Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No More Teasing....It's Time!!

Ok, ok, ok. No more teasing. This is it.

This post is where I am putting my current pictures.

But first- a recap.

I got 5.5 miles on the treadmill before working the lower body with Eric.We did squats, leg presses, jumping lunges with a medicine ball, squats while throwing the medicine ball up....all sorts of things using the medicine ball. Eric had me laughing so hard at one point where I was sort of doing a mason twist but instead of going side to side, I was throwing the medicine ball up into the air, that I pulled my ab muscle. LOL.

After we worked out, I hit the treadmill again to work out my leg muscles. Another 1.5 miles.

If you are doing the math, that is 7.0 miles. Tonight. Not to mention the lower body workout I did too. Yup. I'm a beast. LOL. I ended up burning 1205 calories.

And I think that means I am going to try to run 10 miles this Saturday. Why? Because I can. And then I have Sunday to let my legs recover.

Ok. Onto my pictures. I took them when I got home from the gym so I am sorry for the poor lighting.

My husband was goofing around and asked me to kiss my arm. So I did but what do I see when I look at the picture??? It looks like the START of a 2 pack abs!! Ohhh baby! Do my eyes deceive me?? What do you think??

Also it looks like my belly button is higher in the first set? Maybe not higher but tighter around it.

I cannot WAIT to see next months pictures THOUGH I know that with Eric's baby coming any day I may not have the results like I have in the past couple months. I plan on working out on my own though until he comes back.

This morning I weighed 158.5. Last night when I took the pictures after the gym I weighed 159 which is why I wrote the weight as that. I am very happy I am only .5 lbs away from my low. Hopefully I can surpass it by the end of the week.

And tonight K is coming over and making us dinner. Vegetarian Cacciatore. Yummy! She will be adding chicken to Aarons. LOL. Then I am going to either run at K's or do the elliptical. My legs are VERY sore today so in order to combat the lactic acid build up, I plan on running to keep them stretched out. My goal is to do 6 miles then walk another mile for a total of 7.

So here is the meal plan for the day:
Breakfast- modified ab juice. Its official. I am out of lemons AND limes. So this is what I did instead. Spinach, kale, broccoli, a small handful of baby carrots and a granny smith apple. Blend and you can strain it if you want (I did). I have found with my mostly veggie drinks that I prefer the work of straining them and getting a juice feel rather than chewing the pulp. If it was mostly fruit it would be a different story. English Muffin with PB, and a hard boiled egg

Lunch- celery, scallions, hummus with hot sauce, pretzels and almonds

Dinner- vegetarian cacciatore.

Snack- maybe a cheese stick after I run. Not sure yet.

So thats the big news. The big reveal. Hope you enjoyed and that it motivates you. Are you taking pictures of yourself and your transformation? I highly recommend it! Amazing to think that I have changed that much in just TWO months!!

Tip of the Day: I apologize if I did this one already. I find them and use them on both my blog and on my FB page and sometimes I forget if I used them here or not.


  1. Killer workouts! I love your progress photos. You are AMAZING! Look at your guns. I wish I had more toned arms. Ugh wishing isn't going to make it so. I gotta go work for them :P

    1. Thanks girl!! Still a work in progress but I still have 5 months until summer!

  2. I can definitely see the definition in your abs in the last picture but i can't see the other pictures very well because your widgets are overlapping them. :(

    1. You can click on the pictures to individually pull them up. I knew the widgets would overlap but wanted them big.

  3. Wow! What a transformation!! You have been doing killer workouts, and it shows!!