Thursday, March 14, 2013

Media Circus

So tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary since the tornado disrupted our lives and turned it upside down.

And yesterday the press started to descend on our sub like vultures to a dead body. Wanting us to talk. To rehast what we went thru. Drudge up old feelings. The tears.

I call BULLSHIT on that.

A reporter came to our door yesterday while I was trying to get ready for my busy day.

And you know what I told her?

A lot of good came out of the tornado. Like what? She asked. Friends. Community support, a subdivision facebook page bringing us all together I replied. I told her if she wanted to report on some of the good from the tornado that she and her crew should be at the Tornado 5k Run/Walk tomorrow night. That it is giving back to the charities and people who helped us all those days. Eat that lady!

And she told me they will be back. Friday. Early. Probably like 5 or 6am. Yeah. Good luck with that. I told her that they need to be respectful of people. This is a private time. And do NOT block driveways. Our lives have gone on. That we need to leave for work. And get our kids to school. UGH.

ANYWAYS...sorry for my rant but today and tomorrow are going to be rough. Not one but two different reporters came to the door. And I really dont wish to speak to them on camera.

Yesterday I opted for a rest day. I was sore especially in my legs and butt and I knew that today I would be doing hardcore lower body with Eric in the morning. Especially after hearing what he had someone else do. 15% incline on the treadmill holding a sandbag. AND something else that landed her serious rugburn on the knees. LOL. If he was that hard on her, I KNOW I am in for it.

Today is gonna be a killer day. Running (no sprints, just a jog) in the AM to loosen the legs and then lower body with Eric.
Tonight will be walking to warm up and then shoulders followed by RPM. Yup. Today is my L-O-N-G day but I LOVE Thursdays.

Today will be basically like my other food days but I am having my oatmeal pancake for breakfast. I will be bringing a clementine with me for after my workout too. Or I might need to make sure I have some cash for a protein shake. I dont want my body crashing on me like it would have Monday night had I not had one.

Oh and this morning I weighed in at 156.5. A half pound gain from yesterday but I am ok with it. I snacked a bit last night with some chips, and I had some bread with lunch. And I had some hershey kisses. So eh. Half pound gain is no biggie. I will burn the calories off today.

Also I am ready to start getting my personal training certification BUT I have some questions and emailed the owners of the gym where I work. Mainly I am just trying to figure out if I am an employee when I train or am I an independent contractor. This impacts me and needing liability insurance.

So that is the big news for now. I am sure if I am ranting about the reporters now, that there will be more to come tomorrow. And for that I apologize. But I view this as a diary of sorts where I can vent and this had a significant impact on my life last year. And I cant talk to Aaron about it. He was in a dark place and when the tornado hit on a Thursday, he left to work in Alabama on the following Sunday. So he really has no idea of the construction and the shock and what the kids went thru. And frankly, he is just sick to death of talking about it. And I am there too. You want to know about the tornado? Ask someone who hasnt let go. I have. Time to move forward.

Luckily next year the press wont give a damn.

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  1. Hoping you make it through the next few days without having to relive the tragedy over and over again. You know you'll get a good workout taking out all that aggravation with the media in the gym.

  2. I think your answers give hope to others who have went through such an's the hope that you "can" move on....that life "can" even be better!

    Smart move to give yourself a rest :)

  3. The media circus is just that... Their sensationalism comes at the cost of the well being of actual PEOPLE. Drives me batty. Hugs girl!