Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feel the Burn?

I posted this because I like her abs. Yup. Ab envy, right here.

That and the phrase is nice too. But oh those abs.

Ahem...anyways...onto yesterdays recap.

First I will start off by saying that my eating was right on. No binges, no bad food.

It helped going to visit my grandma last night. I didnt get home until about 9:30 so "dinner" was a little bit of pork, some scallions and hummus. Then it was time for my casein shake which I added some peanut butter to.

I had taken a banana with me in the car and had eaten that on the way home too so that I had something in my tummy.

My workout yesterday was great.

First I walked a mile at 4.0mph, incline 7.0. Then I foam rolled until Eric was ready.

Then we hit the upper body.

Up first was an bentover row on a "machine" that you add weights to. So it wasnt like you pick your weight. You add the free weights. It is an odd little machine and hard to describe.

After that, he had me do pushups on a bench. Feet on the floor, arms on the side of the bench to help relieve pressure from my shoulder. He said they were looking good.

We repeated the rows adding more weight then he wanted to see if I could do pushups straight on the ground...regular style. I could!!! First time with no shoulder pain!

Then back to rows.

Then he said "how do we make these harder? Declined pushups." Fuck. I hated these doing P90X.

Feet on the bench, hands on the ground and I was able to pump out 10 of them. WTF? Really? I was impressing myself. LOL.

Rows again.

And finally for the hardest challenge we did clapping pushups. But instead of clapping, we just concentrated on me picking my hands up off the floor. I did 10 of those. And those babies were a challenge.

After that we moved onto pullups and tricep dips. I can tell I am getting stronger. My dips by the end were only needing about 80 lbs of assistance from the machine. And my pullups just over that. Slow but steady progress.

Abs were next. We used the incline bench where your feet are on the platform by the floor and you bend your upper half so your head when bent into an upside down "V" is down by the floor. Then you crunch up and return back down.

My abs were still sore from Monday night with the big balance ball but Eric had me take one set of those to the next level by using a 7lb weighted ball instead of the balance ball.

But because we worked my upper abs so hard the night before, we stopped those and did obliques on the inclined bench too and just alternated between those and the regular inclined sit ups.

From there was 15 minutes of RPM. Eric was subbing for Melissa. Each instructor has a different style and gets different followers. I love Melissa. She is a great trainer, she sings to her RPMers, and has lots of fun. Eric....well he is intense. And yesterday while I was looking for intensity, the class was not. I just wasnt feeling the energy that we usually have in our regular group. I made sure to pump up my resistance right away because I was only getting 15 minute and let me tell legs were MUCH more sore than I originally thought. In those 15 minutes, I thought I was gonna DIE! But I made it thru.

Calories burned 521

Today I am SORE with a capital S. My abs NEVER get sore but today, ouch!

And arms...ouch!

And butt...ouch!

So not surprising that my weight was back up to 159.5. I think I have some lactic acid buildup. No biggie. I dont really sweat the weight much anymore.

And today I think I am gonna take a rest day. Concentrate on my certification.

I was going to work shoulders, but I will have time to do that tomorrow before RPM. Today I am just going to concentrate on stretching and getting rid of the soreness so I can hit my legs hard again tomorrow. It is crazy Thursday tomorrow afterall.

I still plan on eating as normal today. Oatmeal for breakfast, hard boiled eggs, veggies, hummus, eggs for lunch...tuna for dinner. Casein for snack before bed. yadda yadda...

And tomorrow (or maybe tonight) I am planning on taking new monthly pictures. Call me selfish, but I want to make sure I take them BEFORE Easter dinner. LOL. So watch out for progress pictures probably next week. I am excited. I'm hoping to see some good progress now that I am back with Eric and am working out 3 days a week. 

My question for you today is:

With Easter on Sunday, what are some healthy things you can put in your kids Easter basket?

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  1. I'm just buying them less candy and I got them each a DVD. Can't wait to watch 'The Hobbit' and 'The Hunger Games' again! ;)

  2. Can't wait for pictures. I soooo want to try a rowing machine like they use on Biggest Loser. I think I'd like it because it's so fast-paced-ish. And OMG - those abs? Jesus. I can only wish even with a TT.

  3. I'm new to your blog and I just want to say amazing! I'm still (or AGAIN) working on my journey! I loved reading your story. Very inspiring! I'm on MFP. I'm holliemj.