Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stomach Bug


Sorry if I have used this photo lately.
I am still recovering from yesterday and just dont feel 100% yet.

So yesterday was Aarons meeting and that morning he was saying how he wasnt feeling well...

I thought it was just nerves.

Then I started to not feel well.


And I thought it was just MY nerves...

Well (Sorry Drazil-skip this part) I ended up heaving my cookies at different times throughout the day. It was weird. I FELT fine and then suddenly I would have to run and pray to the porcelain God.

I ended up canceling my training session last night with Eric. I am still trying to figure out how he trained while having the flu. He taught a class...went and hurled...taught a class...went and hurled...well you get the idea. He said he did a LOT of breathing and swallowing (uh gross!!).


I ended up skipping dinner last night. Aaron did too. While I was throwing up, his stomach had really bad cramps and was on the floor in pain.

Eric had said this sounds like what he had. Another neighbor was saying that it sounds like the stomach flu SHE has (which has been going on for a WEEK now!) and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Putting the kids to bed couldnt come soon enough. Finally by 7 they were in bed and I was too.

Now after 11 hours of sleep, I feel SO much better. I have a slight headache (probably from the throwing up and non eating) which I took some meds for but my stomach feels normal. And Aaron feels normal again too. We are wondering if it was food poisoning. I just thank goodness that it wasnt the stomach flu or if it was, that it came and went quickly. Either way I feel really bad because when I get sick like that I tend to associate sickness with the last food that I ate. And the last food I ate before getting sick was K's cacciatore. Ugh. So sorry K! But the smell even puts me off.

I did weigh myself this morning. 157.0. Not really too excited because I will probably gain it back because it was from non eating and being sick.

Today my plan is to take another rest day as far as exercise is concerned.

For breakfast I am having a piece of string cheese and a smidge of coffee.

If that stays down then I might have a little bit of oatmeal.

Then I might have an apple with some peanut butter.

And I think that is going to be it for today. Unless I suddenly turn ravenous. Then we will have to see. The plan is just to have little meals here or there throughout the day.

Still debating about the gym tonight. If I go in I will walk on the treadmill and do a lighter than normal RPM just to flush my legs. I messaged Eric to ask him what he thinks. My legs are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY achy today from all my running so part of me thinks going to stretch them out tonight would be good.

Tomorrow I am hoping to be back at the gym for Zumba full force. I also messaged Eric about doing our missed upper body tomorrow night after Zumba. We will see what he says.

Have a great Thursday everyone! And dont get sick!!

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  1. Yikes! I had the stomach flu in college and it was NOT fun. I think I was on bed rest for more than a week because my body was completely zapped. How your trainer taught through that is beyond me!

    Hope you and Aaron feeling better!

    1. Luckily we are back to normal today. We are feeling much better. Thanks!

  2. Alright - that's it. I'm boycotting you for a day for saying the word heaving. LOL Geez girl - that sucks. Take care of you! xoxo

    1. HA! At least I get some credit for the shout out warning to you!! LOL