Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday Zumba Day

Yesterday was a

I had to leave extra early for Zumba class because we had gotten snow and I had no idea how the roads were going to be.

Luckily they were just fine and I got to the gym plenty early.

So while I was there, the owner was training someone so I just watched for a few while I waited. It was nice to see how someone else trains.

Then we had class. I had 4 people- 3 regulars and one newbie.

One of my regulars usually has to leave part way thru. No problemo. I appreciate her coming.

The newbie I kept looking at because I recognized her.

Come to find out she used to take Zumba with me at Powerhouse! How cool! She is just getting over pneumonia and missed the last three weeks. Hopefully she starts coming to my class.

I also let everyone know that I am having a class now at 5:45 on Mondays. One of my regulars said she is gonna come but she will be late. Awesome. I dont mind that at all. She is a lot of fun.

After that, the rest of the day went fine. Last night Aaron and I watched Argo and I had some popcorn. So no surprise that my weight was up a pound today. No worries. It will be gone tomorrow.


I never did P90X last night. I was just too tired from running Friday then class yesterday. So I didnt do it. Instead, I will do it tonight.

And with the exception of the popcorn last night, my popcorn was spot on.

Today is gonna be a challenge for me.

We have a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. And I dont want to eat pizza. So I will be packing a snack for me.

Then for dinner we are going to Aaron's grandma's house. I am sure there will be some salad...hopefully. So I might bring some hummus and have that. I heard the menu and it isnt exactly my diet. So good to be prepared. I will be packing for the day some cheese sticks, hummus, a clementine, a larabar, and a couple hard boiled eggs.

Oh and official race results are in!
I finished 13 out of 60 in my age group, 202 place out of 487, 28:46 minutes to complete which is a 9:17 mile. Not bad!!

Ok so that is it for now. I need to go so I can have breakfast and wrap birthday presents.

Have a great Sunday.

Tip of the day: I know I have posted this before, but yesterday I felt like I was coming down with something. Coughing a lot probably from running in the cold Friday night. I had 1 raw clove of garlic at 6:30 followed by 2 more at 8:30 and this morning I woke up feeling fine. I learned that from a friend of mine. 1-2 cloves of garlic every 2-3 hours to help chase away illness. Worked for me but watch out for stinky breath. You will definitely keep away the vampires!

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