30 Day Shred

Before 30 day Shred
Before 30 day Shred
Day 1: Sunday July 8th

I think this is an easy workout. My arms feel it but really it isnt bad. Lots of jumping jacks. She really likes her jumping jacks. Did workout in the PM

Day 2: Monday July 9th

Arms are a bit sore but nothing bad this morning.
After the workout today I can definitely feel that I have done some work and I found that the workout isnt quite as easy as it was yesterday. My muscles are more fatigued. Did workout in the PM

Day 3: Tuesday July 10th

Ok I can definitely feel it. This workout is no joke and I am only on level 1. I hate the lunges with arm raises in level 3. By then my arms are so sore from the push ups and other shoulder exercises that I just want to cry in pain. Did workout in the AM.

Day 4: Wednesday July 11th

Oh ouch. More of the same. Worked out with Aaron tonight and boy he can feel it. He is just dripping in sweat by the end of 20 minutes. Makes me feel good that I dont sweat quite as much as him. I feel like I am in better cardio shape than him. LOL. Did workout in the PM

Day 5: Thursday July 12th: Weight 175.5

Now that I am done with the workout, my shoulders, back and obliques are definitely feeling it. Hopefully the Beast Jillian can help me whiddle down these love handles and extra skin. Dress still fits but is snug. I have 16 days til the wedding. I am hoping that when I switch to workout 2 after day 10 that changes will start happening and quickly to make this dress fit better!  Did workout in the AM

Day 6: Friday July 13th: Weight 173.0

Oh man. Today my shoulders are really feeling the workout by Jillian. My back is looking much more defined when I flex my biceps. A really nice benefit! My dress is fitting much better with very little skin above the dress when I zip it up. 15 days until the wedding! I can do this!! Did workout in the AM

Day 7: Saturday July 14th: Weight 173.0

Had a lot of fun today doing the Shred with my two kids. The time flew. I noticed that the moves and weight are getting easier to do. In three days I will definitely be ready to step up to a new challenge THOUGH I still find Workout 1 a challenge and I am not yet bored with it. Hard to get bored when you get such a good sweat on! 14 days til the wedding!

Day 8: Sunday July 15th: Weight 173.5

Had to take care of business quick this morning so I could get ready for the party this afternoon. Still am getting a great sweat from the workout. I bumped up my chest flys to 10 lb weights and my arms are definitely feeling it! The cardio is not as hard now as it was in the beginning. That is a good thing! 2 days til I bump up to level 2. And while I am still getting a great workout from this, it will be nice to do something different. 13 days til the wedding!

Day 9: Monday July 16th: Weight 173.0

After overindulging yesterday I thought for sure I gained weight. Very happy that I lost weight and I am not sure how. Maybe muscle is burning more fat? anyways, the workout this morning was great. I bumped up my weight on my arms to 10 lbs. Sore and I feel it! But a good sore. Still a good sweat but I am up for a new challenge on Wed because it is finally starting to get easier. 12 days til the wedding!!

Day 10: Tues July 17th: Weight 173.0

Last day at Level one. I am looking forward to switching it up tomorrow even though this is still really hard. I am trying to resist previewing it. LOL. Still getting a great sweat though the workout is getting easier.

Day 11: Wed July 18th: Weight 171.5

OMG. Level 2 today and I am SO glad I didnt preview it. I think I would have been scared off. At one point Jillian says something like "I want your heart to feel like it is going to rip out of your chest". That about sums it up. I forgot to wear my HRM but I will remember tomorrow.

Day 12: Thurs July 19th: Weight 171.5

This woman is just evil. Plank jacks are damn hard. I am sore. Not so sore I cant move, but sore enough that I know I worked out! I hope this gets easier! I tried on my dress and I can dance and sit and pull down the extra skin so it doesnt stick out. I am comfortable with wearing it now. Any weight or firming I do at this point is now a bonus. 9 days til the wedding! Calories burned on level 2 is 260 calories.

Day 13: Fri July 20th: Weight 170.5

Oh holy heck. By the end of circuit 3 she says she wants us screaming and yes I am just about there. I am SORE!! I am VERY scared to see level 3. Maybe I wont be thinking that by the end of Level 2. Amazing how quickly your body adapts and this woman is GOOD! My back and shoulders can definitely tell something good is going on. I have always wanted a sculpted back and this is what is gonna get me there!

Days 14, 15 and 16: Weight on Day 16 175.0

Havent missed a day. Noticed I am not sweating as much at the beginning (from when I first started) as what I do at the end (I still drip with sweat by the time I am done). Third circuit is the worst as far as aching my shoulders and back but it is a good feeling. I cant wait to see results at the end of day 30! Decided not to take pictures. I dont want to be disappointed. My stomach doesnt seem to be toning as much as what I want. I might have to get her 6 week 6 pack dvd to supplement the other workouts. HOWEVER I think that this is definitely helping my cardio for the treadmill. I can now run pretty easily 6.2 mph whereas before I started this I had a hard time at 5.5 mph.

Day 17: Tuesday July 24th, Weight 171.5

 So far so good. Got a great sweat this morning even though I had to stop one time to help Landry and another to help Xavier. It is much easier to do push ups now then when I started and even the Plank Thrusts dont tire me like they once did. Aaron did the work out last night too. He agrees it is a great workout but I can tell he is VERY scared to go to level 3. We will be taking Saturday off because of the wedding but will be picking it back up on Sunday for our first day at level 3. We will then do that for 10 days straight.

Day 18: Wednesday July 25th, Weight 170.0

Whew. Never ceases to amaze me that I could do the same workout day after day and not get bored with it or find it way easier. Guess that is why this woman is so good at her job. Circuit three strength is STILL a killer for me. Sunday brings going to level 3. Should be interesting. I am very scared. LOL

Day 19: Thurs July 26th

My first skipped day. Ugh. So sorry but I was exhausted from driving, unpacking, laundry, repacking, nails and speech writing before we leave for the wedding tomorrow.

Day 20: Fri July 27th

Last day at level 2. Got it done, got a good sweat too. Excited to be moving to level 3 to do something new

Saturday July 28th

Rest day due to the wedding.

Sunday July 29th

Skipped today because of exhaustion from the weekend. Will start day 21 tomorrow

Day 21: Monday July 30th Weight 178.5

I am sure the weight gain is due to sodium and alcohol. No biggie. Back to the routine. First day at level 3 and I thought I was gonna die. Didnt think I would have to take this many breaks. The cardio is huge in this level! Strength isnt bad but oh that cardio. Should be great for working on my endurance though.

Day 22: Tuesday July 31st Weight 176.5

Didnt realize I was sore today until I started doing some of the moves. This workout flys by because every strength training move doesnt require weights. This is a LOT of core moves and plyo moves. Think Supermans, traveling push ups, side planks, walking planks etc. I think this is my favorite workout out of all three levels and it is definitely the hardest. It may not be the biggest burn, but I think it will be the best by far for my core.

Day 23: Wednesday Aug 1st Weight 175.0

Another day done. Another day I struggled thru. It is good to know that the moves are still hard. If they werent, not much progress would be made right?

Day 24: Thursday Aug 2nd Weight 177.0

The lunge jumps are starting to get just a wee bit easier. Not much but a wee bit. My shoulders, back, biceps and neck are very sore. Not sure if the weight gain is from muscle or water retention or what. Even my legs are sore today. It seems like my biceps are starting to get some muscle definition even when they arent flexed. And my shoulders and back are too. Cant wait to see pictures and if there are any results.

Day 25: Friday Aug 3rd Weight 174.0

Starting to get easier. And my back is very knotted when I wake up in the morning. Stretching helps. I think it is because of how many plank moves we do in this series. And if I havent said it before, I moved up to 10 lb weights for level 3 with the exception of the cardio that requires weights. I was using my 3lb balls for that, but it was too hard to hang onto the weights and I was slamming my joints. Because I dont have traditional style weights that small, I switched instead to my zumba toning weights which rattle. Those are 2.5 lbs each.

Day 26: Saturday Aug 4th Weight 175.5

Mercury is playing games with me again today. Thats ok. I did todays workout in the afternoon which is a good thing (I think) after having an italian calzone stuffed with cheese and spinach for a late breakfast today. Got an excellent sweat on and I was dripping the ENTIRE workout.

Day 27: Sunday Aug 5th 


Day 28: Monday Aug 6th Weight 179.5

Back in the saddle and completed the workout today. Only 2 more left before I move onto my next challenge and the reveal.

Day 29: Tuesday Aug 7th Weight 176.0

Jumping lunges are getting so much easier though I will happy to be done with them (for now) until Jillian starts them in the next dvd.

Day 30: Wednesday Aug 8th Weight 174.5

Kind of sad to be done with this work out. BUT not to fear. Tomorrow just starts my next challenge of Jillians Ripped in 30.


After Pictures:


  1. I thought i would comment I,m guessing this was 2012....Let me just say you did a fantastic job of sticking with it, your body has toned up so much, check out your upper arms they definitely got shape and definition, and can see your muscles in your tummy just starting to take shape...Well done!!!!

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