Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sigh. I HAVE to do it....

This is going to be down and dirty and quick. Hmmm...that could be bad taken out of context.


I did my new progress pictures...

And I will post them. Just hang onto your shorts.

I did two different sets. One is every other month since I started working with Eric. The other is from March 1st til 28 days.

And in the March photos you can see that my weight went UP but that my size went DOWN. Because of this, Eric told me today to throw away my scale.

To STOP weighing myself.
Sigh. I am gonna have to do it. It is obvious that I am making progress and as long as I dont fuck up and keep doing what I am doing, the number on the scale doesnt matter. I'm gonna be increasing in weight because of muscle.

Its so hard! It is like breaking up with a boyfriend of 3 years. You know the relationship isnt going anywhere but you are scared of being without someone. UGH.

So anyways...yup. Bye bye scale. Today is the last weigh in number you will see. 158.5.

Yesterday was a rest day for me and I still managed to lose a pound.

This morning I walked 1.5 miles and then did legs with Eric. And we did one of my favorite moves. The leg press. Last time we did leg press with serious weight was when I did 400 lbs 6 times. Today I did 400 lbs 12 times. And not only that, I did 2 sets of 12 at 400 lbs. Talk about progress right?

Tonight is RPM. Before that will be shoulders.

Ok enough is enough.

Picture time and then I am off to study while the house is quiet.

Now for the really impressive pictures from March 1st til today. This gives me a great idea of how I am doing because I am wearing the same "too small" swimsuit.

Love this side shot. Eric noticed how well my quads are doing. See the size difference???
And as you can tell, weight doesnt play a factor when toning. The scale went up 5.5 lbs but obviously I got smaller and tighter. I had no idea how much until I looked at the photos side by side.

Ok so that is it for today. Hope you enjoy. Not sure if I will be on here much for a little while. I will be taking care of my mom next week and helping her out as she recovers from surgery so I doubt I will have a chance to blog. Never fear though. I will be back!! You can always reach me by my email!!

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  1. What I love the most is the difference in the sides (obliques I think??) WOW - you lucky little turd - you have NO muffin top! Pretty impressive - all of it and you have earned every single muscle. So proud of you!

  2. Awesome job! Awesome!