 1:30 plank. Ouch-a-roo! Anyone else doing the challenge with me?

Tonight is more running and RPM. I am looking forward to running tonight to flush the legs out. I am sore!!

But the best part?

I lost 5 lbs yesterday! Yup. I said that right. 5 lbs!

The water weight from the ham came right off.

Back down to 169.5 this morning. Phew.

Now to tackle the rest of the weight I gained over the holidays. I can do it!

Can you??

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