Saturday, March 16, 2013

5k recap

Good Saturday to you all! I wanted to recap my 5k from yesterday.

First thing...all the pictures you are going to see were taken by K with the exception of the one where she is in the picture with us.


It was cold, rainy/snowy.

But it was a BEAUTIFUL route and perfect for the soul. And the rain though cold, was a great cleanser. It felt like you were washing it all away.

This picture is me and a couple of my neighbors. It was so cold!!

The race was starting late because everyone had to come and get their swag. The swag was AWESOME!

We each got a t-shirt, a necklace glow stick which I am wearing, some green mardi gras type beads and THEN your choice of either a glass or a mug. I chose the glass and it is a taller one which is great.

Another thing we were told was that this years race was SO successful with over 500 participants, that they are going to do the race every year on the 15th. It doesnt matter what day it falls on. Awesome! And they will still give to the charities every year.

The people who created this race are *I think* the track coaches in Dexter. They were in the tornado and took shelter in a closet because they dont have a basement. When they opened the closet after the tornado, the closet was the only thing that remained standing of their house.  

So this was something obviously near and dear to their hearts.

Finally we got started and took off.

And damn it if my tutu didnt start falling off.

I didnt think to check it to make sure it fit but apparently I must have lost more weight from the last time I wore it.

So that meant having to hang onto it the whole time.

Then my glow stick necklace popped off.


So I had to hang onto that too.


As I was about half way thru, I could tell that my shoe was loosening up and so when I came to a picnic bench I stopped to tighten my shoe. I shoved my phone down my shirt because I didnt want to set it down on the wet bench and tried to tie my shoe with numb fingers. It probably took 30 seconds or so.

Then I was off again. My lungs were on fire because of how cold it was.

When I came around the bend I pushed a bit harder because I was trying really hard to get a PR.  Hence the I AM DYING look on my face.

I finished strong and had to walk into the parking lot because I thought I was gonna heave. The water was inside the community center so I had to wait for a few for my lungs to calm down before heading for some water.

Then I walked back along the course to fine my one neighbor who was walking the route and we finished together. I let her cross the finish line and I went and got her some water and checked my time.

I finished in 28:46 which is one second SLOWER than my PR. Damn it.

If I hadnt stopped to tighten my shoe I would have crushed my record.

Ah well. Always the next 5k.

From there we went to Red Brick for dinner.

I had two glasses of wine, some onion rings, a black bean burger and a side salad.

I was STUFFED and did not have my casein shake last night.

In fact, basically as soon as I sat down on the couch after getting home, I fell asleep.


Aaron had to drag me up to bed.

This morning I woke up weighing 156.5. A one pound gain but lets say, since then I lost the one pound and probably some more. ROFL. So I am not worried about that.

Today I have to teach my Zumba class but awoke to snow on the ground.

So I am going to have to leave early and go in and take it slow.

Then tonight I am going to do P90X back and biceps. My shoulders are a bit sore but arms are not.

Food for the day is going to be my basic food I have everyday.

Breakfast: oatmeal with applesauce and blueberries, 3 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: scallions, hummus, celery, roast beef, 2 hard boiled eggs

Dinner: string cheese, clementine, roast beef

Snack: casein shake

That is the news for the day. I need to run to shower and get ready to head out for class. Wouldnt you know that Monday is supposed to be snowy too and I have my first Monday class that night. UGH! When is spring gonna get here?

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  1. You would have had an AWESOME race if everything that could go wrong didn't go wrong! I double-tie my shoes and I can't run in any kind of costume. Too much chafing! LOL

    I'm glad that you all had a great time!