Friday, January 18, 2013

Tease Part 2

Ok I am not going to draw this out. I found some pictures last March on here (about 10 days before the tornado struck) and I thought I would compare with how I am currently. I took the pictures 2 days ago when I was 161 lbs. I am wearing the same shirt and same jeans (my sisters). You will notice that it looks like my shirt shrunk a little over the wearings and washings. The cowl is smaller and it is shorter. Sorry for the blurriness in the 2012 picture. I had to pull the photos from my blog. AND my mom so KINDLY pointed out that it isnt March 2013. LOL. Wishful thinking for spring to come?? But for whatever reason Picasa isnt letting me edit the text. So it is what it is. LOL

First comparision:

Photo 1: Jeans are looser around the knees and my sides arent as bumpy. Notice my weight is higher in the new photos.

Photo 2: I think my arms look a little firmer and my tummy a little flatter. Maybe the waist is a little narrower?

Photo 3: This is my favorite comparison. You can see a small muffin top with the 2012. The 2013 shows the button of the jeans sticking out. Also my butt in the 2013 photo looks much more rounder and lifted. Thighs also look a little smaller and are not straining the jeans as much.

What do you think? Can you tell a difference or are my eyes deceiving me? I will be taking another progression photo in my bikini on Saturday so stay tuned!

So last night it didnt take me as long to get to the gym because I didnt have to leave til 6pm. I actually left about 6 minutes or so earlier than that so I was at the gym by 6:15. Bonus! More time for running.

So I set off at an easy pace of 5.2mph. I was going to be running for about an hour before class. No sprints but a nice easy run. I got in 4 miles then dropped it down to walk for a few before bumping it back up. At one point I did go up to 6mph but I didnt want to fatigue myself too much before RPM. All in all, I stopped at 5 miles in.

Then we had RPM. By then my legs were pretty sore. But I pushed thru. I will admit I took it a little easier on the mountains than I normally do though. And during one of the songs Eric kept saying "squeeze your core" and I kept doing it. So much so I actually got a cramp in my ab. LOL. Thankfully it was the end of the song when it happened so I had a quick reprieve.

So last night at the gym I burned 1200 calories. Funny how a couple times now it has been right on and an even number.

This morning I weighed in at 158.0. Another pound gone and only 4 lbs til goal!!

And the best part?? I am wearing my size 6 jeans as I type. And they arent tight or do they have a lot of muffin top. Maybe I can get a picture of me in them later.

Today is more gym. Running and Zumba. I did message the gals to see if any of them want to go to Red Brick again tonight. I am torn if we do on what to order. They have a portebello mushroom burger or I could get the black bean burger again. Not sure which would be less in calories.

Well thats the news thus far today. Tomorrow I am actually going to go to the gym for RPM. Eric is filling in for a spinning class which means he can do whatever type of music he wants to do! Which means we are in for a KILLER class!! So if I dont post right away tomorrow, thats why!

Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. Definitely a difference. Your "tone" is changing. You are firming up! All your hard work is paying off - be encouraged - You are most def doing the right thing :)

  2. Great job! Can def. tell a difference!

  3. Yep, that's definitely an apple bottom! Nice! Lifting your bum probably changes how your thighs look as well. Phenomenal!

    1. bottom. Never thought I would have one of those. But I like it!

  4. I definitely see a difference in your muscle toning. SERIOUSLY awesome!

  5. Oh my God, you took pictures FROM THE FUTURE!!!!! haha just poking a bit of fun at the "march 2013" pics.

    You look great and hopefully you feel as great as you look.

    1. You didnt know that I was that talented to take pictures from the future did you?? And yes. I feel great!!