Saturday, December 1, 2012

Status Quo

Good morning ya'll!

First a recap.

Last night I ran my first consistent mile at 6.0. Woot! After that I decided to do some legs and abs before Zumba class. So I did dead lifts, squats, quads, glutes, and a ton of abs. I used the ab machine that Eric about killed me on the other night, I did balance ball squats, I did declined sit ups using a weighted bar, I did inclined sit ups and I did double leg lifts for the lower stomach. Then came Zumba. I had requested 3 songs that I love and Tee played them all for me :) Talk about high cardio! She also made me a cd with a bunch of different Zumba songs on it to add to my collection. I just love her!

All in all at the gym I burned 1133 calories!

Then came time for girls night. Aubree's has lost my business for a while. Which I guess is a good thing to stay away from the Feta Bread. They wouldnt accommodate our group with a reservation even though I called earlier that day and she told me she would see what she could do because we were regulars and to call back later. See our group doesnt go out until 7:30-8pm. Aubree's had their back room booked (which I understand) and had 4 reservations already for 10+ people. And I get that too. You have to have room for people coming in. BUT the reservations were for 6, 6:30, 7, and 7:30. Some of those people should have been done by then. Seriously. And when I called that evening, the chick got really snotty. Fine. Play that way. We will take our business elsewhere.

So I called Red Brick and they accommodated us even though when we got there, their place was really packed.

SO... I ordered a guacamole appetizer. It came with their home made pita chips which I thought were going to be baked. Nope. They were fried. Dang. The guacamole was not spicy but really garlicky. Yummy.

And K ordered some Sweet Potato Fries. I had a couple of those.

I also had a ton of water and a couple glasses of wine.

And I ordered their italian turkey burger. It was fantastic. Here is the description: lean turkey ground with onion, garlic and fennel. topped with fresh basil, sliced tomato and garlic thyme aioli on a toasted pretzel roll

YUM! And I only ate half of it. For my side, I stayed away from fries and just had chips. After just a few of those I was satisfied.

Today I remain at 175.0. I am actually very happy with that.

And today I have my 5k holiday hustle run. I went and picked up my bling for the race yesterday. If you were one of the first 500 people registered, you got your choice of a light up santa hat or a light up bracelet. Ummm...duh. Santa hat all the way!

SO today my friend A is coming over at 3 and we are walking to the race which isnt too far away from here. We are considering it a warm up. Then we are having our picture taken with Santa who is going to be at the pavilion until 4.  The race then starts at 4:30. We are just going to do a nice, easy, fun pace. From the finish line, we will be walking home. The fun thing is that we actually run down our street so Aaron is going to have the boys watch for me out the window.

I am going to continue doing my same tracking of food today.

My plan is:

Smoothie- banana, protein powder, ice, water

Apple w/ peanut butter, blueberry shredded wheat

Leftover turkey burger (1/2)

Doesnt seem like much but it keeps me within my range for the day. I am sure I will have a post race whatever as well. I am hoping for oranges. I love oranges after a race.
I will still continue drinking a ton of water and some hot tea today.

Thats the news for now!

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