Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Checking In, Checking Out, and Big News

Morning Peeps!

Easter weekend was a good one. Not much happened to report on. Just a nice time with family.

Yesterday I had no one show up for Zumba class but Maggie and I stayed and practiced for an hour.

Then it was time with Eric.

Started off with leg presses with a light weight about 200 lbs.

Then he had me do walking lunges using a 50 lb barbell on my shoulders. To get across the gym took me about 30 lunges.

Then back to leg presses. We had decided to just KILL my legs because that workout needed to get my legs til Friday.

Back and forth we did the circuit with presses and lunges. Leg presses with 300 lbs....400 lbs...500 lbs...then finally...

600 lbs. I cannot tell you how awesome it felt to see two guys at the leg press next to me watching me. LOL. Eat Iron boys!

I did the 600 10 times. 1 time in the middle I needed an assist from Eric because I went too low with it. And the last 2 my legs were just DONE and he had to help a bit. The other 7? Those were all me. Oh yeah!

Then we had some fun. Eric set up an obstacle course of sorts.

The shortest box (about 18" high), three bosu balls in a row with space between, and the second lowest box (about 24" high). On each box was a kettlebell which he would switch out in weight when I was done with the line.

So this is what I would do. Stand on the first box. Pick up the kettlebell. 10 deadlifts. Set the kettlebell down and jump off the box to a squat. Jump up onto the bosu ball and fly off of it landing in another squat. Bosu ball again, another squat. Bosu again, squat. Pick up the other kettlebell and do 10 squats. Then I had to jump up onto the box.

First two times thru the circuit I couldnt get my legs to function enough to jump up onto the box. I really couldnt. They were like wet noodles. So Eric gave me his hand and I jumped up.

Third circuit he had me do 30 deadlifts, I think with 50 lb weights, go thru the bosu's, then do 20 squats with the 50 lb weight and THIS time I jumped up unassisted. Mind body connection people. And because I did it, Eric had me do it 4 more times. Nice guy huh? LOL. After that, we were done.

Legs today are SORE but they feel so good.

I will be heading north today to help my mom out while she recovers from surgery so I will not be on here until probably Saturday or Sunday.

I am packing my food to bring with me. I am packing my trainer book. I am on unit 7 of 33 so making good progress.

I am bringing my workout clothes. My parents have a treadmill and some hand weights to use.

Friday I will be coming straight from their house to the gym to do legs with Eric again. Cant wait!

Also I have big news. My family will be moving this summer.We arent sure if we will be able to get a house or rent a condo but a move is in the future. While I dont mind the move, taking the kids out of this school district scares the begezus out of me so please say some prayers. We are moving closer to Aaron's work so his commute isnt so far. Right now he commutes 100 miles a day. Also with where we are looking to move, my commute to the gym where I teach will be closer and I wont have to give up training with Eric either.

Ideally we would find a house to buy but we just arent sure. We shall see. Prayers please.

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  1. Damn - I would have loved to watch those guys watching you lift. Super cool. YAY on moving - sounds like a good thing for you guys.

  2. Leg pressing my first 620 lb set was something I'll NEVER forget! And yes, boys drool a little watching us, don't they? Love that!