Friday, March 29, 2013

April Challenge

Ok everyone. Here is an April Challenge should you choose to do it. I realize that the days are off but just adjust them accordingly.

Here is a quick recap of my day yesterday and then I will be MIA until Monday.

Yesterday was legs.I think I mentioned that yesterday afternoon.

I walked and then worked with Eric. We concentrated on Hamstrings and then went over and did the leg press for my glutes. I ended up doing 2 sets of 12 reps at 400 lbs. Next time I want to increase the weight.

By evening I still felt fine and worked my shoulders. 

Then came time for RPM.

Oh holy $hit. First was 2 warm up songs. Then 3 mountain tracks back to back. Think HIGH HIGH HIGH resistance. Then you go up the mountain you have to come down. 3 tracks of speedwork. And if that wasnt bad enough, then there were 2 tracks of intervals before 2 cool downs. SHIT SHIT SHIT on a stick. I got down on the floor to switch my shoes and I had trouble getting back up.

I burned 1009 calories at the gym last night and that was from RPM. 

Today I weighed....JUST KIDDING! No scale today. In fact, some of us from the gym have sworn off the scale. Me for a long time, others for a month.

And today I am sore. 

Especially my hammies, glutes and calves. 

Today is a rest day. In fact, I am resting until Monday. Then Monday night I have Zumba class then I work with Eric. I want to hit the legs REALLY hard again to carry me thru until Friday. I can work my upper body while at my parents more easily than I can do my lower. Then Friday I am working with him again and depending on how well I worked my upper, we will decide whether to work upper body or lower.

Ok. I really have to run. I still need to shower and pack for the whole family. 

Toodles and have a great weekend and step away from the chocolate and jellybeans!!!!


  1. After doing this running challenge AND Insanity I am not doing another challenge in April, just Insanity and half marathon training, but have fun!