Friday, November 30, 2012

A little Facelift

First- In case you didnt notice, I gave my website a little facelift.

I added a tab that says 13 goals in 2013. Cant remember if I mentioned it before, but I belong to a group on FB called 2 miles a day in 2012. Basically it is a group that motivates to get you moving. I have met a TON of great people on that board. BUT because 2012 is ending, we will be opening up a new board called Get Lucky...13 goals in 2013. So I added my goals to my website to help keep me accountable. Also if you are on FB and want to join the group, let me know!!

I also took off my old "current photos". Because I gained weight back after the tornado, I chose to do a reset. So I posted photos from Nov 15th. They were taken right after my first work out with Eric. My weight that day was 183.0. I will take more pictures Dec 15th. My goal is to do new photos once a month.

I also added a tab called Weigh In's. I am hoping this will help keep me accountable especially during the weekends so I dont need to add higher numbers to that page. You can see where the holiday weekend was last week. I was down to 177.5 and then come Monday I was back into the 180's. That HAS to stop. I know it was because there was a lot of deep fried food and non clean food. General Tso's chicken, Buffalo Wild Wings, Spinach Dip, bread...LOL. I also marked on there when I started the Healthe Trim. I just think that is fun to see how well that it helps.

Onto a recap of last night and today. Last nights workout was awesome. I ran 4 miles and then did RPM. Eric warned me Wednesday night that Thursdays workout would be hard. And he wasnt kidding! This is the first time in RPM that my heart rate was consistently at the high end or OVER the range of where it should be.  I was going to do some ab work after RPM but I was completely gone and done. In less than two hours (running and RPM) I burned a whopping 1230 calories! AWESOME!

I also stayed on track and wrote down everything I ate yesterday. I ate just about the same thing I did the day before with the exception of no turkey and spinach dip at lunch because we are out. I made up for it a little bit when I got home from working out because I had the rest of my tuna, which I had made the day before, and I had a 1/3 of a piece of pizza. So the minus of calories at lunch and the addition of calories at dinner probably equaled out to what I had eaten the day before.

That coupled with the massive amount of calories I burned, you are probably thinking that I lost 10 lbs yesterday right? LOL

Nope. Only lost 1 lb. And I "think" I know the reason.

Aunt Flo is trying to come for a visit and usually I retain water for the first couple days. Then after that I go back to normal. So for me, a 1 lb loss is a good thing.

And of course my favorite auntie would come for an appearance when I have a race to run tomorrow. It only figures.

Moving on...

Tonight is Zumba class. Because I have been running all week, I am going to switch my warm-up up a little bit tonight. I am going to do a 1 mile run hard and fast and then lift weights before more cardio with zumba. It seems like my body responds to the weight loss better when I do some weights as well. So this is a little bit of an experiment.

Also after Zumba comes ladies night! We are back on!

We are going to Aubree's again tonight. And I have a game plan. Aubree's has a special turkey burger that I am going to try. The description is this: Wood-fire 5oz. grilled turkey burger with creamy hummus, lettuce, tomatoes & red onion

Sounds delicious right?

And as my side I am going to forget the fries. Instead I am going to have some cottage cheese.

Now dont think I am all awesome because I will be eating all healthy. I am not. I will be allowing myself 2 pieces of feta bread.

And I do plan on asking for a to-go box right away and splitting my burger into 1/3.  I also plan on asking for double the veggies on it.

I figured out the calories and loosely I should have about 15 calories to spare for the day not including the calories I have burned from exercising. Here is what my food diary looks like for the day:

Breakfast (smoothie made with ice and water and ingredients below)
  • Banana 110 calories
  • Protein Powder 79 calories
  • Celery (2 stalks) 12 calories
  • Gala Apple 80 calories
  • Krema Peanut butter (2T) put into the cored apple 190 calories
Dinner: (here is where it gets a bit sticky with estimating calories. Aubree's doesnt have calorie counts on their website)
  • Feta Bread (2 pieces) estimated at 280 calories This was figured from Domino's spinach and feta bread calories. The bread I eat has no spinach and sizes of the bread might be a bit different.
  •  Turkey Burger (the whole thing is estimated at 324 calories including a whole wheat bun) I will only be eating a 1/3 of this but incase I dont, I figured the whole total calories. This also includes lettuce, tomato and a pickle. No pickle for me but onion)
  • Hummus 60 calories
  • Cottage Cheese 1% milk 100 calories for a half cup

Hopefully predetermining my calories will help me stay on track for the day. I know it seems that I am not eating much before dinner, but really that is all my body needs.

This gives me a total of 1235 calories eaten for the day IF I eat the entire burger. So a bit of leeway is good.

What are your plans for the weekend? How do you stay on track during the weekend?

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  1. It’s nice seeing people who are trying to do their best to feel and look better. There are people who keep on complaining about their weight but do nothing about it. Knowing you’re not one of them makes me happy. Making a list is a good way to start achieving our goals. Good luck on your plans!

    Terry Bayer