Monday, March 4, 2013

Updates All Around


Friday night I ran for all of like 4 minutes. Eric came and caught me but what he didnt know was that I was only running until I could sign up for Zumba. Then I was going to do weights for my legs and then Zumba class and then Zumba practice. So I only got about a half mile of running in. Not enough to even document. Weights and class were great. Practice was funny. We kept screwing up and we kept saying that a bad dress rehearsal means a good least we were hoping. That night I burned 1575 calories at the gym.

Saturday morning Zumba class was AWESOME! We had 5 ladies (one of which had to leave early but wanted to check out the class) there.

Three of the had just finished an MMA class right before so by the time they got to ours, it was no joke. I am not sure what the other Zumba instructor does for songs, but ours really works the core with squats, lots of abs, push ups, jumping jacks etc. We left completely sweaty and everyone said they had a good time.

I am hoping that this means that we can start picking up some more classes. They are trying to phase the old instructor out because people just cant follow her. I asked everyone how they were doing and how they liked it and they said they did, so we shall see. For that one class, I burned 886 calories. Yup. You burn lots more as an instructor.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I did do Zumba a little bit last night but it was to learn some new routines. So in the hour I worked last night, I burned 293 calories. Mainly I sat and studied the routines.

Today I have some errands to run in the AM but I am determined to go on the elliptical tonight. I really am unsure of why I have been avoiding it like the plague but it is time to do it and log some miles.

I woke up today weighing 157.0. Not worried about it. Last night I had a BIG bowl of chili for dinner and while awesome, I am sure that it had lots of sodium and caused some weight gain. So I am just gonna drink lots today and flush it out of the system.

Last week I also took new photos. I cannot see much change in them, HOWEVER, I took them in my too small bikini to start using that for a reference AND I had just eaten which was a stupid idea. LOL.

Anyways, because I am starting to get more in the sequence, to see them better you will have to click on the image to enlarge it. I know the crap on the right side of the blog probably will cover some of the newest make sure you click on it. Next month I will crop out a couple of them to take it back down to three pictures for an every other month sort of deal.

One thing I noticed with this picture is that the saddle bag on my hip on the right hand side is about gone and smoothed out. WTF is going on with my other side then? LOL. I know the tag is partially covering what is left of it on the right hand side of the picture, but still. Also I see a little fat roll on the left hand side but I know it is because the bottoms are too small and are bunching up extra skin.

This picture is from January when I kissed my arm....

 This is the newest one from when I kissed my arm. I think my arms are getting much more definition. Not sure about the abs yet but I will still keep working them.

This month I REALLY want to push the weights and see what can be done change wise. I am very excited to see what is in store for the changes that can be done!

Ok so that is it for updates for the day.  Have a great Monday everyone!!

Tip of the Day: I LOVE coconut water!! It is naturally sweet and a great thing to drink after a hard workout.


  1. There are changes! I can see from your new photos that your body is tightening up more all over. You are a real inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! What a difference! That's a teenie tiny bikini!! You go girl!

  3. I can definitely see the toning on your arm muscles! keep inspiring me :D