Saturday, January 12, 2013

Im Such a Tease!

Good Saturday everyone!!

Quick poll- Does the girl at the left look anorexic or no? I used this picture on my FB page yesterday and someone made a comment thinking she looks anorexic. While I used the picture more for the phrase, it brings up an interesting question. I say she looks fit. An anorexic doesnt have abs like that. Doesnt have muscle tone like that. But that is me. What do you think?

First I want to recap... then I have a bit of a teaser for you :)

So most importantly- I beat 30 minutes for 3.1 miles! I was able to finish in 29:12. Now that also includes me having to pause and restart so that takes a little bit of time to rev back up to the program. I was running 6.2+ mph. Some points I even took it up to 7.0mph.

Then I finished out my time before Zumba with walking and talking with Ambreen. I ended up getting in 4.26 miles before Zumba. Then we had Zumba. I dont know why, but I was REALLY high energy last night even after running crazy speeds. I was sweating like a pig too. Maybe it was because I was trying to get my energy up for my audition next week? Not sure. Either way, I burned 1288 calories. A scorcher for a Zumba night for me.

Then I flew home and showered quick before K came and picked me up.

Red Brick was our destination. It took us a while to be seated and I started to feel pretty bad. I was starting to get the sweats and I could feel my sugar dropping. I got a glass of water and ended up going to the bathroom first to pee and second just to fricken sit. My sides were hurting from exercise and still from Wed workout. It was hurting to stand. Finally we were seated and I started to feel better.

I ordered the blackbean burger. It comes on a pretzel roll with lettuce, avocado and tomatoes. I had them add onions. It also comes with a side of tomato aioli.  Sort of like a dry salsa (no liquid). It was nice because I also had the option of a side salad which I took and asked for oil and vinegar on the side. I ended up not using any of the oil but just the vinegar. I ate my entire salad (it tasted SO good probably because I was famished!) and 1/3 of my burger. The burger was FANTASTIC!! I made sure to pack it up and bring it home.

This morning I weighed in at 160.0. Pretty proud of myself that I could eat out and lose weight. It was really late when we ate too.

Ok folks...I promised a teaser. Remember how I mentioned my favorite pair of jeans? And how they were getting a bit big? Remember how I mentioned that I have a few days left until my next round of pictures....WELL...I decided to give you some teasers showing you in my favorite jeans.

See how big they are getting on the side? They were not this loose when I was in the 150's before!!  
I look a little scary in these pictures. LOL. I am wearing minimal makeup and my hair is up because I had the gym last night (pictures were taken yesterday). Nothing I hate worse then sweating off makeup and having it run into your eyes. LOL

Just for reference, these are size 28 jeans from the Buckle. Miss Me is the brand. :) I wonder if I could get into a 27 yet....hmmmm.....Not buying any until closer to summer but it is fun to try on to see progress.

I dont want to give too much away, but I can tell that my stomach is shrinking by where the excess skin hits on my body. Not to get gross but yeah well...ya know. 

Hope you like the teasers. I will be taking really truly comparisons next week!

Today I think I am taking a rest day. I am going to my Aunt Carries today to meet with a lady that is coming out to measure for treatments. I am sort of my aunts interior designer. LOL. I have no idea what time I am going to get home.

I do have some sad news. Our cat has been missing since Monday night. I did contact the police and the animal shelter. This is very not like him to be gone for so long. Neighbors have been out looking for him too. Last night I was on the humane societies website (where I posted the lost ad) and they do have a stray that came in a couple days ago that looks like it could be him. But I wont know until I call to see where this stray was picked up and if this stray is declawed in the front. If so, the next step will be to see if he has his microchip and to go in to look at him. This stray has a very small white spot where Apricots collar would be. He did start going gray in spots so maybe the spot was just hidden by his collar. I am not holding out much hope but I have to call to find out. Please keep Apricot in your prayers.

That is it for today folks. Have a great Saturday!

Tip of the Day:  Good to drink with the flu outbreak.


  1. Congratulations! I do hope that cat is Apricot.

  2. Hope you find your cat soon!
    Way to go with the pants I actually go more by how my pants fit than the scale.

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  4. No I don't think the girl looks anorexic. Congrats on the jeans! That's awesome!! I hope you find Apricot.

  5. Oh I hope you find Apricot!!

    Congrats on the jeans!! You rock! And you work hard!!

    Do you enter your exercising on my fitness pal? I do, but don't eat the "extra calories" that exercising allows. I do more of a high healthy protein/ low carb anyways....not counting every single calorie.

  6. Oh, your face looks so much thinner in these pics than your profile pic. Way to go!