Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lots of updates!! Movies, Moves and More!

Good morning all! I hope you are all going to have a FABULOUS Saturday! 

Yesterday was an excellent workout day. I got in 3.12 miles before Zumba class. My legs were REALLY sore so I started off walking at 4.0 to warm the muscles a bit and then I picked it up to 5.0 mph. I didnt want to injure or push myself too hard. Then my friend Ambreen showed up (the one I did the Holiday Hustle with) and I slowed to a walk so we could talk.

Then we had Zumba class. It was great as always though I had to cut it back because my legs hurt so badly. Remember I still had to work out with Eric after this.

In Zumba we did some fun classic songs as well as some newer ones.

Then I cut out of the cool down because class was running over in order to work with Eric. There was no point in cooling down when I still needed to be warm.

With Eric I did chest presses, some flys, negative arm dips, and a bunch of other arm stuff I dont know the names for. AND I did something AWESOME. A plank. Not just any old plank. My feet were up on a bench and my arms were on a balance ball. So there I am completely off the ground and I feared that I was going to fall to the side and bash my head into the huge plate that was next to me. LOL. Luckily Eric helped me steady the ball. I did that exercise twice and I held it for 30 seconds each. I plan on practicing that move at home.
I ended up burning 1235 calories during my 2:33 at the gym. I was very happy with that.

Yesterday I also made my first smoothie for lunch. Here is what it was: 3 celery ribs, 1 granny smith apple, 14 almonds and some cinnamon. The cinnamon helped a lot. Before I added the cinnamon the smoothie was pretty bland with a hint of sour from the apple. But I was VERY full and it lasted until I was done at the gym.

Today though I am going to make some adjustments. Instead of a granny smith, I am going to use a gala apple which is sweeter. I am also going to add the cinnamon before I blend the smoothie. 

I do need to go to the grocery store and will either do that today or tomorrow. I need to get more veggies- beets, carrots, more celery, kale, spinach...etc. 

I found an interesting chart on "Juicing Vegetables" that shows how much protein you can get from each veggie. I am going to include that as my tip of the day. Lots of people ask of vegans or vegetarians "If you are a (fill in the blank), how are you going to get your needed protein?"  Well veggies are a great way. Some of them have more than beef, chicken or eggs.

And speaking of that....

Yesterday I watched a couple movies. One was Hungry for Change. This was a great supplement to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It wasnt as entertaining, and basically included what I already knew, but it was still good to watch.

Then I started over with Vegucated which I HIGHLY recommend watching. I dont know that I will be able to eat meat again. I think I am going to make an effort to go vegetarian/ partly vegan. There were things they pointed out in the movie that I found surprising. Did you know Oreos are Vegan?? The movie just didnt focus on the diet, and didnt just focus on the treatment of animals but went a bit deeper into the health and environmental side. She found 3 people on Craigslist that would be interested in becoming vegan for 6 weeks and that wanted to learn about it. The experiment was to see at the end how these peoples health improved and if they went back to being an omnivore. I would LOVE to have Aaron watch this movie just once. But really I know that is a fat chance in hell. Hey I am being realistic here!

My friend Ambreen has gone vegan and has a great cookbook that I am on the hunt to get. It is called the Happy Herbivore. She said every recipe she has made from the book has been good. I was concerned about some of the vegan ingredients been processed (because I try to eat clean) BUT she was saying they really dont use that stuff in the book. So my hope is that I can make one vegan dish a week for the family.

This morning I weighed in at 165.5. Woo hoo!! Only 1/2 lb from my low.

Tonight I plan on either going on the elliptical or doing some Zumba if some friends are interested in coming over. I also need to do some arm weights. Eric showed me some strength moves for my shoulder that he wants me to do at home. He hasnt pushed me too hard for my upper body and I really want him to. So I need to do some on my own to strengthen the weak shoulder.

Ok this has gone on too long for today. And for whatever reason Blogger isnt allowing me to type next to my pictures so this seems longer than normal.

Have a great day everyone!

Tip of the Day: I Found this REALLY interesting!


  1. You are doing AMAZING! Are you still using HT? Update please!

    1. Thought of you and updated in todays blog. Hope it answers your questions. Let me know if it doesnt.

  2. Your workouts are reminding me I need to move my butt ASAP! I don't get back to the states until Wednesday evening. Need to get back on routine :)

    Happy New Year! I've seen a lot of friends on FB turning vegan the last few years or vegetarian. I don't think I'd ever fully transition but switching out a few meals throughout the week is totally doable since tofu is a staple in asian cooking.

    1. Going vegetarian hasnt been hard so far. I will probably still myself meat occasionally. Going vegan and giving up my string cheese and hard boiled eggs would be really hard. So no true vegan for me.

  3. Very interesting tip of the day. Your workouts sound awesome, esp that plank! You sure work hard, and it's paying off :)

    Love your quotes you post. Very inspirational.

    1. Glad that you like the tips and quotes. I like to do the tips to be a little different. Because different is good, right? :)

  4. I find it quite impressive when a person gives up something they have been doing/eating their whole lives. Whether it be meat, soda, fast food... whatever. But that is what this journey is all about (even though I am pretty sure you're in maintenance mode) So I look forward to seeing if you choose that route.

    Do you do Zumba in a public class or at home with the discs? I do it at home because I like to be able to reset the disc and do it again and do it whenever I want.

    Yay for being 1/2lb away from your lowest. I love your blog :)

    1. Not so much in maintenance mode as of yet but more in a toning and firming mode. LOL. I zumba in class and with dvds at home. I have the original dvds that were on the infomercial. I prefer a live class over the dvds simply for the energy and the people. I am glad you love my blog! Thanks so much for reading! :)