Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Treadmill Tuesday

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Yesterday was a great day. I actually ate more calories than normal but stayed within my limit.

Last night my friend K let me come over to use her new treadmill. I went for an hour and got 4.5 miles in. I burned 551 calories.

Imagine my slight disappointment today when I see that I am at 161. Up a pound. It wasnt because I ate bad or didnt exercise so I am assuming it may just be some water retention or lactic acid build up.

Hopefully with tonight being running and upper body with Eric, I should be able to lose that and hopefully plus by tomorrow. I am going to add sprints into my running tonight. We shall see how that goes!

Tomorrow is my Zumba Interview/audition. I am VERY excited! I have been listening to my songs trying to figure out which ones to do. Wish me luck huh? I will try to do a post tomorrow afternoon letting you know how I did.

Today is going to be a fun day for us. Aaron and I are going to look at a house. We have some changes coming up this summer but it will be a new fresh start to everything we have gone thru this past year. Hopefully we arent too surprised today.

So this is my meals for today:
Breakfast: Ab juice (plus I added a beet- really yummy!), english muffin with PB, hard boiled egg
Lunch- Lunch will be on the go because of the showing but I am going to pack some celery and a Larabar
Dinner- cheese stick, some almonds and pretzels

This is all preliminary. Doesnt seem like much but I am sure I will be snacking during the day. Just harder for me to figure out what to pack on the go that is easy to eat.

Tomorrow I am making a vegan dish for dinner. My gym class is later so I can actually eat a little early. On the docket is smoky black bean enchiladas. They look fabulous! So I need to get a few groceries today from the store once I pick up Xavier from school.

Thats all the news I have for today. I need to get my kids up and out of bed for school. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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  1. 161 sounds good to me! You're going to hit the 150's in no time. :)