Current Pictures

New "Before" pictures taken November 15th after my first workout with Eric (my personal trainer). Beginning weight was 183.0. 

**I KNOW the pictures overlap into my side bar, but if you click on them, they will pull up on a separate page so you can see them all in their entirety. **

Before my 100 lb weight loss

 I just LOVE this picture! Abs are starting to get defined and my arms are looking AMAZING!


  1. You are rockin' it!!! Keep up the hard work. How do you feel? I think it's important to focus not only on how you look but also on how you feel. When I started exercising regularly, I felt great. That feeling gets me through the times when I may not be getting the physical results I want.

  2. I feel great (well not right now, but that will pass). I always get nervous around picture time because I want to see results. We are always our harshest critics arent we? I just want to wake up to a flat belly...not have it take so long to see...LOL. But I just keep going. I belong to a great gym that I go to as well as doing P90X at home and the people there keep me going.

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    1. Thanks so much Sharon! I still have a ways to go, but it is great to see progress!

  4. You look fabulous! Great job:)

    1. Thanks so much. Now I am starting over so it will be interesting to compare now pictures to pictures from Feb.