My Go To Foods

Many people have asked what foods I ate when I started on my Journey to lose weight.

A couple things I cut out immediately because I was taking a supplement called Healthe Trim.

1. Caffeine
2. Artificial Sweeteners
3. Alcohol

I cut out the alcohol not because of the supplement but because I didn't want the empty calories. However, I did still treat myself with a glass of wine occasionally.

I started eating just about the same thing every day at lunch.

1. Whole wheat english muffin
2. with Almond Butter (instead of peanut butter)
3. Hard boiled eggs (2)
4. baby carrots or some sort of raw veggie
5. Yoplait or Kroger brand Greek Yogurt (honey flavor)

No caffeine meant no coffee or soda. Thankfully I was not a big drinker of either so I didnt have caffeine withdrawl. However, eventually everyone tires of just plain water.

6. Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea- its caffeine free and I would flavor it with
7. Honey

Snacks to curb my cravings were a necessity. My absolute favorite is:

8. Emeralds Cocoa Roast Almonds in Dark Chocolate

I started to eat more veggies, less fat, and used MyFitnessPal to keep track of my food intake for the day.

Now that I am on a new journey, my diet has changed. I now try to eat as cleanly as possible. This means no processed foods, no white sugar, no white flour and if you cant pronounce it, dont eat it.

I now eat breakfast everyday...well eat isnt the proper word. I drink my breakfast every day.

9. Green Smoothies- any combination of fruits with a huge handful of spinach.

Lunch for me stayed about the same. I really dont eat the Greek yogurt anymore, but instead will have some

10. String Cheese
11. All natural, no salt added peanut butter (basically the only ingredient is peanuts LOL)

Snacks for me now still include the cocoa almonds, but to mix it up, I absolutely love

12. Dry roasted edamame
13. Kale chips
14. Beet chips
15. pistachios (non salted)
16. prunes (no sugar added...just one)
17. Dried fruit (no sugar added...I make my own in my dehydrator)

I also cut out most whole wheat pastas and instead eat:

18. quinoa
19. brown rice
20. brown rice spaghetti
21. spaghetti squash

If I have pasta, I don't have spaghetti sauce. Instead I saute:

22. onions, garlic, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach

My cheat foods are:

23. semi sweet chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips
24. Natural kettle salt and pepper chips

I usually put a few of both in a bowl along with some edamame and dried fruit and turn it into a trail mix of sorts.

I will also sometimes have a bowl of:

25. Kashi cereal for either lunch or dinner with
26. Sea breeze almond milk original unsweetened OR
27. Coconut milk

I eat a ton of veggies and not much meat anymore. If I have meat or fish, my go to is:

28. canned tuna (straight from the can, no mayo) scooped out with
29. celery
30. chicken breast
31. salmon

I dont eat much dessert anymore. Last time I did I had horrible nightmares (probably from the sugar).

I also make sure I take a multi vitamin every day along with 2 fish oil tablets.

I really hope this helps. If you have any questions, or want clarifications, please let me know!!

Also please remember I am not a doctor. This is what I found works for me. It will be different with everyone. If you have questions about what is ok for you to eat, contact your doctor.

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