Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Holy Cow!!

First... I LOVED this picture of Marilyn so I thought I would share.


Yesterday was a ROCKIN day!

First on the list was 100 burpees. Holy Cow! Not only regular burpees, but 100 pushup burpees.

I did them in 21:40 and burned 180 calories.

As the day went on, I got more and more sore.

I was starting to get worried that the power wasnt going to be on at the gym in time. Finally Eric messaged me about 4 telling me the power was back on! Woo hoo! At that point I was like a kid waiting for Christmas day.

I ended up going in last night early. And because of that, I decided to do Body Pump class before RPM because I missed so much weight lifting this week.

First was the treadmill. I was able to run most of my 2 miles at 7.0mph!! Not kidding! I started off my speed at 6.7 mph then thought...this was so easy that I should bump this up to 7.0. About a minute after that I am thinking "what the hell did I just do?" but I kept going. I was listening to my new Zumba music that just came in the mail. It is really good music so I am trying to memorize it so I can learn the routines.

Then I bumped my speed up to 8.0. I ran that for a minute or so then bumped it back down. I went back and forth like that for a bit to finish up the 2 miles. And I got a new PR. 2 miles in 16:51! I am under 17 min!

I stopped the treadmill and went to take a picture to show you guys, but the gal on the treadmill next to me stopped me and told me that she noticed I have lost a "shit load of weight". LOL. She is in my RPM class. It is so nice of her to notice and to say something! I told her about how I was 268 lbs back in 2010 and her eyes about bugged out of her head. LOL.

She is newer to the gym and joined in the fall so she saw me at my heaviest this past year in the 180's.

So then we carried on and finished our treadmill time before class. I got another mile in playing with the speed between 4.5-4.0 and an incline of 5.0.

Then came pump. I forgot how hard this class was and how little weight you have to use to start burning bad.

And I noticed that when I started RPM, my heartrate went up to max rate MUCH easier than if I had just run before hand. So depending on what Eric and I do, I may start doing Pump then RPM on Thursdays.

RPM was awesome, sickening, angering...all at the same time. Normally class is only 45 minutes because of the time it takes to set up the bikes. WELL Eric decided that because we missed class on Tuesday that we would do an hour class today to make up for it. RPM is the last class of the day there so it doesnt matter if we run over on time.


Well I was pushing it...hard.

And he was doing 2 interval songs, 2 mixed terrain, mountain track...etc. Then we did my favorite song "push the tempo". It is a HARD song and after already doing 45 minutes of music we were spent. It is a fast song and your legs have to FLY. We finished. Then guess what song came on next? Push the Fricken Tempo! Eric had us repeat this song again. OMG. This song is 6 minutes and we did it TWICE!

Unbelievable. But awesome all at the same time. And I was about ready to kill him. From the burpees this morning, then the running, then Pump my legs were toast. AND I pulled a fricken ab muscle during one of the songs too.

It took forever for my heartrate to go back down.

So at the gym last night in 3 hours I burned 1669 calories. Yup. Thats right.
In total I burned 1849 calories yesterday.
 So then I came home and ate. LOL. I had my cheesestick, clementine, red peppers and hummus, pretzels and maybe a couple cookies. LOL

This morning I woke up weighing 153.0!! 1lb below goal weight and a 3.5 lb loss from yesterday!!

Today I am going to work on Zumba routines some more. I want to run thru the playlist that I made yesterday. Then tonight is running, and then Zumba class and then another hour or so of Zumba practice for Maggie and I. So it will be another max burn day.

Tomorrow is my first Zumba class that I will be teaching with Maggie. We are excited...well I am excited. Maggie is nervous. LOL. I have done the teach thing before a couple times but this will be her very first time. So wish us luck. I will have to be out of the house about 9am so I am unsure if I will be able to post again before I go. But I will try to do a recap on Sunday. After class tomorrow, I head to see my sister...smelliness and all. So I will be sure to pack some food to take with me. I think I am doing an up and back in the same day but I am not sure.

So that is what is going on with me.
What do you have going on this weekend?

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  1. YOU ARE KICKING ASS! Ain't no other words to say!!!!

  2. OMG - tired as fuck. I love that! And I love that pic of Marilyn!