Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I feel like a chicken

So I got another workout in with Eric yesterday.

First I got in 2 miles in just over 17 minutes. Not bad. Then I walked another .75 at about an 8 incline.

Then we did legs.

And at the end of our circuit between two different types of leg presses, I did the inclined leg press 8 times with 400 lbs. Yup. You read that right. 400 lbs. 8 a row. And yes I weigh in the 150's. Eat that!

From there we did Russian Split squats, jumping lunges, one legged dead lifts, regular dead lifts, etc.

Calories burned: 589 in an hour

While I was there, I forgot to ask Eric about my eating. Because I am not worried about weight anymore because I am trying to gain muscle, I need to focus on the types of food I eat. So I messaged him asking what I needed to change as far as my eating.

Obviously I need to increase protein to rebuild the muscles I am tearing while lifting. Here is what he suggested and what my meals are going to look like now...

Breakfast: wheatgrass, coffee, 3-4 hard boiled eggs, and some oatmeal OR a veggie egg while omelette and Ezekiel bread (this morning I will be having 4 egg whites, 2/3 cp oatmeal, 1/2 cup natural apple sauce and some cinnamon mixed together and cooked like a pancake then 2/3 cp blueberries on top- it is delicious! Try it!)
Lunch: 1-2 hard boiled eggs, hummus, celery, tuna, scallions
Dinner: string cheese, clementine, tuna
Snack pre workout: Larabar, wheatgrass
Snack pre bedtime: slow release protein whey powder made with water and ice

I will be interested to see what my weight does. We are going to start hitting the weights HARD.
But with all these eggs, I feel like a chicken. LOL. I did buy 2 small cartons of just egg whites and boiled up about 18 eggs yesterday. Should last me a week. LOL

Eric said I needed to have a heavier meal at breakfast hence the extra egg protein and oatmeal. And trust me. After my workout yesterday morning, I was STARVING all day. Didnt go off track with food really (though I had a couple oreo cookies and a small glass of wine last night), just ate more.

My first pre bed shake was yesterday. Holy crap! Filling! Now that I know how filling it is, it will definitely keep me from snacking in the evening. I can just have that instead! It was almost an ice cream thickness if the ice cream had slightly melted. Awesome! Just powder, ice, water.

Weight this morning: 155 lbs Holding steady and I am ok with that.

Today Aaron is out of town. If he gets home in time, I am planning on going to the gym for yoga at 6:30. If not, then I might pop in my P90X2 dvd and do that yoga.

I had planned on doing Turbo Jam and my Uncle did drop it off, however when I opened the case, the dvd's were missing. Damn it. I should be able to get the dvd's at Easter time.

I am just tapering WAY back on the cardio and focusing more on the weights. Way more Weights. LOL. But I feel like I need to be doing SOMETHING!! So Yoga will now be added back in. If I can work on my ankle flexibility, I can get a deeper squat.

I am, however, sore today. I am hoping the increase of protein will help the muscles. We shall see!

I *think* that is the news for now. Much less exciting then Monday huh? I can tell you that now I am back to working with Eric, I will be very excited to see new month shots. I forgot that I had been working on my own while his baby was born.

Ok. Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Tip of the Day: is funny anyways... and laughter IS the best medicine sometimes...


  1. I'm enjoying a lot of eggs lately. One whole egg and several egg whites scrambled and microwaved on an English muffin with some salsa has been breakfast or lunch several days this past week!

  2. I love eggs! Just had them myself---with avocado and bleu cheese crumbles. Oh. My. God! :)

    Love that photo! Super cute!


    P.S. I'm new & found you on Draz's blog!