Thursday, February 28, 2013

BAH...Thats all I have to say...

Well yesterday started off as a good day.

I called the snow day.

No biggie. I had to watch the neighbor kids for a bit while the parents went to a meeting...

Again no biggie. The kids like playing together.

While they played, I worked on new Zumba routines. Got a great start to the day and burned 502 calories.

That evening I was SUPPOSED to go to the gym to workout.


Fricken gym never got power back on.


And so we went to our delayed Red Robin trip.

I did really good.

Garden burger with no sauce, no cheese, but with tomato, onion, pickles on lettuce bun. They arent kidding about a lettuce bun either. Think a head of iceburg lettuce with the outside curved 1/4 cut off each end. It was pretty awesome and I think I will do that instead of buns when I have burgers. The garden burger had enough flavor to it that it didnt need ketchup or any type of condiments.

As my side, I had steamed broccoli. I did add a shake of their flavored salt to it. Yummy. And I admit, I had 4 fries. Gasp...I know! LOL. And I did have about half a milkshake.

I did take all that into account for my calories for the day. I should have been under and lost some weight.


Today I weighed 156.5. No biggie. I think part of it is because my legs are SO SORE!

Anyways... so after Red Robin I figured that with the gym still being closed I would come home and work on Zumba stuff again to burn more calories.

Nope. Again.

Aarons grandma doesnt have power at her house from the storm SO she and Aarons mom stayed here. His mom works early in the morning at the hospital so no working out for me. Damn it. Had to get the mattress inflated in the living room for her. Oh well...

And now it is 5:37 am and the kids dont have school AGAIN. No power to 4 of 6 buildings. And the gym STILL doesnt have power so no morning workout with Eric for me. Boo hoo!

Why is it the week I bump up to three sessions, two of them get canceled? WTF???

BUT here is the homework Eric gave me...

Wait for it...

You are gonna love this!

100 burpees

Yeah. I said that right. 100 F-ing burpees.

He said time myself and make every one perfect. A full squat down, jump back to plank, hold 2 seconds keeping abs tight, one full pushup, then hop back to your feet and perform a squat and jump as high as you can.

He said if form starts to lack, take a breather and hydrate but keep the clock going. Not done til I get to 100.

And dont you worry my friends. I will be wearing my HRM while I do this. I will be VERY curious 1. how long it takes to do 100 of these and 2. How many calories I burn

HOPEFULLY the gym will have power back by tonight so I can actually run and do RPM.

Stay tuned! This power outage is KILLING me...between the gym and no school. Talk about putting a kink in your schedule!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tip of the Day: If you have any of these symptoms, please check with a doctor.


  1. Hope things fall into place for you today!! Make it a good one anyway.

  2. I hope the power gets back on at the gym for you so you can get back to routine. I know how a little change in schedule drives me up the wall! Stay focused :) You are amazing!