Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Err is Human

Ok so I had a bit of a setback yesterday.

Breakfast and Lunch went fine. Dinner was going fine. BUT then we had Jets breadsticks. Those things are like Kryptonite for me. Ugh. I had two small ones and then one more that was slightly bigger. I did eat a lot of salad. And fresh green beans.

Then dessert came out. Cheesecake. OMG... I had a very small sliver.

We had some family things to take care of last night so we didnt end up getting home until just before 9 so I never did get to run last night. BUT the family stuff went VERY well and I am VERY optimistic for the first time in a LONG TIME! So I will take the weight gain.

This morning I weighed in at 158.0. 3 lb gain. I know it is water. I know it was stress. And I know it was those damn breadsticks.

AND I KNOW it is also lactic acid built up in my legs and in my ass. I am SO SORE today it isnt funny. Usually my Tuesday night run helps with everything but because I didnt get it in, I am extra sore and bloated today.

Nonetheless, tonight I will work it all out at the gym.

Tonight will be a later than normal night for me and it will be mixed up a bit.

I have my eye appt, then the gym. I have a feeling I will be getting to the gym just before my appt time with Eric at 7 which means I will have to do my running afterwards instead of before (woah run on sentence anyone?). Thats ok. Tonight is upper body and core. So however long I have before my appt time with Eric, I will do some sprint work to warm up the legs. And then I will just have to run afterwards. Maybe work on some intervals. Not sure yet.

Here is my meals for the day- back on track and no deviating!
Breakfast- Ab juice with pomegranates added in, English Muffin with PB, hard boiled egg
Lunch- scallions, hummus, celery, and I am still deciding about an apple with PB. We will see how hungry I am
Dinner post workout- a clementine and a cheese stick

Snacks will be some wasabi edemame, coconut water, cashews or almonds, and maybe some pretzels. Dunno yet.

Thats my news for now. I am one happy lady today. Now to make some phone calls and make what I need to do- happen!

Oh...and an update on Tina and Mike... Please keep them in your prayers. Yesterday they found out that he has congestive heart failure. The left side of his heart is barely functioning. They are talking pacemaker, lifetime meds or both. From what I am hearing online, it sounds like it is a family history genetic thing. They are also saying lifetime disability and he wont be able to lift anything over 10 lbs or strenuous exercise. All this IF he pulls thru. So please, keep praying. I am typing this Eric messaged me... His son was born this morning. All is well. Looks like I am on my own at the gym tonight. :) So no rushing for me. Now I just need to find out who is subbing RPM tomorrow. And as excited as I am for him, I am nervous about being on my own for upper body tonight. Lower body is fine but upper body is completely different. I need to make sure I concentrate on back and biceps and core.


Tip of the Day: Something a little light hearted with all the good karma out there...


  1. Your food sounds super yummy. Sweets are my kryptonite

    Good luck with everything. Hugs make me feel better .

  2. OMG - yesterday I went off track too! How weird is that?

  3. Great positive attitude. Usually when I have a gain, I sulk, but you're ready to hit the gym! Go girl.

  4. Congratulations to Eric! I was just about to ask about him in the comments when you mentioned the baby! And you'll be fine in the gym!