Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothing says fun like getting hit on

So Friday I went and got my hair cut off.
What do you think?

I love it! And with it has come this completely different sassy attitude. Seriously. I feel like a million bucks!

And that night when I was out for a birthday dinner with my friend, apparently that new 'tude came thru.

One of the guys that I know (not well) came over to our party and started chatting with me. Well..hitting on me more like it. You want to talk about a wonderful feeling! Of course I told him I was married but it was still awesome for the ego. No harm, no foul and I still consider him an acquaintance/friend. And I came home and told Aaron. He thought it was pretty cool because he knows I have some self image issues and that this was a huge boost for me.

Being hit on made me feel super desirable which was a first for me since starting to date my husband (and I mean desirable to someone other than my husband. He still desires me. Lol).

The rest of the weekend was great. No one showed for Zumba Saturday (they were hungover lol) so I went and did Body Pump at Powerhouse.

Oh baby! I missed that class!

Sunday was a rest day for me but I must have worked hard because I lost 3 lbs over the weekend!!

And I now have a revamped gym schedule because it is time to lean back up.

Monday AM- T25
Monday PM- Zumba class then Body Combat

Tuesday AM- T25
Tuesday PM- CX Worxs, Body Flow, then RPM

Wednesday AM- T25 followed by a run
Wednesday PM- gym for lifting

Thursday AM- T25
Thursday PM- weights followed by RPM plus

Friday AM- double shot of T25
Friday PM- Possible Zumba class or weights

Saturday AM- Zumba class followed by Body Pump

Sunday REST!!

Crazy I know but it is time to get back in the game. I have some personal goals that I want to meet within the next year and I am working hard to meet them.

I also want to start working with Eric again. Probably within the next month or so.

End of October I will also be having a group on Facebook for peeps who want to lose 5lbs in 10 days. Let me know if you want info about it.

Wow. That is about it for now!
Sorry I don't post a ton right now but life is revolving around kids and Beach body and working out. I promise I will try to post more!!

Ohhhh and the Garcinia Cambogia and Safe Colon! The safe colon works awesome! By day 2 I was sleeping better and getting rid of the crap (literally) that has been in the bowels. The garcinia cambogia totally helps with curbing the appetite.

So really that is it for now.
Talk to you all again soon! In the meantime if you have questions, email me! :-)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cardio Rocker!

This is me this morning. After I did my T25 Core Cardio and a 3 mile run. Not looking my best but what the heck do you expect?!?

I ROCKED my run! 3 miles in 29:29. Splits were 9:59, 9:42, 9:39. Each mile I got better AND I had a fairly hilly course.

I was very excited to see my splits especially because when I started out my run I felt so SLOW.

And I burned 725 calories in the process.

My mother in law had to work today so she wants to do T25 this afternoon so today will be a double hit for me.

I will need the extra calories burned. Today is her birthday and we are going out to dinner to Bahama Breeze. While there are plenty of healthy options, I know I will probably get the seafood chowder and lobster quesadillas. I am OK with that. It is a splurge.

And with probably having burned 1000 calories by then, I can handle it.

Yesterday we had 4 to Zumba class. I was late getting there because both Aaron and my in laws got stuck in traffic. Luckily Maggie was there to start class while I was on my way in.

So yesterday morning I burned 488 calories and then that evening I burned another 551 calories in class. 1039 calories for the day. Not shabby!

I didn't get the supplements in the mail yesterday so they should be here today. I will start them tomorrow. I can't wait to see the results.

I finally feel like I have a good schedule and am 100% back on track with my workouts. I feel like I am leaning up and then will feel confident on moving to major muscle building after I am totally done with T25 (Alpha, Beta and Gamma).

Things are good. Both personally and professionally. I am still in the beginning stages with my Beach body coaching, but I can see sticking with this because I have gotten such wonderful comments from people about how I inspire them. Very humbling but I now know I am where I need to be! It is a great feeling!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Updates and Progress Photo

Hey everyone!!

Checking back in again finally!

The party this weekend was excellent. I could not have asked for better weather- cool but sunny.

The problem family members showed and even brought someone that Aaron said no to, but at that point, what are you gonna do? He even tried to say hi to them but they completely ignored him. I just stayed away.

They didn't stay too long into the afternoon though so it wasn't a big deal.

The party really started after that.

The cake I bought was phenomenal and my thought that we would have a ton of cake left was wrong. We had one piece of chocolate left.

I even went in and taught Zumba before the party to get the calorie burn going! I was proud of myself.

That day was also Staturday. While I didn't have time to take measurements, I did take progress pictures.

This is my before and then after week 6. I am seeing pretty good progress! Not only in the abs, but butt is rounder and thighs are smaller.

I will be doing the Gamma round after I am done with Beta. Then onto Body Beast.

I also started a T25 challenge group on Facebook. Today is day one. I am very excited to be leading a group of people that want to get big changes.

Beginning of last week I also ordered two new supplements that I am going to try for one month.

One is called Safer Colon. You take it in the evening before bed and it is supposed to help detoxify your body and in the process help you sleep better.

The other is called Garcinia Cambogia. You may have heard about it from Dr Oz or one of the other doctor shows.people are getting huge weight loss and tightening from it. Figured I would try it and review it for you all.

They should be coming today or tomorrow in the mail.

The plan is to use Saturdays picture as the "before" and then take the "after" when I am done with T25. The two should just about co-inside with each other.

Today was the start of week 7 of T25. Core Dynamics. Woah. Beta is all about muscle building and this is no joke. No weights are used, but Shaun T knows how to work your core.

Then I went for a 1.2 mile-ish run. I took Casper (my in-laws weimaraner) with me so it was a pretty slow jog. He is getting up in years. I didn't do my full 3.3 mile run because I have to teach Zumba tonight and last week when I would do T25 and then my big run, I would be wiped out pretty early at night.

Shakeology was for breakfast. Not sure what I am going to do for lunch yet. Maybe some eggs and an English muffin. Hmmm... Celery?

Dinner tonight will be authentic Italian pizza from the Italian bakery. I forgot to pull it from the freezer and make it for the party so it will be an easy dinner for all of us tonight.

My plan is to have an Arbonne shake after Zumba. Maybe some tuna or goat cheese too.

We will see.

Well that's the news for now!!! What are you up to? Trying anything new?!?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life Goes By Quickly

My goodness I haven't posted in a while! I apologize for that!

I had a bit of a rough go after Labor Day. I woke up that day with a huge cramp in my neck so bad that it went straight to my head and caused a migraine.

A migraine so bad that when I stood, I thought I was going to be sick.

And the cabin had no drugs except Tylenol PM. So I took it and went to bed.

It took over a week for the cramp to disappear (for the most part). Much of it is probably due to stress with the family over stupid and petty shit for this anniversary party for my in laws. Some people think we are taking credit for the party. We aren't. We had to get a party planned and no one would return my text messages so we picked a date and place. It is my husbands parents and he and his brother have the right to plan their party. These people also want people invited that my in-laws haven't seen in 30± years. Why would we invite them? Now these people may not even come. Fine. This doesn't even begin to explain the conversations that Aaron has had with his family about this party. Craziness. But that is the other reason I have been MIA.

The party is Saturday and I have been cleaning, planning, shopping, setting up etc to get ready for this.

I ended up missing most of T25 last week. I was able to make up as couple of the workouts but this week I am WAY back on track.

Now that Landry is in school too, after I drop the boys I can come home, do T25 and then I have been going for a 3.34 mile run after that! Awesome! It feels great to be running again and I am glad to be making this a new habit.

Eating has been great but my night snacking and drinking has been awful. Drinking helps deal with the stress lol. Bad I know but sue me.

This week has also moved me into the Beta portion of the T25. This focuses more on muscle building. LOVE it!

In fact, I am starting another challenge group on the 16th. If you want in, let me know! I will be restarting from the beginning to go thru it with you.

25 minutes a day, 5 days a week! plus accountability!

AND I can tell you this has helped tremendously with my cardio endurance. It has been forever since I ran anything over 1 mile and yesterday my splits were 10:45 approx with hot humid weather.

Today with the exception of the first mile that I was talking with my mom on the phone (and running 11:23), my remaining splits were 9:45±. I was REALLY happy with that!!

That's about it for now. Sort of quick, but I am alive but extremely busy. Come mid next week, things will calm down a bit. My in laws will be staying with us from tomorrow evening until they go to Ireland on Wednesday. We will get to babysit the dogs. Can't wait! I love Harley and Casper!

OK toodles til next week all!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Catching Up

One thing I am figuring out on this journey is that as hard and as much as I want it to, my body just has its own ideas of what I should weigh.

I am learning that weight is just a number. It is a hard lesson to try to remember.

Today my weight is up a bit to 176.0 BUT my shorts that were tight are now very loose.

My legs are getting bigger and more defined. Obviously muscle is being added.

T25 is still kicking my ass. I have not missed a day. Every day I get up excited to do my workout. Then I start and wonder what I got myself into. But before I know it, the workout is done and I feel bad ass!

On top of all that, I have been trying to weed the garden. It is so overgrown that I am just going thru and pulling plants that really aren't weeds but are just really overgrown plants. I just want to make it beautiful and easy to maintain. Something that it is currently NOT!

Serious calorie burn, serious blisters on my palms from using the little spade but the weight is still up. Oh's to the well's.

Today I am on track but tonight might throw me off. We go to Xaviers school tonight to meet the new principal and take a tour. Then we are either going to Buffalo Wild Wings or Red Robin for dinner. My goal is to eat at neither place and have a protein shake when I get home. We will see if I can stay strong. Lol

I am trying to do a bit of a cleanse by having two protein shakes today.

Tomorrow I head to my sisters for a garage sale. Hopefully we can sell lots of our stuff.
 And I plan on packing some food to take with me. My Shakeology, peanut butter, hard boiled eggs, English muffin, egg whites, balsamic vinegar are just a few.

I want to make it easy on myself to make good choices.

When you go somewhere do you pack food? How do you say no and stay on track?

Tip of the day:

Monday, August 19, 2013

I survived!

Hey all!

This is going to be short and sweet because, well, I am exhausted!

I hurt. My legs are killing me.

I gained two lbs and now am 174. Not from eating bad. Oh no! I ate great! I gained 2 lbs from all the lactic acid build up! Lol. I am fine with it though!

Zumba Friday night was awesome. We only had 5 and 6 people per class but hell...we are used to that! That night I burned 1381 calories putting my burn at over 2000 calories for the day when coupled with the T25 double.

I was actually grateful that no one showed up Saturday morning for class! I worked my arms a bit, came home and Aaron and I took the dog we are dog sitting for a jog/walk.

That night we went out to eat. I had a salad (no dressing) with hummus. Yum.

Yesterday Zumba class rocked again. Only 4 people but I think with finally having nice weather coupled with the Woodward Dream Cruise just kept people out of the gym. It wasn't just our class that was dead but the whole gym! I ended up burning 1021 calories at the gym. Before that, I practiced a routine and burned 199 calories. When I got home after class, I walked the dog and burned another 261 calories.

This morning when it was time for total body T25, my legs screamed at me right away. Lots of screams came out of me too. Lol. Calories burned in 25 minutes, 405 calories.

Tonight is Zumba class again! Then I am following that up with legs. Yeah. I am gonna probably regret that tomorrow but I want to build some muscle mass in my legs.

Eating has been great. I am still sticking with my Shakeology and T25 meals.

I really can't believe how great I am feeling with the Shakeology! And here I was going to cancel it after a month! Nope. Not now.

OK all... I am out of here. The kids are getting restless and it is time to go back outside with them. I am basking in the sun and they can play. Lol.

Toodles all. Have a great Monday!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Major NonScale Victory! Day 10 of T25

Morning everyone!!!

Last night as I was getting ready for bed, I saw that I have a MAJOR non scale victory that I have to share with you!

This picture on the left was taken in February when I was training with Eric. And it was the best picture I could find to give you a decent idea of what I am going to be talking about.

Take a look at my thighs in it.

See all the loose skin?

This is something that I have hated since losing weight.

Not only do I have excess tummy skin, but I have saggy legs. I always thought that the only solution to this would be to have surgery.

Way back when I saw the plastic surgeon I had talked to him about my legs BUT he didnt do leg lift surgeries. That was going to need to be a different surgeon that he could recommend.

So I figured that I needed to have priorities. Tummy first, boobs second and maybe legs last. I mean, legs you can hide with bikini skirts or shorts but the tummy just kind of flags in the wind and well...the boobs are just empty.

Last night I looked in the mirror and about pooped myself. Luckily I was in the bathroom already! HAHA. My loose skin is disappearing!!

Take a look (please excuse the pajama shorts)
The skin is smoothing out and the dimples are going away. I even noticed less cellulite on the backs of my legs.

I shared this on my Fan Page this morning on Facebook and someone asked me what I attributed it to: diet or exercise.

And honestly I had to say a good combo of both.

Even when I was training with Eric and was eating clean I still had saggy legs. Even at my fittest with him. Truly not his fault in the least. If I could train with him again, I would in a heartbeat. But it got me thinking...

I would say much is due to T25. It is very lower body based with squats and lunge and hops. It builds muscle quickly. I would also have to say that it is due to the vitamins and the shakeology. The shakeology has so many superfoods that you just cant get with other protein shakes.

If this is the results that I am NOTICING after just TWO WEEKS, just think of the changes that will have happened after 8 more weeks!!

What do you think? Can you see a difference?

Onto last night.

I did make it to Body Pump and then followed it up with RPM. Ouch! Legs were burning like crazy. I thought that I had forgotten my chest strap monitor piece at home and I was so disappointed that I wouldnt know how many calories I burned. Well. I found it. Yeah. It had slid down my shirt and into the top of my pants. LOL. I was just glad I didnt lose it on the ground somewhere. So once I found it, I was already part way into the second song of Pump. I didnt miss that many calories for an accurate reading...probably like 50. So my calorie burn I am about to report to you is a little low.

Last night at the gym for Pump and RPM I burned 1208 calories. Yup thats right. And that is a little off!

Combine that with T25 cardio burn of 397 calories and you get a total of 1605 calories burned for the day.


This morning I was only down a half pound but I dont care. I know lots of it is swollen muscles and probably some retained water.

Today is doubles day for T25. Lower Body Focus and Ab Intervals.

My plan originally was to do one first thing and then have breakfast and then do the other before lunch.

BUT after I got done with Lower Body I still was feeling good so I decided to finish it off.

It was probably due to the fact that there isnt just so much cardio in Lower Body that you feel wiped after it. Dont get me legs were screaming! But the second workout was Abs so I knew I could push thru.

I was glad to be done with both. So far today 670 calories have been scorched.

Tonight Maggie and I sub for Zumba. Two 45 minute classes back to back. Ouch! I know I will be sore after that one! But in a sick way, I am looking forward to seeing how many calories I burn. In my normal one hour classes I get about 700-800 calories burned and this is an extra 30 minutes on top of that. So I expect to be somewhere around 1100 or so. We shall see.

Tomorrow is just Zumba. Whew. Looking forward to Staturday and more pictures to compare. I am not expecting as many changes this week as last week. From here on out, it will be minor but I know they will happen.

Sunday is subbing another Zumba class. Just one hour this time but come Monday I am not sure I will be able to walk. LOL. Last time Maggie and I subbed, by our Monday night class we were both hurting and that wasnt two classes on Friday night! AND it wasnt ME doing T25 either! I could be in deep doo doo!

So that is the news for now. My eating will be very similar to yesterday. Shakeology, turkey wraps on english muffin, yogurt, chicken breast, string cheese, protein shake after Zumba...etc. If I dont post Monday, with stats, you know I have died over the weekend. LOL.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Zucchini bite review and Day 9 T25

Hola everyone!

What's up? Not too much here except I am getting into my marathon training sessions for the week....and I will get into that in a minute.


Do you ever notice
When your body releases a ton of water when you have been retaining it? Like after a salty meal... The next day you have to pee about every 5 minutes?

That was me yesterday. Not sure if it was from the carbs the night before or if the Macaroni Grill food was a lot more salty than I realized, but holy heck!

I did pretty good with my eating yesterday. I stuck with what I outlined EXCEPT last night I did have two glasses of red wine and some salt and pepper chips (clean but still...).

The zucchini bites were excellent. I added NO cilantro but did add cracked pepper. They turned out to be like little mini quiches. I still have some left over. Not a huge hit with my family but hey! More for me. They were difficult to get out of my pan. But I did not spray my pan with cooking spray like they said. I thought I wouldn't need to because the pan itself is nonstick. I thought wrong. Lol.

I was still down a half pound this morning from my weight gain from yesterday so I was fine with that.


This morning I got my T25 cardio done. Still kicks my butt. And burned 397 calories in the process.

Now my marathon sessions start tonight:

Tonight is Body Pump followed by RPM
Friday is a double hit of T25 and then I sub Zumba. Two 45 minute classes back to back tomorrow night! Whew!

Saturday is Zumba class in Belleville. Not sure if anyone will show or not but I will still go in.

Sunday is subbing for Zumba again. This time one class for a hour.

Monday is back to T25 and Zumba that night. Whew. I will be glad come Tuesday to just have T25!!

Saturday is Staturday too. Looking forward to taking my measurements and looking at pictures.

Today's meals are like every other days. Shakeo for breakfast with banana and PB, lunch is my turkey roll ups on English muffin, dinner will be before the gym and will be my left over tilapia and kale. Snack after working out will be a protein shake which I will have on the way home. Once I get home I will have a cheese stick and my yogurt with raspberries and almonds.

I know that I will be be burning serious calories today and tomorrow so my eating is reflecting that. I will need to keep my calories higher to make it thru the next few days.

Also I wanted to let you know that beginning Sept 1st I will be doing a FREE challenge group on Facebook. It will center around 3-4 moves and focus on one move a day. If you want to join in, just go to my Facebook page Get Beachbody Fit with Lee and stay tuned.

Right now I am trying to figure out some good stomach/core moves for us all to do. It should be fun!!

That's the news for now. Not sure if I will make it on here tomorrow or not but I can't wait to fill you in on how the next few days go!

Have an excellent day!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Macaroni Grill Review and Day 8 T25

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

How is your week going?

Any of you have the problem that this picture shows? I know when I was losing major weight that I would go to the Salvation Army to get clothes. I was dropping weight too quick to justify buying more expensive clothes. Sometimes it would be a size dropped once every other week! And when you are talking going from a size 28 down to a 6-8, that gets damn expensive!


Yesterday I had a very nice dinner with my friend at Macaroni Grill.

I ordered Shrimp Spiendini which was supposed to be 380 calories according to MyFitnessPal.

I also ordered a tossed salad which I wanted some balsamic vinegar on the side but of course it came to the table all dressed with a vinaigrette. Apparently I wasn't clear enough in my ordering. I shut my mouth and ate my salad anyways just enjoying time with my friend. I was doing great savoring one glass of wine and staying away from the bread.

Then our main course came. What I ordered was supposed to be grilled shrimp and veggies with some roasted potatoes. What I got was grilled shrimp and roasted potatoes with a side of oil soaked soggy veggies. Nasty and mushy. I was very glad that I forgot to tell them no potatoes.

So as I waited for the waiter to come around, I started to get hungry. And I had some bread. Damn it.

Finally when he came back around, I told him the issue and he put in a new order for veggies. This time they came out a smidge better and at least they were warm. I would NOT order this again. Very disappointed. When the main part of the dish is the veggies, you expect nicely grilled ones. Not a pile of mush.

And I am sure it was WAY more calories then what was figured. That is the thing that really pisses me off about restaurants. They say that these foods are "X" amount of calories but then the cooks do whatever the hell they want and "f" it all up.

But it isn't like I eat out all the time anymore so one day off isn't a big deal. And I did order something that I am sure is way healthier than other options on the menu.

No surprise today that I am up 1.5 lbs to 174.0. I don't care. Aunt Flo is visiting so I know part of the weight is water. Well most is water.

Oh well.

Today my dad visits.

He will get here about dinnertime tonight.

I already did my T25 today. Speed 1.0. My favorite workout.  I was doing well until the fast crisscrosses at the end when I started to pee myself. Ugh. Having kids just ruined me. Lol. Keegles don't help either. Sigh. Sad when you have to consider buying Depends just to get thru a workout.

Here is my meal plan for the day:
Snack: 2 strawberries and my fat burner
T25 Speed
Breakfast: shakeology with 1 frozen banana and about 4-5 fresh strawberries , water and ice, my vitamin and 2 CLA
Lunch: turkey roll ups (turkey, avocado and red pepper) with a dry toasted English muffin
Dinner: shredded red cabbage (raw), sliced avocado, a grilled chicken breast cut up and all combined to make a salad and tossed with some balsamic vinegar. my 2 CLA. Then I will be making these zucchini bites. See the recipe below. I will let you know how they are tomorrow.
Snack: yogurt with raspberries and almonds and a drizzle of honey. Yum!

That's the news for now!

Recipe of the day:

Mini Cheese Zucchini Bites

2 cups grated zucchini (about 1 medium)
1 egg
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
Optional: 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, salt and pepper (my sister said to use way less cilantro because it gets over powering)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Spray a mini muffin pan w nonstick cooking spray. In a bowl mix the zucchini, egg, cheese and cilantro. You do not have to add any salt or pepper since the parmesan is salty enough. Evenly divide the mixture into the mini muffin pan, filling to the top, packed down in each cup. Bake for 15-18 miun until golden brown around the edges.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 7 of T25!!

Good afternoon all my lovely blogland friends!

It has been a crazy day thus far and I finally am able to sit and relax for a few while the kids are resting to write my update.

Yesterday my food and exercise was on point. Supreme. I learned two new zumba routines before class last night and you KNOW I had to track my calories burned.

Between T25, zumba practice and zumba class last night, I burned a whopping 1728 calories yesterday. Yup. You read that right!

Today I am Down to 172.5!! 2 lbs lost yesterday though not surprising with what I did yesterday. Lol.

Today I got up and did T25 Total Body Circuit. A serious workout with burpees, hops and spider push ups. I still have to stop and catch my breath here or there but I pushed REALLY hard and burned 458 calories in the process.

Breakfast afterwards was my normal Shakeology.

Then I cleaned the house from top to bottom. It goes so much more quickly when you only have one floor to clean! And I just love this house. I fall in love with it more every day.

And if you have little boys, how is it that they can completely miss the toilet bowl when they are right at the perfect height to stick their little pecker right on the rim? Seriously! The bathroom was starting to smell like a nasty locker room. But it is all clean now!


Lunch was mushrooms, onions, egg whites, 2 eggs, tomato and an English muffin.

Once the kids get up we are running to the grocery store to pick up a few things. Then it is home to make spaghetti and meatballs for the boys tonight. Where am I going?

I am meeting my friend for dinner at Macaroni Grill. I have already pre-decided what I am going to have: the grilled shrimp spiedini. It is 380 calories. And I am going to ask for extra grilled veggies instead of the potatoes that come with it. And I will be having a glass of wine too :-)

So not too much craziness here. Just busyness.

My dad comes tomorrow afternoon to stay the night. A first for him but he has ulterior motives because the Rousch headquarters are close to our home and Thursday he is having a new interior put into his Mustang. Oh yes. My dad has 3 Mustangs. Which he shows at car shows.

That's all the news I have for now! Have a great Tuesday!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Wrapup and a Progress Photo

So are you just dying to know my results from week 1 of T25?

I know I sure was!!

Here they are:

 -9 lb!! which we know was a lot of water weight but hell. Not all 9 lbs was...I can tell you that!

-1" on my waist, -1" on my chest, -1" on each leg and -1" on each arm.

I would say that is pretty damn good!

Check out my picture. I would say that is BIG changes!

Now tell me that you dont want to try T25...LOL! You know where to find me if you do. :)

And over the weekend my eating was on point. I was so proud of myself because remember last weekend when I gained a bunch of weight? Well Aaron and I went to the same place on Saturday that we went last weekend. And I said no to alcohol. Well ok...I had one sip of Aarons pina colada and one sip of a "rum" punch that was really just rum with some pink dye in it...LOL and two jello shots. I also had packed my food to keep me on track. And when we picked the kids up from grandma and grandpa, I just waited until we got home to eat. See? I told you nothing was going to derail me!

AND even before that, Friday night we went out to dinner and then went and saw We're the Millers. I had two glasses of red wine and a salad that I put hummus on instead of salad dressing.

At the movies, I had nothing. No soda, no was SO hard but once the movie started, I was fine.

I highly recommend the movie. All the best parts are NOT on the commercials. In fact, the commercials use stuff that isnt even in the movie. So if you like a raunchy type comedy...go see it!

And you know what? I actually LOST weight over the weekend! Back down to 174.5. Whew. I cant wait to be out of the 170's again!

Holy crap! That is a first loss over a weekend in I dont know HOW long!

After a typical T25 workout. Dripping with sweat
So today is Week 2, Day 1 of T25. Cardio. I did that this morning (first thing) and found out that I was able to do more this time then I was last week. Down ups killed me last week and I had to modify. Today, I didnt! Progress! Another way to tell that I pushed myself more is that I burned more calories. 420 to be exact!

Breakfast was my normal shakeo with banana and peanut butter.
Lunch is a dry english muffin with 2 eggs, 4 egg whites and sliced tomato.
Dinner is tilapia with kale and tomatoes. I had this for dinner yesterday and made extra helpings for me this week. I plan on having this about 4:30 before I leave for Zumba at 5.
Not sure what I am going to do about snack. I am almost out of turkey and I am out of yogurt. I will figure it out later though. Maybe an Arbonne protein shake. Dunno.

And finally...

IF you are interested in trying T25, I will be starting a challenge group on Facebook in TWO weeks! Just let me know under "comments" if you want more info.

Have a great Monday everyone!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 5 of Focus T25

Good morning everyone!

First I want to recap my day yesterday. The photo is current from this morning And I will get into that in a minute.

So as you know, yesterday I did my T25. Then last night I went to Ypsi.

I ended up getting there early enough to sign up for Body Pump so I thought "what the heck" and joined into class. I figured rather than doing a full body workout by myself, this would give me a good workout and keep me focused.

I kept my weight light because it was the first time I used the new weights the gym got and they were heavier than what I was used to. Also because I had RPM after and T25 today, I didn't want to be so sore that I wouldn't be able to complete everything that I had to.

Class was great. I did skip abs at the end and my legs could definitely feel that I had been working them with T25 all week.

Then came RPM. I ended up getting a bike that had no "ride easy" gear which kept my heart rate up the entire time with little breaks. My legs were screaming from the body pump and from T25 so I took it easy with the tension.

All in all at the gym I burned 1198 calories! And that didn't include the burn from T25 earlier.

Eating was on point too. I prepped my dinner while the kids had lunch so it was ready to go at 4 for me to eat and digest.

I will give you the recipe for my tip of the day.

After getting done with the classes, I bought a protein shake from the gym. My body needed the instant hit.

Then when I got home I had two pieces of my nitrate free turkey and my yogurt with almonds, raspberries and honey.

This morning when I got up, not only did I feel like I was hit by a Mack truck, but I lost another 2.5 lbs. Now I am only 1 lb from where I was last week.

And don't you know that today is a double hit of T25.

So I decided to do the first one (lower body) at my usual early morning time and see if I could do the second right after.

Yeah, no.

After my body being so sore, lower body about killed me.

Lots of isometric holds, bottom squats and lunges...
And lots of screams. Lol. My boys kept saying "what?"

So now my new goal is to do T25 cardio before I have lunch.

Calories burned do far: 358.

So here is my eating plan...pretty much the same as yesterday.

Snack: 4 strawberries, fat burn pill
T25 lower body
Breakfast: vanilla shakeology with one whole banana and natural peanut butter. Also my multivitamin and 2 CLA pills
T25 cardio
Lunch: dry toasted English muffin topped with turkey, red pepper and avocado (yummy!)
Snack: yogurt w raspberries, almonds and honey
Dinner: my chili steak salad, 2 CLA pills
Snack: probably a couple pieces of turkey

And I am sure that I probably won't be able to move tomorrow to teach Zumba. I am on my own tomorrow too. Lol.

But tomorrow is also my staturday... Yup. I take my stats tomorrow to see how many inches I have lost so far with T25. It won't be a ton, I am sure BUT I know there will be some.

Which leads me to my picture. I took the one this morning after my workout when I was a drippy, hot mess.

The calf shot I took BEFORE my workout. I have gotten that much definition in 4 days. Seriously!!

So far, I can't say enough good about this program!

And JUST in case you want to get the challenge pack for yourself, Beach body has extended the sale until the end of the month due to its popularity.

Just go to:
Sign up for your free membership with me as your coach. On my page you will also see the link for the T25 challenge pack. And if you love fitness as much as I do and you want to earn some money doing it, think about becoming a coach. I can walk you thru how to do it. So far I am loving it and I am on a fabulous team that sets you up with a ton of support!

OK that's enough about that but you know I have to put it out there. You never know if someone is thinking about it in the back of their mind :-)

Tip (recipe) of the day:

Chili-spice steak salad (makes 1 serving)

3oz raw lean sirloin, cut into thin strips
1/4 tsp chili powder (I used more)
Sea salt and ground black pepper (to taste, optional)
Nonstick cooking spray (I just used a smudge of olive oil)
2 cups shredded red cabbage
1/8 an avocado, sliced
2 T balsamic vinaigrette (recipe below and I would start w 1T and add on. I thought 2T was too much for my taste)

Season sirloin w chili powder, salt and pepper. Set aside.

Heat medium skillet lightly coat w spray over med-high heat

Add sirloin; cook, stirring constantly for 1-2 minutes or cooked thru

Place cabbage on a serving plate; top w sirloin and avocado

Drizzle w balsamic vinaigrette

Calories: 318, fat: 19, sat fat: 3, chol: 71mg, sodium:406, protein:27

Balsamic vinaigrette (Makes 4 servings)

3T balsamic vinegar
2T fresh lemon juice
1/2 tsp raw honey
1 tsp Dijon mustard
3T extra virgin olive oil

Combine vinegar, lemon juice, and honey in a medium bowl; whisk to blend

Stir in mustard; mix well

Slowly add oil while whisking; mix well

Store leftover dressing in a covered container in the fridge. If it thickens, hold at room temperature for 30 min and stir before serving.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 4 T25

Good morning everyone!!

How was everyone's day yesterday? Successful? Fun? Fall off the wagon a bit?

I want to hear!

I had a great day yesterday, but first...

Are you on Facebook?

If so, I started a fun new page called "Get Beachbody Fit with Lee". Please go to it and "like" it. It is a way for me to connect with all of you more than once a day and have fun. It will not be all about fitness or health or Beach body. Promise!

In fact, I posted a riddle this morning so make sure you check it out and see if you know the answer. I dare you!

OK, now back to yesterday.

You already know I did day 3 of T25.
Then that night we took the boys for a walk. Well, Aaron and I walked. The boys rode their bikes. But Xavier is getting so much better that I had to jog next to him for a bit. Pretty good!

I did not go to the Rec Center *sigh* because I had a conference call. But the call was great so I figure it a fair trade.

Eating was great. I stuck with what I had planned for the day.

And dinner? If you like salmon, I highly recommend this recipe!

Broil your salmon fillet on high til flaky.
Dice up one Roma tomato, 1/8 an avocado and some cilantro.

When the fish is done, top with the diced cilantro and veggies. And some cracked pepper and fresh lemon juice.

(I modified the original recipe which called for a vinegrette. I did not have all the ingredients. However, I really don't think you needed it. The lemon juice was plenty).

And last night I also ran out of my casein powder. Damn it.
I am not planning on getting more right now. I just bought supplements and the T25 with shakeology. So if I need a snack in the evening, it will have to be with my regular protein powder or some turkey or something else.

I am down another pound this morning so something is working. And NO. I am not caught back up to where I was. But I will get there.

And here is my meal plan for today:

Snack: 3 strawberries and my fat burner
Breakfast: shakeology with half a banana and peanut butter, my multivitamin and 2 CLA
Lunch: turkey roll ups (turkey, avocado and red pepper) with a dry toasted English muffin. * the English muffin helped keep me satisfied yesterday so I am repeating it again today.
Early dinner: (about 4:30ish): chili steak salad (another T25 recipe. If it is good, I will share the recipe tomorrow) and two CLA
Evening snack: nonfat Greek yogurt with raspberries, almonds and a small drizzle of honey.

Here is my workout schedule for today:
Morning: T25 Ab Intervals
Evening: Ypsi Gym. Upper body weights. Then RPM.

That's why I am making sure I have a really good early dinner. In lieu of the yogurt, I may decide to have a protein shake afterwards. I won't know for sure until I see how wiped I am.

T25 Abs are done for the day. Favorite workout so far. Great Ab workout and still got a full on sweat. Burned 297 calories in 25 minutes.

Thats it for me today.

Dont forget to go over to my page on Facebook!

Tip of the Day (well recipe. This looked delicious and I had to share!)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

T25 Day 3 and other observations

Morning everyone!

I am finally figuring out how to do all this on my tablet... Lol.

Anyways... I have made it thru day 3 of T25. Full body circuit. Lots of planks, pikes, jumps, squats and sweat. Thought I was going to die: but in a good way.

My carpet squeaked from all the sweat when my feet were on it. Not joking.

This morning in 25 minutes I burned 362 calories.

Yesterday's eating was on point. No cheating. I did the same food as I did the day before.

I did not end up lifting last night. My calves are killing me (in a good way) from T25 so I decided to take a bath instead.

Tonight I am going to the Rec Center to get some jogging in and some full body weights. Tomorrow for T25 is ab intervals so I will not be working them tonight.

I have to say that I am shocked at how good this T25 program is. I am sore everywhere. My sports bra is always completely wet with sweat and I am already seeing new definition in my calves. And if I am seeing that already, I will definitely keep pushing play for the remainder of the program.

Aaron, however, has fallen off the wagon. He did not workout last night. He got home about 8pm and thought if he did yesterdays workout that he might puke.

Am I disappointed? Yes.

We will see if he gets back on the wagon today. Only time will tell.

This morning I stepped on the scale and found out I shed more water weight. Yeah! Go me! At the same time though, I always think "let's not do this again" but it always seems to happen on the weekends. Sigh. At least now I have set myself up with the proper groceries in the house to keep that from happening.

Onto my meal plan for the day.
One thing I noticed was how hungry I was the past couple days. I would eat and my stomach would be growling 30 minutes later.

So I am going to make a couple tweaks to today.

Before working out this morning, I had half of a protein bar (homemade) and 3 strawberries with my fat burner pill.

After working out I had my shakeology blended with half a banana and natural peanut butter. I also had my vitamin and my 2 CLA pills.

Lunch will be my eggs: 2 eggs and 4 egg whites scrambled and topped with diced tomatoes and basil but with that I will be adding a dry, toasted English muffin. My hope is that the carbs help keep me fuller longer.

Snack will be my fat free plain Greek yogurt with raspberries and almonds.

Dinner tonight is going to be a salmon fillet (about 5-6 oz) broiled with raw tomato and avocado and cilantro with fresh squeezed lemon juice over the top. Sounds delicious right? and my CLA pills.

Evening snack will be my casein shake with some peanut butter.

All this is still only 1244 calories!

As you may know, I am on myfitnesspal. And one of the nice things is being able to look at my friends food diaries to get ideas. BUT I am shocked at how little food some of my friends eat that seem to be so many calories! It can't be filling for them! Look at all the food I will be eating today. It may be surprising to find that it is 1244 calories but it is all clean and tracked in my diary.

Onwards now.

Did anyone watch Extreme Weight loss last night?

I'm watching it right now and poor Chris Powell is gonna eat all that crap food???

His body is not gonna like that!

You should totally watch it if you didn't last night.

The gal is from Michigan :-)

OK. Let's hear about what you are eating. Anyone want to share any recipes? I need some ideas. Lol.

Tip of the day:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gluttony and T25

You are probably wondering where I have been. I mean I sign up for Focus T25, get it in the mail and then you hear nothing out of me!

Well this past Saturday we had a memorial for Aarons grandpa. He passed away February 2012, was cremated and never was buried. So that was what we did Saturday.

I did not eat well that day. At all. Too many mini strudels, a half a hot dog, cake, beer, just plain craziness. Part of me was like "f" it. I'm starting T25 on Monday.

Then came Sunday. Aaron and I went out for the day bringing our alcohol and jello shots with us. That night was pizza, and bread sticks and salad.

Not good.

Monday I was afraid to get on the scale. But I did. And while the number doesn't matter (it was BAD), I knew I was going to commit myself to Focus T25.

I took my measurements, recorded my weight, and did day one of T25.

25 minutes of heart pumping, nonstop cardio. In 25 minutes I burned 372 calories and was dripping with sweat.

After, I showered and went grocery shopping. After the grocery store I went to GNC. I wanted to buy a fat burner called B4 that was advertised in a fitness magazine that I had read. When I talked to the guy at GNC, he told me that B4 is crap. He showed me instead a dual pack that had a fat burner and also a CLA for toning. Many fitness competitors use them.

I also bought a multivitamin because I didn't have a good one.

Here is what I bought, in case you are curious:

So far, so good. Yesterday I was a bit jittery from the fat burner but I didn't have a problem with it today.

Last night was Zumba. We had our biggest class ever of 5 people! Woo hoo!

Eating was also on point. Breakfast was vanilla shakeology, lunch was straight from the T25 cookbook. 2 eggs, 4 egg whites all scrambled, half of a tomato diced up on top of the eggs and 5 fresh basil leaves chopped up. Yummy! I also had my left over black bean salad made with diced tomatoes and chilies, onions and cilantro. Snack was plain Greek yogurt (3/4 cup) with 1/2 cup fresh raspberries, 1 T raw slivered almonds and a small drizzle of raw honey. Yum! Dinner was turkey roll ups from T25. 3 oz of nitrate free turkey lunch meat with raw red bell peppers sliced up with avocado slices. AWESOME! That night I had my casein shake with some natural peanut butter in it.

This morning I was down 3.5 lbs from what I gained this weekend.

Ah, water weight. Thou art a heartless bitch.

This morning was day 2.

T25 speed.

And surprisingly I liked this one better. There were breaks after every move in which we stretched and worked on balance. Don't get me wrong. It was still fricken hard. Fast feet, burpees, punches etc... But I liked it. And I made it thru. But barely both days.

And my calves are killing me-  in a good way.

Today in 25 minutes I burned 353 calories. Not shabby huh?

My meal today has been identical to yesterday except that in my morning shakeology I had half a banana and some peanut butter.

My energy level has been thru the roof. Might be from the shakeology or the vitamins but I feel great.

Aaron and I were gonna hit the rec center tonight but he now is going out with clients for dinner. SO I am staying home and will lift weights in the basement tonight. I'm thinking a bit of everything. Tomorrow is total body circuit for T25 so I don't want to kill one part more than another.

And Aaron did T25 yesterday and he is going to do T25 when he gets home tonight. He told me he isn't a fan of these at home workout programs, but he likes this one better than P90X and only finds it "mildly annoying" lol.

And because the kids are gone until tomorrow, I have been working on my personal training cert. I was able to get all the essays done today so all I have left is 1.5 case studies. The kids come home tomorrow so I am hoping to get almost all the way thru it by the time they get home.

This weekend Aarons mom wants the boys overnight again so as of right now Aaron are planning on doing the same thing we did last Sunday... But without the bad eating and alcohol. I want the best results I can get from T25. I. Am. Committed!

How about you? What are you committed to?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Baby Steps

Now that I have lost a bunch of the water weight, it is no surprise that the weight is coming off much more slowly now than what it did end of last week and beginning of this week- even with burning MEGA calories.

So lets start here...

Today I am down another half pound. 174.0. I will take it. Heck I think it was July 23rd when I restarted and I was 183! So 9 lbs down in a matter of what? 2 weeks? Not even?

Eating was on point again yesterday though I have to admit, last night when I got home from the gym I was starving. We really really need to go to the grocery I had to make due with a couple slices of colby jack cheese, a protein bar and my casein shake. Not really nutrient packed but the protein really helped.

Here is what I had:
Breakfast: Arbonne shake
Snack: Arbonne protein bar
Lunch/Dinner- I made up one can of tuna with onions, celery and fat free mayo and split it between lunch and dinner before I left for the gym with some wheat thins
Snack: 2 pieces colby jack cheese, Arbonne protein bar, casein shake

I have to admit...Last night Aaron took the kids to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Part of me was REALLY hoping that he brought me some wings home for me or that he would have some left over. Yeah no. You know what they had for left overs? A few tortilla chips which he brought home for who knows what reason, a quarter of a soft pretzel (again why?) and 2 mini corn dogs. Ah no thanks.

Ok. Now for the gym.

I didnt get to do a whole lot as far as lifting goes yesterday because I had a packet of paperwork to fill out to get paid from when I subbed Zumba. And when I say a packet...I mean 8 pages or so...

When I did get to work out it was only for about 15 minutes. I did some bicep curls on the machine, tricep push downs, chest presses and rows. That was about it. Sad.

So today I am going to concentrate on the back and biceps again before Zumba.

Ok- moving on. After my pseudo weight lifting was RPM. Oh holy hell. We did the same playlist as last week and for whatever reason, this week it seemed harder. Maybe I pushed myself more...not sure. All I know is that by the time the warm up tracks were done, I was already dripping with sweat.

For RPM...I burned 1069 calories. That is serious burn right there. In just over an hour.

See why I am a bit surprised about not losing more weight from yesterday alone? Thats ok though. My body is gonna do what it is gonna do and I know that I am on track.

On to today.
I mentioned that I was going to do back and biceps again. Then it is Zumba. I am only going to do one class because I am going into Dexter to meet with the gals in the park.

Here is my planned out food for the day:
Breakfast: Arbonne shake
Snack: Arbonne protein bar
Lunch/Dinner: Can of tuna with celery, onion and mayo with wheat thins (can you tell I HAVE to go grocery shopping????
Aubrees snack: hummus with celery NO FETA BREAD!!
Home snack: casein shake

ANNNNDDDDD....I tracked my Beachbody shipment and T25 should be here today!!! Woo Hoo!

Because I am not teaching Zumba tomorrow, my goal is to do T25 tomorrow night. I will officially start the program on Monday but I want to try it out!

So it is August 2nd. Lets talk goals. Do you have goals for August??

Tip of the Day:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shout Out

I have to give a quick shout out to person who helped me today.

As you know, last week I was having computer issues with my router.

Well they never really got resolved and I was still having to reset my router every 5 minutes or so, so I called back the tech support. Now dont get me wrong, these guys are good. They got rid of all the viruses, malware etc. And they updated my router software. But I still was having the problem.

This time I was routed (haha) overseas to India where I connected with Taron.

Not only did he help me fix my router issue, but we got to talking because of how S-L-O-W my computer is about different things with our cultures and what we do for a living.

I told him about my blog and he looked me up and was surprised to see my transformation. He said he would bookmark it to read more in depth at a later time.

So if you are reading this, thank you for your help Taron! I havent had a problem with the router since we talked.

This guy is awesome. He even gave me his extension so I can contact him anytime. And the biggest part? He is so passionate about his job that he took my call on his day off!

Daily Update

Hey everyone! And happy Thursday!

Yesterday was a great day.

Xavier and Landry had their physicals for the year. Both boys are back in their growth curve on the chart. A while back Xavier was above where he should be in weight. It is good to know that with him eating more cleanly and with having a growth spurt that he is back on track. I really dont want my kids to become obese like what I was as a child. The doctor was cute in asking them their favorite veggies and fruit and favorite foods.

Poor Landry had to have 3 shots. He was very tired already and so I tried to distract him but he screamed and screamed. Finally calming down after about 10 minutes.

Then we went to my friends house for the kids to play. On the way home I got the kids Happy Meals.

It was raining pretty good at that point and Aaron was home already. I ate dinner and changed into workout clothes. It was obvious that the boys were exhausted by their 'tudes so we decided not to go to tree fort. I told Aaron he could go to the gym and I would work out at home. Well he fell asleep on the couch at 7pm. I let the kids play til 7:30 and they woke him up. The boys ended up going to bed with no problems and never came out of their rooms with any stall tactics like they normally do.

I decided to do some Turbo Jam Cardio Party. It was my first time doing this one and it was SO MUCH FUN! A mix of dancing, boxing and kickboxing. The 45 minutes flew by so quickly that I put in Ab Jam too. I ended up doing about 10 minutes of that one before turning it off. I had turned up the music (its an option on the disc) and I couldnt hear the instructions which was fine while we were standing and I could see the tv, but they went to the floor for exercises.  Knowing I wouldnt be able to hear or see well, I called "uncle" for the night. In one hour I burned 553 calories. Not shabby.

And today I am SO SORE! My obliques hurt like they NEVER have before! I plan on doing the whole disc on Friday (19 minutes of ab work).

Aaron decided that he was too tired and opted out of any exercise. He went to bed at 8pm.  He better realize he cant do that when we start T25. LOL. I want him committed for the 10 weeks.

Eating was on point.
You can tell I am in dire need to go grocery shopping when you see what I eat between today and tomorrow. LOL.

Breakfast: Arbonne protein shake
Snack: Homemade arbonne protein bar
Lunch: 2 eggs over medium (the last of my eggs) with melted pepperjack cheese, sauteed onions and a toasted dry wheat roll
Dinner: tuna with celery, onion and fat free mayo with reduced fat crackers, a smidge of pork
Snack: Casein protein shake

So today I weighed 174.5. Not bad at all. Half pound loss. I knew I wouldnt be able to maintain a 2-4 lb loss a day. LOL. If I can do a half pound a day that would be excellent though not sustainable in the long term.

Today is back and biceps. Then we also have RPM. Last week was the RPM class from hell and I just found out that we are repeating it. Bring it! It is hard to go backwards after pushing ourselves that much. We must push forwards.

I also got an email last night saying that T25 has been shipped. I am SO EXCITED!

Tomorrow is Friday. I am going to be doing a double hit of Zumba I think...Then it is out with the Dexter ladies.

This time though I am not going to have feta bread. I am going to have water, and some hummus and veggies. I dont want to undo what I have been working so hard to accomplish. Especially because Saturday will not be Zumba because of the memorial for Aarons grandpa.

If T25 comes before Sunday, the plan is to do that before Aaron and I leave for our fun for the day. Then that evening may or may not be to the rec center. Not sure what time Aaron and I will be getting home and if we will be sunburned or not. LOL

So thats it for right now...

Tip of the Day:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Its Official

Well it is official. I have bought the T25 Challenge pack and also have signed up to be a coach.

I hope to help anyone that wants to get fit, meet all their goals! So please, if you would love some help, you can sign up on my Beachbody page (for free!!):

So Aaron and I will be partaking in the T25 challenge in just a few days.If you want to join us, let me know! There is a FB page for the challenge that will be great for support as we go thru this all together! It is a 10 week program for 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and we are both very excited to get started. I said before that I still plan on doing this in conjunction with lifting weights. This will be my morning workout and then lift in the evenings.

Curious as to what T25 is? Here is a video preview.
It is a 9 minute video but if you watch to about minute 3 or so, you will want to keep watching just to see the results. I would love results half as good as these people got so I will be doing it hard and heavy. One guy that did this (about minute 7) started off in the 290s. By the end of the 10 weeks he was 226.

Ok that is enough out of will hear some updates regarding the T25 as we start but I am not going to be the person that constantly shoves Beachbody down your throat. You know I do it, you know I would love to help. I am here for you so contact me if you want to get going. End of story...well the start actually ;)

So I never got to work on Zumba routines yesterday because I was busy with the Beachbody thing but last night I went to the Rec Center. I did 2 miles on the track. 22 laps. Geeze! Does anyone know of an app or a way to track your laps so you dont have to constantly think lap 2, lap 2, lap 2 as you run? I tried using my digifit app but it doesnt get good gps reception in the gym and I dont know that it would pick up that small of a lap.

After I was done with my two miles, I hopped on the evil elliptical and did the Fat Burn setting with Glute Blaster for 15 minutes.

Then it was back downstairs where I did leg adductors, leg abductors and then went over and did 100 squats using a weighted bar. After that I did leg extensions to work the quads and I called it a night. I walked home from there...0.44 miles. I am sore today.

Eating was on point.
Breakfast was Arbonne protein shake (I am officially out of oatmeal)
I got a little hungry later on and had a homemade protein bar
Then at lunch I had an english muffin, two eggs over medium with melted pepper jack cheese and some sauteed onions.
Before hitting the gym I had some tuna with fat free mayo, celery and onion and some crackers.
After the gym I had a little bit of chicken, a little bit of pork, a half of a protein bar and then my casein shake later.

Today I woke up and was 175.0. Two more pounds gone! How excited am I?

My goal is to get as much of this weight off before starting the challenge. I want to get the best results possible. Dont worry...I am eating what I need to and tracking everything in myfitnesspal.

Today the kids have physicals. Then we are going to a friends house for them to play. Then tonight I will be picking the kids up Happy Meals as a treat for them to eat on the way home. Then it is off to Treefort at the Rec Center so Aaron can work out while the kids play. Then it is my turn.

I think tonight I am going to aim for 2.5 miles on the treadmill then 15 minutes on the elliptical. Then it is back and biceps. I am trying to slowly work my mileage for running back up. When I was training really hard I sort of gave that up and my body can tell. I just dont have the cardio endurance I used to.

My friend Jamie posted this yesterday on her FB page:
It is a great thing to think about before you eat something.

This past Monday I wore my heart rate monitor to the gym while I taught Zumba. I shared with the class at the end how many calories I burned. I think it was 776 or something like that...

Anyways, one of my students said "thats a donut!". And I looked at her and smiled because she always goes to get ice cream after class. She must have realized what I thought because she went on to clarify "I mean that is ONLY a donut!". All that hard work and thats ALL we worked off.

Now I know that donuts arent that many calories, but I would rather have her think about that before she was leaving to go to get her ice cream. She is under the mindset that she gets a double scoop because it is only 30 cents more. And is sugar free right? My hope is that next time she thinks before she eats.

Also I am wondering what your weakest time of day is as far as snacking goes?
One thing I have figured out is that when I work out at night I really dont want to snack.

Another thing is that if I paint my nails at my weak point of the day then I cant snack because they are wet. A great tip for you.

How do you get your weakest points of the day?

Tip of the Day:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Holy Water Weight Batman!

So yesterday...

Ah yes, yesterday.

Eating was on point. Oatmeal for breakfast w/ unsweetened cocoa powder and some real maple syrup. Lunch was toasted english muffin (dry) with two eggs over medium with sauteed onions and pepper jack cheese.
Snack was a homemade protein bar made with Arbonne vegan protein powder, oatmeal, peanut butter and honey.
Dinner was some tuna and some crackers.

I could tell that  I was shedding some water weight yesterday because I was needing to use the bathroom a lot.

Then yesterday afternoon I was finally able to work on some Zumba routines. I did that for about 15-20 minutes and then Aaron got home. He had bought a bike for Landry yesterday from Craigslist so I had to go open the garage. We bought Xavier a bike too with his birthday money and then we paid for the rest. So we surprised both boys.

And of course the training wheels I bought for Landry didnt work. The poor kid almost fell over on his bike because they were too flexible. Who makes training wheels flexible???

So then it was time for me to go to Zumba. I had one new person for a total of three for class. And so my energy level was really high. In one hour yesterday in class I burned 783 calories.

I did not end up working legs like I wanted to because I needed to return the old training wheels from Landry's bike and get new ones from a different store.

Then when I got home I had a casein shake before bed.

And that brings me to an interesting question.

I found a new show last night on our On Demand that I have never seen before but had heard about.

Extreme Weight Loss.

Ever hear of it?

I had heard about it because the guy that was on it July 16th felt so much pressure to lose weight that he altered his numbers he was sending his trainer. Instead of losing the weight, in 90 days he GAINED 46 lbs!

Do you ever feel pressure to look a certain way? Lose more weight? keep it off? I know I personally feel pressure but it comes from a personal standpoint. It is all from me. What gets me pissed is that I know I am a food addict. I hit a rough point or a busy point and I turn to food to get me thru. I did it with the tornado and I did it again when we just moved. What pisses me off about it is that it undoes all the hard work that I just did!

But there was an interesting quote last night by the trainer: "Transformation is never perfect". And then he went on to say something like: when you fall down you can always pick yourself back up. Yup. Thats me. It doesnt matter how many times I fall down, I will always pick myself back up because I dont want to go back to the way I was back in 2010.

This leads me onto my next thing. I know I said that I want to start training like I was going to be in a competition. I will be buying my "competition" food and prepping it next week. My friend is currently in "getting ready" mode for her first show in April and shared some of her work out and diet tips with me.

She does HIIT cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon and evening. Usually about 25-30 minutes of it.

And there was this program that I have been hearing about that is 25 minutes and great cardio. My goal is to do it in the morning and then lift in the evenings.


Tonight I will be ordering a new cardio program. It is from Beachbody and is called T25. It is by Shaun T and delivers the Insanity results in just 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I figured what the hell? I will give it a shot! And they have a 30 day moneyback guarantee. Have you heard of it??

And because I am going to get the challenge pack, I get to waive my sign up fee to become a coach. So I figured what the heck there as well! If I dont like being a coach, then I can quit at any time. No commitments. What do I have to lose? I hope that being able to inspire people helps me here with some financial freedom. LOL.

So you will have to stay tuned as I will be reviewing the new Shaun T program. I told Aaron I would get it if he can  commit one month to doing it as well. He said he would. I will make sure to take before and after pictures of us. :)

Onto today...

I weighed myself this morning...

Remember yesterday I was 181.5

This morning?


Yeah you read that right. -4.5 lbs!

Serious water weight right there I guess! And I never really ate anything that would bloat me or was really salty this weekend either!

Today I am going to work some more on Zumba routines.

Tonight we are going for a walk while the boys bike ride.

Then I will be heading to the Rec Center after the boys go to bed to do legs.

Should be a fun and active day!

What are you all doing?

Tip of the Day: I love this because when I was up at my mom and dads a couple weeks ago, we went to boil eggs and actually had some floaters. I had never had floaters before!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Checking in- quickly

Hey all!

Well this weekend went pretty well.

Saturday morning I was down to 179.5. Woot!

Then I had zumba class. And even though I burned over 700 calories and ate well, the next day my weight was up to 180.5.

Yesterday I took a rest day. I really needed it. I was starting to get a sore throat again so I hit the tea and honey last night.

Eating was on point yesterday too. I even resisted fig newtons and cupcakes ALL WEEKEND!!

But with not exercising, there was no surprise I was up another pound today to 181.5. Thats ok. I am hoping to get it back off today.

Tonight is Zumba. But first thing this morning I am going to start working on a learning a new Zumba routine. So I will be burning calories all day as I learn. Then afterwards I will be working out. I think I am going to aim for doing 100 squats with a weighted bar. I think because I did the 500 lb leg presses last week that I am going to skip that and do lunges tonight as well. Front lunges, lateral (side) lunges and back lunges. Maybe some wall sits as well.

Aarons parents are taking the kids after his grandpa's memorial on Saturday. Woot! Hopefully that means that I will be able to get my personal training test done and turned in next week!

And I hope this weather warms up. This has been a really sucky summer.

Ok I am off for now. Things to do so I can get this routine learned!

Oh and PS....I posted this picture at the top because I am striving to workout to get a body a tenth of hers. LOL. She rocks! Dana Lynn Bailey if you didnt know.

And I think when I go to the grocery store this week that I am going to start my nutrition differently and eat as if I am training for a competition. 5 small meals...lots of protein...we will see!

Have a great Monday!

Friday, July 26, 2013

What did I do yesterday?

Ok first things first...

I am having major issues with my internet. We found out that it isnt the actual modem from Brighthouse but our wireless router which is netgear brand. Brighthouse said I have to switch the router to channel 11. Anyone have any idea how I do that? lol

I have to restart that damn thing every 5 minutes. Literally.

Which makes it EXTREMELY hard to do my Personal Training test. *sigh*. (Not to mention writing my blog!) Yesterday I had the bright idea to print off all of the essay questions so I can write them in my word processor without being online. So that helps.

But the test is driving me crazy because it is hard, hard, hard. So I am taking a break from it today.


Day 3 of no earwigs. Whoot!

And my workout yesterday:
I decided NOT to do Turbo Jam. I knew that if I went into Ypsi last night for RPM that that would be plenty of cardio for the day.

So for breakfast I had warm oatmeal with unsweetened cocoa powder and a little real maple syrup.

Lunch was two eggs over medium topped with some melted pepper jack cheese, a 100% whole wheat english muffin, and some sauteed onions (with a smidge of olive oil).

Dinner was a little bit of homemade mac and cheese before I went to the gym. And when I say a little, I mean maybe a 1/2 cup. It was made with whole wheat pasta, a smidge of milk, and colby jack cheese. It is my moms recipe and I always loved how it gets uber crunchy, crusty. Yummy.

The carbs helped get me thru my workout.

When I got to the gym, I skipped cardio and went right to chest and tri's. First thing was pull ups and dips.
Then I did standing tricep extensions, cable chest flys, upright cable chest presses, and cable push downs. Then I did some rowing for a couple minutes on the rowing machine.

RPM time. Last night was no joke. Class was an hour and 10 minutes. And it was my first time doing RPM in a month...or maybe more. AND we did three mountain tracks in a row...towards the end of class. That is 20 straight minutes of mountain climbing.

Boy am I glad that I didnt do Turbo Jam yesterday.

Then I got home and had some tuna with onion and fat free mayo, eaten with celery stalks and then my casein shake before bed.

All in all, in 2 hours and 38 minutes at the gym last night, I burned 1161 calories. Yup. Thats right. I am BACK!!

Today I was down to 180.0.

My goal tomorrow is to be back in the 170's.

So today I am trying to decide what the heck to work out.

The plan is to go to the rec center tonight with the kids. They can play in the treehouse and I will watch them. Aaron can work out while they are playing. Then he will take the kids home and I can workout.

I am thinking that tonight will be more cardio. A mile on the track, the evil elliptical and then shoulders and more back and biceps..core.....not sure though.

Tomorrow morning is Zumba class so as much as I want to do legs again, they will have to wait until Monday. Sunday I will need a rest day.

I am not much of a yoga or pilates person so that just isnt an option for me. 

So that is the news today. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend? What are you doing for exercise today??

Tip of the day:

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Confession Time

Hey everyone.

So I have some confessions to make here.

I finally stepped on the scale after realizing that my shorts were tight.

Well...the news wasnt good.

The number was back up to 183.0.


So now I have gotten back on the train and gotten the real kick in the ass that I needed.

The last couple days has been work outs galore.

Tuesday night I went to the local rec center and ran a mile and about died. LOL. Amazing how quick your cardio endurance goes bye bye when you dont use it! Then I worked on this evil elliptical called Octane. I did the fat burner session with the glute killer pushed on. The thing that is so cool about this machine is that every minute, there is a little circle that spins and tells you what to do. So one minute it may tell you to go fast...then you get a minute to recover...then it may tell you to go backwards and squat...then a minute recover...then it may say to lean back and go fast....the thing is CRAZY!

After that I did back and biceps and core. All in all I burned 764 calories that day.

Yesterday I was down 1.5 lbs.

Then yesterday I did my first day of Turbo Jam. I did the 20 minute routine. It was fricken awesome!! In 19 minutes I burned 199 calories.

Then last night I ran another mile and then crushed legs. Leg abductors, adductors, leg extensions, hamstring work, 500 lb leg presses and then a strip set. And on top of all that, I went on the escalator stepper for 15 minutes. AND I didnt mention that I ran to the gym (0.44 miles) and then walked home. My legs couldnt take a run. LOL.

Burned 796 calories last night.

Only down another half pound this morning but I know part of that is because of lactic acid buildup. I am quite sore today.

In a bit I will be doing 20 minute Turbo Jam again and tonight I will be heading into Ypsi for RPM. My plan is to work my chest and triceps before class.

Aaron and I are in a bit of a competition. He found some swimsuits for us that neither of us can wear right now. LOL. So we are seeing who can be ready for their swimsuit first. It wont be anytime soon but it is helping to get our ass in gear.

I am also back using MyFitnessPal again to track everything. So far so good. I know my biggest downfall was alcohol. Damn it. LOL. Bye bye. Had to cut it out again. I will just have to stick with red wine every once in a while.

Ok...update on the earwigs.

I finally found some insect killer for the yard that will prevent the bugs for 3 months. We were starting to see an increase of them in the basement again.

I also bought silicone caulk to caulk between the gaps between the baseboard in the basement and the floor and also between the baseboard and the wall. I cant paint over it but the baseboards look nice and glossy. LOL. I also bought spray foam insulation to fill in some of the gaps where pipes go thru the foundation.


Knock on wood...

Two days and no earwigs in the basement!!

Ok lets see....what else...


I started my personal training exam. It is no fucking joke. I am seriously nervous I am not gonna pass this thing and it is open book.

Why do you ask?

Because I have two case studies and 6 essays to do and it is all subjective to whoever is grading my answers. And that is in addition to true and false, multiple choice, matching and calculations.

So please say some prayers.

I am going to really take my time answering everything. It may take me a month or more but I want to make sure that I am throughout and give them what they are looking for. Plus these essay questions are insane. Some involve me having tests done at a doctors office or taking a first aid class or doing assessments on 10 friends. Really??? That seems crazy to me. But I have to try.

That is why I havent been on here updating. I have been studying and trying to take this test.

Also on top of all that, Monday I woke up with a splitting headache and an earache. Well later that day my eardrum ruptured. Yeah. Again. Damn it. Luckily I had some left over amoxicillin that I started to take. That helped. Now I am just waiting to heal because I cant hear out of my left ear. LOL.

So that is it for now.
I will give you an update on how I am doing on my test later on. If I am not on here much you now know why.

Tip of the Day:
Did you know?

RED - The phytochemicals in red foods are carotenoids and anthocyanins. One of the most abundant carotenoid is lycopene. Lycopene helps reduce damage from free radicals in your body and it also prevents heart disease, cancer, prostrate problems, and reduces the skin damage from the sun. These red foods help memory function, urinary tract health, and makes your heart healthy.

(Gotten from Juicing Vegetables on Facebook)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Needing a Groove

I need to find me a new groove.

Now that my personal training package at Powerhouse is done I just dont feel like driving in there anymore.

Dont get me wrong. I love the classes and the people...

But the drive is starting to kill me especially after just joining the rec center in Livonia yesterday.

Yup. For $39 a month for the entire family, we now have access to a tree fort for the kids (indoor play area), indoor and outdoor track, workout machines, free weights, lap pool, lazy river, skate park, outdoor splash pad for kids, HUGE climbing wall, an indoor water slide and pool, a kids center where they babysit them while you work out, saunas, hot tubs, a gymnastics room, an open gym for things like half court basketball, soccer field and so, so, SO much more!! I feel like such a gym traitor!!

Yesterday after I signed up, the kids played in the tree fort area for about 90 minutes before I finally said we had to leave so we could eat dinner, get Aaron and come back. Then when we came back we did the outdoor splash pad for an hour because the indoor pool was closed until 7pm for swim lessons (I didnt even mention the different classes you can take!! A little extra $ but not bad at all!) and then went indoors. I didnt think Landry would want to do the waterslide because of how tall it is but he was all about it. But he insisted and our first trip down (both kids have to go with a parent because of their size) the raft dumped into the water but he was a total trooper and wanted to do it again.

Xavier did too. We would dump here or there but most of the time I was able to dump on my feet and grab  whichever kid I was hanging onto. My legs got a workout too continuously climbing the stairs to get up there.

I had to tell the boys though that we can only do the waterslide when there is mom and dad there. I cant take both kids at once incase we dump. They had a great time though. We did that for 30 minutes or so and then went and got cleaned up and let them play in the tree fort again until 8pm.

So I am not sure what to do.

Do I keep my Powerhouse membership just for the classes? The Rec Center doesnt have the Les Mills classes that I like and it is set up per session...not just an ongoing thing...

The Rec Center does have all the cardio equipment that I love...treadmills, ellipticals, the dreaded rotating stairs...PLUS stuff I have NEVER seen before!

And my other gym is about 35 min time and gas is involved...

Maybe if I just plan on doing my gym for Thursday RPM and Friday Zumba...but is that worth $30 a month? 8 classes a month...That is cheaper than drop in rates at the Rec Center which is $7 a visit...

I just feel like I need to find my groove again. Yesterday was a great time and I am taking the kids back today  while we wait for my mom to come down. I told her to text me when she is on her way so I have an ETA so I can be here to help her into the house.

She can now walk after surgery but cant do stairs but on her butt and our driveway is a bit broken up so I want to make sure we are back.

Like yesterday (and if you didnt read yesterdays blog, please do) I am asking for opinions here about the gym thing. Y'all know that I love Zumba which is the Friday class at my gym BUT I teach that twice a week already at a different gym. So I have been hit or miss for Friday especially with summer and stuff going on.

I just know that I am going to be hitting the Rec Center just about every evening to go lift. Aaron wants to go in the morning before going to work but of course he overslept today. LOL

Oh and in regards to yesterdays blog...

As soon as we got home from the first trip to the rec center yesterday M was over. Like immediately. Asking to play. I told him in a few minutes because the boys were getting changed into swimsuits because we were going to be having dinner and go back to the rec center.

No problems. He came back and the boys were already in the backyard playing.

Immediately they asked to play inside. But by now it was cool out so I said no. Outside. I was trying to get the house picked up for my mom to come down (you know how it is).

Well M didnt want to play outside and left.

Then he comes back a few minutes later and once again Xavier comes inside.

This time Xavier says to me "M is going down to the Dairy Barn for ice cream but all he has is change. Do you have a dollar you can give him?" WTF? Really? I told Xavier that I did not have any dollars he can have. Then Xavier looks at me and says "well I do!!" I had to tell him no, that that is HIS money and not M's. So M left again to hit up another neighbor.

I dont know if M was using his own money, or if his parents even knew that he was going down there to GET an ice cream, but the dad across the street from us gave M some money and his 8 yr old son B some money and they went down by themselves (the 6 yr old and the 8 yr old) to the busy street and got an ice cream. Granted it wasnt like they had to cross a busy road or anything but I am not comfortable with that.

Then when they get back, M comes over with his ice cream wanting to play with the boys. Now how do you play while you are eating ice cream? I didnt think that was fair to my kids to watch him eat ice cream and we were getting ready to have our dinner so I told M no. That their dad (Aaron) was going to be home in a few with pizza and that we were eating and leaving again.

Still bizarre to me. Not sure if this is normal kid behavior or what.

But then last night after we got home after 8 and got our kids to bed, both M and B were outside wandering around and it was almost dark. I guess I get the 8 yr old being out a little later and maybe it is because M is 7 and I forget he is older than Xavier that it bugs me when they are out so late. Oh well.

Now that we are members of the Rec Center, we wont be around as much and M being over all the time will be a thing of the past. The Rec Center is literally right across the busy street from us. So down the block and across. The boys and I could even walk there. It is like having a pool without the maintenance. So I am sure we will be there just about every day.

That is the news for now. I am off to make coffee and get myself ready. You know those kids are going to want to go to the Rec Center just about as soon as they wake up! LOL. Plus I need to finish cleaning before my mom gets here today.

I will fill you guys in more on probably Monday. Tomorrow and Saturday are art fairs that we are going to and Sunday Aaron and I are hoping to have someone to watch the kids so just he and I can go do something. We shall see!

Have a GREAT day!!

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