Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slaying the Snacking Dragon

I know I have posted this before, but it is my mantra, my inspiration, my motivation and something that keeps me going.

Yesterday was a great day.

I FINALLY was able to play with my Kinect Zumba Core game. I did the Intermediate class that was 48 minutes long and burned 388 calories. It felt like I burned way more than that though. I was DRIPPING with sweat. My only criticism with the game is that there is too much down time between songs. It is probably great for someone starting out that needs water after every song, but I dont and I wanted it to be quicker to keep my heart rate up. I think that is why the burn wasnt quite there.

Eating was SPOT ON. Seriously. No unplanned snacking whatsoever.

For breakfast I had my oatmeal and hard boiled eggs. Lunch I had that raw protein shake. After a while I got a little hungry but instead of going to pretzels and junk food, I had a scallion, some baby carrots and some hummus. Dinner I went a tad off course because I wanted some of the dinner I made to see how it was. New recipe for a loaded baked potato and buffalo chicken casserole. First I ate what I had planned on. A cheese stick, clementine, some pretzels and a half can of tuna. THEN I had some of the casserole. It was DELICIOUS!! but definitely not diet friendly.

I decided that I wanted to go to K's house and go running on her treadmill. I have a Martian Marathon (10k) coming up on April 13th and I want to make sure that I can run it. I havent really been focusing on distance but instead on speed so I need to readjust a bit for it. So last night I headed to her place and started running. OMG! I forgot was it was like to run in her basement. Our basement is cold and a great place to run. Hers is in the laundry/furnace room and it is HOT. I got two miles in before I said forget it and did a quick walk with a high incline. I did a total of 4 miles though. Her house will be a great place to run in the summer. Cool in the basement. But for now? Oh boy. Great in a pinch and great for a sweat. In an hour I burned 550 calories. Not bad.

A total of 938 calories burned yesterday.

By the time I got home I just wanted to sit on the couch and veg. And I didnt snack. Aaron went downstairs and ran on the elliptical while I drank my casein shake. That might be the trick to slaying the snack dragon. Evening workouts. Now a lot of my workouts are in the evenings so it doesnt really apply those days- Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays- because I get home, have a quick dinner and my shake and go to bed. It is the OTHER days I am worried about. And yesterday I did apply the gum technique after my lunch protein shake. That helped immensely! steps people!

Today I weighed in at 158.0. A half pound loss. One thing I am noticing is that my weight doesnt fluctuate by 2-3 lbs a day anymore since I started weight training. It must be the muscle that is getting added.

And while I am ok with that, it is still a VERY hard thing to step on the scale and not see the numbers budge OR (gasp) to see the numbers go UP. When you have been doing weight loss mode for 3 years, it takes a while for the head to readjust- at least for me anyways.

Ok. Onto my crazy Thursday.

This morning is some running and then upper body with Eric. Chest and triceps. And my chest still hurts from Tuesday and we didnt even DO chest. So boy am I in for it today.

Then tonight is shoulders and RPM. And not only is it RPM, but RPM+. Which means 65 minutes of cycling HELL. Oh yeah. Bring it.

Here is what I am planning on eating for the day:
Breakfast- egg white oatmeal omelet thing with blueberries, my juice with wheatgrass
Snack- Powerhouse protein shake post workout
Lunch- celery, scallions, hummus, 2 hard boiled eggs
Snack- pre evening workout- Apple pie Larabar
Dinner- clementine, string cheese
Snack- casein shake

This totals 1469 calories for the day. Right now before working out, this is over my allowed calories by 259. Obviously I will be burning WAY more than 259 calories for the day so I am not really worried about being over and just want to make sure that I have enough to eat and keep me going.

Ok so that is my day... how does your day look? Do you have any crazy days like mine?

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  1. You had an amazing calorie burn yesterday! AMAZING

    I actually made a kale, quinoa and butternut squash last Sunday when my sister's boyfriend made burgers. It was my way to detox after eating out SO many times in NYC :)

    Have a great day.