Friday, January 11, 2013

Epiphany and MyFitnessPal

First I have to say...

Take a look at my ticker on the right hand side of my blog! I am under 10 lbs til goal weight! How excited am I?

Next thing...

If any of you have MyFitnessPal app, have you had it readjust your calorie intake goal for the day after weight loss? Mine did yesterday. As soon as I hit 20 lb loss, it switched me to 1210 calories a day as my goal. Interesting I think.


I was looking at my "current pictures" and I have roughly about 4-8 days until I take my next round of pictures. I would LOVE to be at 150's by then BUT if I am not, I am not worried, stressed, concerned, disappointed. I KNOW that I am adding muscles and tone. I am literally working my ASS off and I cannot WAIT to see the new pictures and see how far I have come! I KNOW that if I stay at the weight I am, I will have lost almost 10 lbs in a month! That is AMAZING! Seriously. I really dont have that much weight left to lose. It is about toning and tightening now. So to lose that much in one month is amazing to me. That is over a pound a week on average and that is WITH the holidays being in there!

In talking with Eric, he told me that my stomach is going to be the last thing to go. That it is going to be a long haul. And really, as much as I would like a flat, tight stomach (as in yesterday), I still have 5 1/2 months until summer! So if I am getting progress like this, just imagine in 5 months. Wow it blows my mind! What an epiphany!


I noticed this week that I tend to gravitate towards the AB juice. Maybe it is just me and my subconscious wanting a flat stomach. I am going to have to break away from that for a little bit to use up the rest of my produce. BUT I think I will end up going back to what works. I like the taste of it. I like that it gives me all my vitamins. I like that it is low in sugar. And I like that it helps my subconscious. So why the heck not?

And I made the butternut squash soup yesterday. Terrific! It does have a thicker babyfood like texture but you could always cut that back with some more non dairy milk BUT it was rich and filling. The perfect food before the gym. Definitely try making it- even if you dont use non dairy milk. It is great soup for a winter day.

And speaking of the gym- Yesterday I ALMOST got under 30 minutes for 3.1 miles on the treadmill. I was slow by 12 seconds. I finished 3.1 miles in 30:11. I even kicked it up to 7.8 mph at the end trying to beat 30 minutes and about died. LOL. Well it is something to work towards. Tonight I will break it maybe. I did notice I am getting stronger. 6.0 mph isnt a killer like it used to be. Slowly I am getting it up to above 6.0 mph and running at 6.5 mph for about 5 minutes at a time. A goal is to be able to run 6.5 mph for at least 10 minutes.

Then I rounded it out by completing 5 miles total by walking the rest.

Then came RPM. Oh baby! It was all new tracks last night and they were a KILLER!! The entire class my legs were screaming at me! I was dripping with sweat and I was surprised my bike didnt drown in the lake that was below me.

In total I burned 1265 calories at the gym. Whew!

This morning I can definitely tell that I worked my back on Wed with Eric. It is SORE but a good sore.

And my weight? 160.5!! Another 1.5 lb loss. I am not sure what is going on. I am eating the same things that I ate previously with the exception of the ab juice. I dont know if I broke thru the 0.5 lb a day loss plateau or what. I do know that the same thing happened to me when I was doing P90X. It seemed like month 2 the weight started falling off. Hey who am I to complain huh?

Tonight is running, then Zumba. Then K asked me if I wanted to go out for a small ladies night with her. Her migraines have been bad and she is starting to see an acupuncturist so no more alcohol for her. Or chocolate or sugar- all the fun stuff. LOL. Good for me too because I am trying to stay away from alcohol too. So we are planning on going to Red Brick. Last time I was there I had the turkey burger. This time because I am going the vegetarian route I will be having the black bean burger. I will probably have lettuce, tomato and onion on it. And I am going to see if I can have it topped with guacamole. Yummy! And I dont think I will have them put fries on my plate. It comes with them but I might see about switching it for a salad. So that is my plan. Thank goodness restaurants put menus on their websites now so crazies like me can look them over before going there.

A goal is to TRY to break into the 150's this weekend. We will see if it can happen.

Thats the news for now! Have a great FRIDAY everyone! TGIF!

Tip of the Day: This is my Ab juice that I have been drinking everyday. :)


  1. Congrats on your treadmill time! I'm going to have to try that green drink just to see what it taste like...isn't it kind've bitter because ofthe kale? Hmmmm? Interesting.

    You are a Rock star!!!! Congrats on all your victories... most def sounds like you broke a Plataea or something. Thumbs Up :)

    1. It is a little bitter but I use a whole lemon. So really it tastes like really lemony juice. Thanks so much!!

  2. You inspire me. I hope you know that. Seriously. Inspire.

    1. are so sweet. I enjoy reading your blog so much. I hope you know that! I look forward to every time you post! So glad I could inspire you and please let me know if I can help you at all with your goals. Im not a professional, but I have been there, done that A LOT! LOL