Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not a roaring start but today is a NEW day!!

Yes well first the positives...

I drank my 2L of water that is on my goal list for 5 days a week.

Bad news?

Water+Sodium= Bloat...

A LOT of bloat.

I had ham yesterday. Not a ton but obviously enough. I ate pretty good otherwise though. A small glass of wine, lots of veggies, hummus and a couple cookies.

But today when I got on the scale?

174.5 lbs!

Ouch! Big ouch! Clothes still fit fine. Tummy looks a little bloated. Oh well.

Water weight that I will sweat out at the gym tonight. And guess what?

I am staying away from that fricken ham. LOL.

So tonight is the treadmill and working with Eric. Not sure if we are going to do legs or upper body. We will need to figure that out.

I will be curious too to how much water weight I lose tomorrow.


And funny enough- I am not stressing over it. Before I used to get down on myself. Maybe it is because I know that with working with Eric that I can do it. I am going to get to my goal. Maybe it is because now that the holidays are done, I can get back to my normal food and not be tempted anymore. Maybe it is because my Nutribullet should be coming today or tomorrow and I am going to start my juice/smoothie fast. I cant wait to try that!! I want to try beets and carrots...all sorts of crazy veggies I could never do in my old blender.

Today Penni and I are planning on taking the kids to see the Guardians Movie. Ya know...the one with the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa, etc? We will probably get the kids lunch there. Good for me because I dont buy theater food (for me).

So my breakfast is a big one. An English Muffin with Krema Peanut Butter, 1 hard boiled egg, a little bit of turkey, and Olympus Greek Yogurt with Honey. For lunch I will have some carrots and celery. (I will probably take a small bag of it into the movies with me). Dinner will be after I hit the gym. Probably a little bit of turkey and a cheese stick. Time to get back on track!!

Tonight is the gym.

I will be curious in going to the gym tonight to see how busy it is. Usually after the first of the year you NEED to get there when they put the sheets out for classes 45 minutes before the class actually starts. Zumba is the one that you really have to be there earlier than that and wait in line. Not kidding. Thankfully I dont have to sign up for anything tonight. I just need my treadmill and Eric and whatever crazy contraptions he has me use tonight. And all the people usually last for about a month. Then they stop coming. LOL.

And now for the tip of the day....or should I say Challenge of the Month! 

Who is going to join me???


  1. You are right, your weight will drop right back down.

    I've been teetering on getting a magic bullet, vita mix... something along those lines. I'm a gadget gerty though, and honestly don't need to add to my collection LOL. However, I use my food processor for so many that kind of cancels out the magic bullet...but we shall see ;)