Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Bit of Arm Ego

Morning everyone!

So let me just jump right into it because today is a VERY busy day for me.

Yesterday was a great day. Well wait...I should take that back a bit.

I went to teach Zumba and no one signed up! Seriously. Now last week I only had two of my regulars. And I knew they wouldnt be making it this week, so while not surprising, it was still disappointing.

The owner did tell me though that she is getting good feedback on the classes and they like us and she would tell me if they didnt. Which means that they will probably be having me take over the Thursday class soon as well as add some morning classes to the schedule. Woot!! It is a great start to me having a decent income to pay the insurance or car payment.

Because I didnt teach, I headed straight to Powerhouse. I had brought a clementine and a banana with me to have after Zumba, but I kept hearing Eric in my head. "Thats not a meal. Where is the protein? Where is the veggies?" So I went to the Coney Island that is a couple shops down from the gym and ordered a vegetarian egg white omelette with a side of sliced tomatoes. Grabbed it and went to my car to eat. Well damn it, they didnt use egg whites. Regular eggs. No biggie. I didnt eat hard boiled eggs for lunch like usual because I was out and needed to boil more.

So I had about 1/2 to 2/3 my omelette (it was huge!) and my whole 4 slices of tomatoes and went to the gym.

Eric was there waiting on a client he squeezed in at 7 so I told him I was here. He wasnt sure if he was going to be able to start me early or not but I told him no biggie because I had literally JUST eaten and wanted my belly to settle a bit. He thought that was a good idea too so I just went and walked on the treadmill.

I did 4.0mph at 7.0 incline for 2 miles. Then I foam rolled until he came and got me.

Then we did squat and then long jumps. He took a towel and placed it on the floor for me to stand behind. Then he had me jump as far as I could go forward and took the other towel and marked it.

Then he had me jump back and forth over those two towels 10 times fast. Jump, turn around, jump, turn around...

Then we did squats again.

This time for the long jump he had me add in 30 quick squats after I did the 10 jumps. Oh how this man likes to torture.

But I keep going back for more...isnt that Stockholm Syndrome?

After we completed three times on that circuit, he had me do deadlifts then backward lunges.

Complete that circuit three times adding weight to the lunges each time to hold in my hands.

Then was abs.

We did the big balance ball ab crunch.

Balance ball in hands above head. Crunch up both hands and legs, place ball between legs and lower. Raise again TAKE ball from legs and lower back with ball above head. That was ONE!

We did that 10 times for 3 circuits. Whew.

After that we were done.

I went home and had a casein shake but added some pretzels and natural peanut butter to it. I like it like that after a workout. Gets me some regular protein and carbs and adds some flavor.

Today I go back to the gym in the AM to work upper body. First I will probably do some walking with an incline to flush the legs. Then upper body time.

One thing I didnt tell you that Eric told me Saturday was that he has a client that says they want MY arms. Me. My arms. How cool is that??? I didnt think my arms were that special...YET. But someone else does. Makes me want to work them harder. Get them more toned.

Anyways...once we do that, Eric is subbing for Melissa for RPM. I told him I would come in for 15 min of the class but I have to be gone by 10:30 to get Landry. He thought it would be a good idea too so I can come in and flush the legs after last night. So we need to get cracking and get started. I probably wont wear my cycling shoes today because I will be in there for such a short amount of time so it will be interesting to see how it affects my stride.

Then once I get home I will have the rest of my omelette, some pretzels and hummus and more veggies. Then tonight I will be going to visit my grandma to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. Fun times.

Oh. My moms surgery went well yesterday. It took longer than anticipated because the damage was worse than they thought. But she is recuperating nicely in the hospital and has some good pain meds. I spoke to her twice yesterday.

I think that is the news for me today. Oh geeze. Today I weighed in at 158.5. Lost a pound from yesterday. Sort of interesting I think. I did less on my Monday than normal and lost weight. Ha.

And I am a good sore today. Not a pain sore. So I think the problem I was having in my leg is all healed.

What is on your schedule for today?

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  1. My schedule for today: run intervals, maybe at the track and Insanity's Cardio Power and Resistance. (And you have GREAT arms!)