Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Super Fast!!

Ok everyone...

Super fast update.

I didnt get up til 6am this morning so now everything is in a rush because I have the gym this morning after I drop the boys at school.


Sunday I didnt make great choices for food. I ate lunch before we went to Chuck E Cheese but still couldnt resist having a sliver of pizza and a couple wings. Then I had a piece of chocolate cake that was crusted in rice crispie treats. Would you have been able to resist that??

Dinner was at Aarons grandma's house.  A piece of pork, some green bean casserole, fresh veggies, a smidge of mac and cheese and some hummus. Dessert were cookies and once my sweet tooth was triggered, I couldnt resist.

Yesterday my weight was up to 160.5. OUCH! But this morning after working with Eric and having my first Monday Zumba class, it is back down to 158.5. Pisses me off when I undo the hard work I did during the week in one sitting. UGH.


Last night I had 2 people in my class. We had a good time. They were a couple of m regulars. Hopefully I can build this class up.

Then Eric and I worked legs. I had pulled my quad again at Chuck E Cheese and warned him about it yesterday. We just worked around it for a while doing dead lifts and jumps and hamstring exercises but then we pushed it and used a machine so I could do upright squats. 240 lbs so not super heavy and I didnt hurt my muscle anymore. In fact it doesnt hurt at all right now. We also did wall squats and bosu ball work where I squat, jump up onto the ball and right back off of it landing in another squat. No broken ankles either. LOL. Calories burned last night between the two gyms: 982

This morning will be upper body with Eric. So before hand I am going to do some running and stretch out the legs.

Breakfast is my egg white oatmeal pancake thing. The rest of the day will be my typical fare as far as food goes.

Thats the news for now. I put the Tip of the Day at the top of the page today. I thought it was interesting.

Have a great Tuesday!!


  1. It's hard to admit that it IS more about the food we eat than the amount of exercise we do. I LOVE to eat!

  2. Stupid Chucke Cheese and their stupid delicious pizza! ;)