Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

So lately I have been trying to write a bit of my blog ahead of time and finish it up the day it goes live adding in my exercise, food, weight etc. It helps so I can get my thoughts straight and write, review, edit as necessary.

Well yesterday (today as I am writing this), I sat here trying to figure out what to write about. I was frustrated with our payroll because the money was taken out of my husbands work account and not yet deposited into our personal WHICH puts me a week behind in bill pay. So I was stressed. It was supposed to be direct deposited. Comerica told me that because both accounts (work and personal) were thru them that it would show same day. So imagine my freaking when the money was taken out last week and no sign of it today!! Then to top it off, Apricot has been missing for a week with no spottings of him anywhere.

Well God works in mysterious ways sometimes.

I called the payroll place. The money will be in there tomorrow. I was nervous because it is a new checking account and it is the first time we are direct depositing into this. So a big whew there.

Then all of a sudden I look up and Apricot is at our door! Seriously! A funny thing is that the other neighborhood cat, Skittles, was with him too (who is an outside only cat). I had contacted Skittles owner the other day and asked if she had seen Skittles because Apricot AND Penni's cat was missing...and she had seen him yesterday. She said she wished she could ask him where Apricot was. I just thought it was cute. Sort of like Skittles saying "hey I found him for you- here you go!".

Apricot was unharmed, warm, dry and a little hungry and thirsty. He has not lost weight or looks any different. His collar was still on. Yesterday I posted on our subdivision board that I was looking thru peoples backyards so if they saw me to not be alarmed. We have such a great neighborhood!

Now I dont know where he was, and I am not going to assume, but I wonder if a child or someone had him. He smells very smokey and not outdoorsy. I wonder if someone opened a door to go out and he escaped.  Or if he got trapped in someones garage. Poor Apricot kept meowing like he was trying to tell his story. I wish I could understand him.

I am just thankful that whether or not someone had him that he a. escaped or was released, b. was taken care of c. wasnt hurt and d. CAME HOME!

Penni's cat is still missing. Maybe we should send Skittles after her too. LOL. (Edited: Penni's cat came home last night. Maybe there was a cat convention somewhere LOL)

So now the worry can cease and I can get on with the day. Apricot is sleeping, I can pay bills tomorrow (today when this goes live), and the world will continue on.

Life is good.

Now to continue on with what I did for exercise yesterday...

I got to the gym and Ambreen was there to meet me. She gave me a vegan breakfast bar she made and some hawaiian chickpea teriyaki on couscous to try. Um...yum!

After she left (she had just finished her class) I jumped on the treadmill. I bumped my speed up to 6.0 and ran that for 1.6 miles then bumped my speed up to 6.5 to finish 2 miles out. Then because I was working legs, I took my speed down to 4.4 mph and finished another 1.75 miles before stopping to work with Eric.

Eric, Eric, Eric... We started with the leg press. Light weight...then he took me to the treadmill. Said he wanted to work on stamina. And he set that sucker to a speed of 8.5 mph and had me run that for 45 seconds. Who knew 45 seconds could be so long? Then we repeated that circuit adding weight, then back to the treadmill. Yeah. This time he took it to 10mph!! OMG I about died. For the third time on the leg press he added even more weight. When I was done he told me I had just pressed over 300 lbs! AHHH and OMG! Then back to the damn treadmill. He took pity on me and had me do 45 seconds at I "think" either 8.5 or 9.5mph. Not sure which. Shit, Shit, Shit.

Then it was time to relocate. I did squats alternating in the circuit with jump squats. Last round in the circuit I did 225 lb squats 4 times!!

Then it was onto deadlifts and fast mountainclimbers. I have no idea how much weight I deadlifted but I felt like I was the dead one. LOL.

Afterwards I walked on the treadmill for another 2 miles to stretch the legs out. Calories burned at the gym: 1000

When I got home it was just in time for Biggest Loser. My 13 goals group does a Biggest Loser Challenge during commercial breaks and because I was the one to make it up this week, well it meant I had to do it.

So first commercial break was a 1 minute forearm plank
Second commercial break was 25 SLOW mountainclimbers (each side)
Third commercial break was a 1 minute side plank
Fourth commercial break was a 1 minute side plank (other side)

If you could hold it longer than a minute, well then bonus for you. By that time for me a minute was all I could do.

This morning I woke up and was back down to 160.0. Nice!

So here is my plan of attack for today:
Breakfast: AB juice, english muffin with PB, hard boiled egg
Lunch: Hawaiian chickpea teriyaki, scallions, hummus w/ hot sauce
Dinner: Celery, a cheese stick and some hummus

Snacks: Almonds, pretzels

Workout will be my elliptical. I plan on running for an hour on my fat burning mode. Then I will probably do some more core work using my balancing ball. Oh and my shoulder exercises. Tomorrow is upper body with Eric so I want to make sure I work the shoulders tonight.

Landry got up this morning at 5am and puked so I am keeping him home today from school. So it will be a low key day for us otherwise. Luckily he made it to the bathroom and it was mostly phlegm but he went back to bed and slept where normally he would have stayed awake and played. SO because it is just preschool, I am keeping him out. If he has the flu bug I would rather not spread it.

Thats the news for now. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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  1. SO glad you found Apricot! They were probably just "hanging out." ;) Smokey, you say? He must've taken her out for drinks first!