Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Deer Disaster

So I had a VERY interesting Monday yesterday.

Normally I get up, make Xavier's lunch, sit down and write my blog for the day and then relax a bit before starting the morning routine with the boys.

Well I did all that and then I get a FB message from the neighbor behind us saying T is coming over to take care of the dead deer on our fence. To which I reply "say what?". Seriously. I am sitting here at my dining table looking into the backyard and I see NO deer.

I thought maybe it was behind the pine trees on the right hand side which arent easily seen from where I am sitting.

So then I see my neighbor and the sheriff outside. And they go to the deer. And the deer isnt behind the pines. It is straight out in my line of vision BUT a cherry tree trunk is sort of hiding it from view. Holy crap. So of course I had to go out there.

This poor deer must have tried to jump my neighbors fence and biffed it. It was literally half way over with one of the uprights going thru it. We (all of us) never heard a thing so it must of happened early in the morning.

Do you know what the sheriff told her? Because it was a Popsicle they wouldnt touch it. They told her to leave it on the fence and let it rot. Yeah right. The reason she has a fence is to keep her dog in. WTF.

So T was going to come over and remove it and take it to a friends rural house to the woods and let it rot.

WELL then after I posted about this on FB, Eric says "I want it. I will have it processed".

Great. Waste not, want not. I told him I would share it with him. So T took it off the fence and left it on the ground for Eric to come get later.

So I went about my business and ran my errands. Went to lunch with Aarons grandma and I did really good when we went to IHOP. I ordered their slim and fit spinach omelette. Egg, swiss cheese, onions, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms with a side of fruit.

Then Eric texted me saying they were having problems getting the permit and that they were backing out from taking the deer. Great. Now I need to get rid of a body.

So it was good he texted because I got in an extra session at the gym with him last night...more on that in a minute.

So I call the sheriffs office who says they will issue me a permit to have it processed. So I called a processor and thought I would drop it off.

NO. It has to be field dressed and gutted. WTF. Can you tell I have no hunting experience?

Now this is not a full sized deer. This is a very small deer. Maybe two years old. So Eric (after more back and forth) told me that by the time we pay for processing etc there probably isnt gonna be much meat left.

I called the Sheriffs office. They dont pick up dead deer. I called the DNR. They said go dump it.
Aaron called Waste Management (our garbage people). They wont pick up deer even though it says they do in their manual. Aaron called the county and they told him to bury it. WTF. The ground is FROZEN!!

So last night after my workout with Eric, Aaron and I lifted the deer up onto a tarp and then onto the kids sled and walked that puppy out to the front of the subdivision (about 11 pm) and into the woods a bit to dump it. Of course as we were walking with a dead deer, 2 cars drove past us. I went with him because I was the one that was advised by the sheriff to dump the deer and my name was already in their system. So just in case someone called on Aaron, he wouldnt be accused of poaching.

So we had an Operation Deer Drop yesterday that was successful.

My workout with Eric last night was good. I got 1.75 miles in on the treadmill. 1 was running at 6.5 and the other walking at 4.2 with a 7 incline.

Then we went and did shoulders/abs. That was nice because I was able to fill him in about the deer and what was going on with it. His dad actually works out at the gym and was there and I got to talk to him about it too. Sad thing is, they would have taken it. But when they called DNR, DNR said that a processing tag could only be issued for a hit with a car or a kill with a gun. Well MY sheriff would have issued one which when I talked with the DNR the gal kinda said They are gonna do what? but that it was up to their digression. So I could have taken care of the problem easily with one phone call had I known what the problem was. BUT by the time Aaron and I lifted it onto the sled last night, it was stinking. Not rot stink, but methane gas stink. Gross! So I dont know that the meat would have been good by yesterday afternoon anyways.

So regardless...Last night in an hour I burned 514 calories at the gym.

Today my weight is back down to 155.0. I am cool with that.

My plan for today is that both boys have school. Then I go to the gym to work legs with Eric. I will run before working out with him.

Tonight Aaron leaves to go out of town overnight so I will be at home with the boys. My plan is to work on some more Zumba stuff. Not necessarily doing it but trying to watch and repeat the routines outloud. And if my legs are really sore, I can stretch them on the elliptical.

Food for the day:
Breakfast: coffee, hard boiled egg, wheatgrass, peanut butter cookie Larabar
Lunch: scallions, hummus, tuna, pretzels
Dinner: string cheese, clementine

And tomorrow because I wont be making it to the gym because Aaron is out of town, I will be starting Turbo Jam. My Uncle is dropping it off today. I am SO excited to try it!

So that is my crazy insane news for the day. Luckily no more deer appeared on the fence overnight. I was beginning to think that we might have a lemming situation. Or maybe they were just trying a new fangled die-it. Just kidding.

Have a great day!

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  1. Mangoes are our family's absolute favorite :) it feels like such an indulgence since it's so sweet but it's nice to know all the benefits.

    YIKES about the deer story. Did not realize how hard it was to get rid of a body LOL

    1. tell me about it! My husband said he wasnt going to Lowes to get gloves a tarp and lime because it would look like he was trying to dispose of a body and thought the cops might be called. LOL LOL

  2. Just glad to hear you hadn't wrecked a car hitting one!

    1. Luckily no. However! DNR is supposed to send me instructions via email on how to field dress a deer...ya know..just in case this happens again or I hit one.

  3. HOw many calories did you burn hauling that deer around? LOL

    Glad things worked out in the end!

    1. LOL. Dont know if I burned much hauling him around because hubby did the hauling on the sled but it was dang cold last night so I am sure I shivered some calories off!

  4. Holy deer drama mama! Around here if you shoot deer and don't want them the food pantry will take them. The small ones are the ones that taste the best I hear. You are so sweet in trying to do the right thing. xoxo