Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Devil is in the Snacking

Life is a bumpy road sometimes. You have your up days and you have your down days.

And whoever said that this road was gonna be easy is a straight up liar.

But that being said...

If you take things a day at a time the journey turns manageable. The great thing is, if you have an off day, you can hit the reset button and start over the next day.

I was doing great yesterday until last night.

My eating was spot on. WAY better than Sunday.

The gym was fantastic. I did 2 miles on the treadmill at a slower pace. I started at 6.0 then bumped to 6.5 and then to 7.0 for the last .25 miles.

Then I went over and foam rolled my legs until Eric came for me. My leg was feeling much better and no longer had the pull in it. Thank goodness for healing touch and heat! 

Yesterday was upper body so we did some pull downs, some funky bicep pulls and then the chin up bar. Fuck. I cant even hold my body weight up on that damn thing. For the first time since working with Eric I started to get frustrated. I would jump up and I couldnt even hardly resist when I came back down. Ugh. We repeated that circuit three times. 

Then we went to the big bar and did bent over rows. No idea how much weight I used but Eric told me when we work back to bring my straps in. Damn. They were in my car. Oh well.

After rows we did bicep curls and for the first round I stood straight up. Second and third time in the circuit he had me with my back against a wall...not into a wall squat but feet just out enough that I could still get full range of motion. This made the curls MUCH more difficult. Concentrating on keeping your back against the wall is very hard to do.

From there he tried to have me do a balance exercise with a row. Go to plank position with your left hand on a medicine ball, right hand on a kettlebell. Get your balance and row up with the kettlebell. Yeah no. I got like two of them and fell a bunch of times before Eric steps. Took the ball away and gave me a stepper to use instead of the medicine ball.

Then we took a bigger ball (not sure how to describe it..not a balance ball, or a medicine ball...just a weighted ball that wasnt completely filled out) and I would hold my core, arch back and slam it to the ground. The ball wasnt completely filled so it didnt really bounce. 

We did those two exercises in a three circuits. Calories burned: 523

Dinner was spot on for me too last night. It wasnt until I sat down to watch some tv that the cravings hit. I am gonna have to do something different tonight.

The thing last night that was calling my name? Cheetos. UGH. I dont even LIKE Cheetos. But we had a small bag of them in the snack cupboard and I ended up eating them. Bah.

Oh well. Today is a new day right?

And today I weighed the same as yesterday. 158.5.

So not much damage done. And today I am SORE. My biceps are KILLING me but that is a GREAT feeling. I want BIG, defined biceps. And my forearms. WTF? Forearms? Really? And my back. Oh baby!

Today will be my core day. I dont want to do legs because I have RPM tomorrow night. Tomorrow AM will be chest and triceps. And before RPM it will be shoulders. So the only thing that is left is core.

SOOOO I am excited because I will FINALLY get to play with my Zumba Core DVD. My plan is to do it after dropping Xavier off at about 9ish. I will do it for 45 min to an hour and see how it goes. I will also make sure to wear my HRM to report back to you.

I am switching lunch up a bit today too. It is good to confuse the body a bit.

Instead of my normal celery, scallions, hummus etc, I will be having a protein shake with half a banana and some peanut butter in it. The brand of protein powder is called Raw Protein by Garden of Life. It is raw, vegan, gluten free and dairy free AND organic. 

Dinner will be half a can of tuna, string cheese and a clementine.

Breakfast was oatmeal made with applesauce, flaxseed meal, cinnamon and blueberries. And two hard boiled eggs and my juice with wheatgrass.

Snack before bed will be my casein shake. WHEN (not if) the snack bug gets me, I will have a piece of gum and chew on that. Hopefully that will work.

My Tip of the Day really isnt a tip per say, but something that was perfect for me yesterday with my failing at the gym. It made me realize I didnt really fail but it was the first step in progress...


  1. It's eating in front of the tv. We all do it, so when we watch tv, we just assume we should be eating. It's a very hard habit to break.

  2. Dude - I don't know if we can be friends if you don't love Cheetos. LOL You are fabulous - and one tiny bag of Cheetos will never change that.

  3. It happens. I had Cheetos last weekend. They were delicious. Like I said, it HAPPENS!