Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh Holy...

Oh Holy Shitballz Batman! Wait...did that just sound like Drazil? LOL.

So yesterday I switched up my diet. I ate that awesome pancake thing for 9am I was starving. As in...I am gonna eat my arm off, I feel like I havent eaten in a year...starving. WTF! Next time that happens, instead of sticking it out (like I did) I am gonna have a hard boiled egg or something.

For lunch I had 2 hard boiled eggs, 2 pieces of roast beef, two stalks of celery, 3 scallions, half a can of tuna and hummus.

Snack was some raw mini cookies I had. I call them cookies very loosely. I got them at Plum Market and they are 100% organic. The ingredients are Organic coconut, sprouted organic sesame seeds,  organic dates, and organic cacao. They were not baked but instead dried so the "cookies" retain their nutrition.

But again, I was hungry by dinner.

Dinner was the other half of the can of tuna, cheesestick and a clementine, some pretzels and hummus.

Exercise was 90X back and biceps. Dont worry. I cleared it with Eric first. Tonight he said I could lift heavy for 45 minutes my back and biceps and tomorrow we would work chest and triceps. For that I am grateful that I have P90X. I dont have to worry about what exercises to do. I just put in the dvd and push play. I did cut the dvd short by just a couple minutes. Eric said no longer than 45 minutes so that is what I did including warmup stretching and cool down. And I did not do ab ripper. We did some abs Tuesday...well we held my core and it feels like I worked my abs Tuesday.

I told ya I was gonna be switching stuff up with my diet and exercise. OMG.

Aaron didnt get to leave Ohio until almost 6. It is a 4 hour ride back so I wanted to get my exercise in and then watch the new season start of Haunted Collector.

Landry was just a tired mess so he went to bed early. Xavier I let stay up a bit and play Angry Birds on my phone because he has been so good. Since when did my kids have a roll reversal? Xavier is usually my sassy pants but he has been sweet as sugar! I will take it. He has been a great helper for me!

Then before bed (while I was watching Haunted Collector) I had another Casein Protein Shake. The Casein gives the body food to fuel itself and repair the muscles all night long while you sleep which is why you want to drink it before bed. It also is supposed to help promote fat loss and not muscle loss which can happen as the body uses its reserves while you sleep. And using the muscle as I sleep when I am trying so hard to build muscle is NOT what I want.

This morning I weighed in at 154.0! Funny how I eat almost double the calories and I lose a pound.

Today I have personal training with Eric and then RPM. Normally we have been training in the AM then I head back in the evening to do RPM. Eric had a dr appt this morning so he asked if I would mind switching to the evening. No biggie.

SO... I will be doing a quick high cardio run this evening before working with Eric. Then I will be doing chest and triceps and core. Then RPM. Woo hoo!

Meals will be as follows:
Breakfast- 3 hard boiled eggs, english muffin with PB, wheatgrass and coffee
Lunch- 1/2 can tuna, celery, scallions, 2 hard boiled eggs and hummus and a couple pieces of roast beef
Snack before workout- wheatgrass, Larabar
Dinner post workout- string cheese, tuna, clementine
Snack before bed- Casein shake

Oh and yesterday I posted new stomach pictures of myself on my FB page. I want to share them with you.

I think it is going well. I wish I would have been taking pictures the whole time but if you look at my "current pictures" you will notice that as I loose more weight the vertical line running thru my belly button becomes more prominent. But when I took the picture, I pulled my pants as low as I could without getting vulgar and pulled all the excess skin out. So what you see is all that I have left. If you look at the front shot my stomach hangs over my waist of my pants by what? a 1/2"? 3/4"? Not much. I can tell you that. So I am still holding out hope to get the pooch gone.

Ok so thats the news for this Thursday!
Have a great day!

Tip of the Day: You think you are making a decision when you order oatmeal...


  1. You totally sounded like and below my belly button looked like yours before my TT. Didn't matter how skinny I got. I know that's not what you want to hear my friend. I hope your workouts work for you. You deserve the flattest belly evah! xoxo