Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

Lets see...

Where did I leave off last week?

Zumba was Friday night. I did some squats and leg work before that which felt awesome. I ended up burning only 569 calories the entire time at the gym which meant that I must have been dogging it during Zumba but it really didnt feel that way.

That night I imbibed in some alcohol...ok...maybe three. And I had some hot wings. I thought the damage was done but in the morning I had only gained a half pound to 159.5. I thought that was good and I was fine with it.

Saturday I taught Zumba. I had two people. One was a regular and the other a brand new drop in person to the gym who had never taken a Zumba class before in her life. So we went a bit slower and did some different songs to mix it up for my regular too. Before class I ran a mile on the treadmill as well for a warm up. While I was there, I burned 719 calories.

That night I went with K and saw Oz. I didnt get popcorn or pop. Instead I packed a baggie with pretzels, almonds, a few semi sweet chocolate chips and some cocoa nibs. K bought me a water.

The movie was awesome. Tornado scene a bit close to home but all in all a great movie but something you should NOT take the kids to.

Then I was off to the bowling alley for a birthday party for one of my RPM peeps. She is turning 29 and wanted to celebrate her last year being in her 20's. I didnt bowl but I did great. I stuck with water and didnt touch the pizza they ordered. Quite a few people got smashed. I dont know how they were gonna work out the next day. LOL. When I got home about 1am I had some of my left over wings. It had been a while since I had anything and I wanted to stick with protein.

Sunday I woke up actually having lost a half pound. Down to 159.0.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I was busy back and forth visiting my grandma in the nursing home and then my aunt and didnt get home til dinner time. She isnt doing well (my grandma) and so I want to try to spend more time with her. Wearing on me with a drive one way of almost an hour, but I am trying to bump up the visitations.

I think it only fair to support my parents and aunts and uncles as they are preparing to lose their last surviving parent. I would want the same if it were my mom laying in that bed.

Here is my question to you...and it is sort of eating at me.

I messaged my cousin and my other cousins wife on FB. Same conversation, both together. Stating that grandma isnt doing well. 2 weeks was a significant difference. She cant talk because she has a form of Parkinsons so her body is literally freezing into a mummy like state. Because of this, conversation and visiting is VERY hard unless you have someone to chat with and she can listen in. I asked them to please start to visit her once a week with their parent (who visits every weekday except thursday) or to take my cell and if need be I will come down as well. They live in the same town as her nursing home. I live an hour away. They havent been AT ALL to see her. I know it is hard. I know they are busy...hell we all are busy...but I wanted to let them know that she is sliding fast and I dont want them to have regrets of not seeing her.


My cousins wife (and her husband (my cousin)who is NOT on FB) live in my grandmas house (just as a sidenote)

And today when I checked to see who read the conversation, it said she (cousins wife) "left the conversation". No acknowledgement or anything. No...I will talk to your cousin. Nada.

Is that rude? Selfish? Or am I reading too much into it?

I am only asking for 30 min to an hour one day a week to just go in and talk. It really pisses me off.

I dont know her very well. They dont come to a ton of family things...not that we have a ton of family things. I just think that you read a long pleading letter, you at least say yes...I will talk with so and so. I mean, it is her father in law that visits 4 days a week. How hard is it to go with him one night when you live in the same town?


Anyways...Enough. Let me know what you think. As you can maybe tell, I am fired up about it.

So today.

Woke up to 159.5. I am fine with it because yesterday was a rest day.
Tonight is Zumba class. I wonder how many people I will get.

Then I head to Powerhouse for legs with Eric. Yummy. Favorite body part because it needs the most work.

OHHHHH And on Friday I signed up with ISSA for my personal trainer certification.

This is no joke people.

The book they are sending me is 700 pages but I could start working online for it immediately.

The first chapter is all about metabolism and how the body uses triphosphate and uses it into diphosphate during exercise and how it has to be brought back up to a tri phosphate. No joke. Chemistry and biology.

I made it thru that unit and took the practice quiz and passed with 7 out of 8- which I think the one I got wrong was a misleading question.

Now I am onto unit 2 which is basic cell makeup leading into organelles and systems etc.

This is not easy people.

Eric said that this is why a basic meat head cant be a trainer. LOL.

Once I get past the first 2-3 units, it should get more interesting. There are 33 units. Right now, I am on unit 2. This course takes people 10-12 weeks to pass IF you can study about an hour a day. I am hoping that by the end of next week, I can be into unit 15. The boys will be with grandpa up north and I will be helping my mom while she lays in bed recovering from foot surgery. I should have LOTS of time to study.

I know there is no rush, but it would be nice to do it and get it done. Then I can go back and really concentrate on the meat of the book and what I REALLY need to know. I still need to get certified in CPR as well before I can take my final test.That isnt a problem. My brother in law can teach me because he is licensed. Makes it easier.

Ok I *think* that is all the news for now. I will be on and off this week because of the need to keep studying so just bear with me for a while. I should hopefully be able to still write quick blog entries in the morning but I have been trying to study when the boys are still sleeping too.

Have a great Monday everyone!

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  1. As someone who lost their Dad a year ago, and watched his health detoriate for a least two years beforehand. I found that there are people who 'step up' and those who 'step-back' when someone is sick or terminal. It was beyond frustrating and at times infuriating to know that Dad would have loved to have more company stop in just for a short visit regardless if they were family or friend.
    You spoke your peace, my advice is to hold your tongue (as hard as that is) and just know that your visits brighten your Grandmothers days and the rest just doesn't matter. Focus your energy on her and the memories you'll have knowing you 'stepped-up'. There are just some people who are innately selfish even when it wouldn't inconvenience them to do so, and my siblings were those who never 'stepped-up', I'll never forgive them for their selfishness, knowing I couldn't change them if I tried.
    Best of luck to you keepin the main thing the main thing, and that's your visits with your grandma.