Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Party recap


The answer to what I wore last night...

I wore the long sleeve blue and green dress with black boots.

After going out last night I wish I would have worn the other because of how HOT the restaurant was.

We met the coworkers at the hotel bar and had some drinks. I had water the whole time.

Our reservations for the restaurant were for 8 and when we got there they had our table set up with the exception of one which had people still sitting at it with a bill. Clearly that table needed to be pulled to ours...they had excess butcher paper folded back but these people just didnt get a clue.

Now let me back up here for a minute and fill you in on what I ate earlier that day.

Breakfast was a protein smoothie with no banana. Lunch was celery, some grapes, one deviled egg at the nursing home and a very small piece of fudge. And water.

Now fast forward back to the restaurant.

By now we are standing around and it is closing in on 8:30 and I started not feeling well. The restaurant was PACKED and it is a VERY narrow, cramped restaurant. I was smart and fished in my purse and found a small box of old raisins. I HATE plain raisins but I ate them.

Finally the people got the hint and left and we could sit. Aarons boss ordered appetizers but I didnt have any. Fried calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and lamp chops. I did eat a bit of the toasted pita bread that was at the table to keep me going. It had some oil, garlic and pepper on it. It was wonderful.

And I ordered one glass of red wine. A nice pinot noir.

For dinner I had Alaskan King Crab, a house salad with very light dressing (salad had bacon and blue cheese on it so not the healthiest but what the heck), broccolini, and a couple bites of Aarons hashbrowns with blue cheese scallions. Those were delicious. And I ate the entire 1.5 lbs of crab. Really the 1.5 lbs includes the shell so it really wasnt that much. But I didnt use butter. It was excellent but by then I was starving. It was after 10pm already.

After my one glass of wine was gone I just drank water. So another win for me.

And I didnt order an after dinner coffee...think Irish Coffee.

BUT when the dessert tray came around I just couldnt resist anymore. How often is it that someone says to go to a restaurant and order whatever you no object? Seriously?

The desserts ranged from coconut cream pie (a personal favorite), creme brulee, hot fudge sundae, oreo cheesecake, a HUGE cream puff sundae which looked AWESOME, a 3 berry crumble, and key lime pie. Wow I am amazed I just remembered all that!

I ordered the creme brulee. I probably would have done better by ordering the crumble but I said heck with it and ordered it.

And I ate it all. LOL.

Afterwards we had to walk back to the hotel where we parked. It was probably 0.4 miles so it wasnt too far. Thankfully I wore my wedge boots and not my heeled ones!

We still had a drive ahead of us and didnt get home til 1:15 or so. It was a VERY late night. And of course Landry was up at 6am.

So Aaron and I are running on like NO sleep. I got to sleep in a bit longer which was nice of Aaron.

And this morning I weighed in at 171.5. And honestly, I am ok with that.

I know that I made GREAT decisions last night. My only bad one was the dessert...and well maybe eating all the crab but I mean COME ON! Its CRAB! LOL

Today I am back in the swing with tracking the calories.

This morning I am having some red seedless grapes- Still not hungry from last night. We ate until almost midnight. LOL

Lunch will be some celery, roast beef, and an apple with peanut butter.

Aaron and I are planning on giving the kids lunch at 11 then down for a nap so he and I can rest. Hee Hee.

THEN I am meeting Maggie at the gym for 4pm to work on Zumba routines. Aaron and the boys are having dinner at his grandmas house so this works out perfectly. I can drop them off and head to the gym. The gym closes at 6 so the latest we will be there is til then.

Then my plan is to go back, get them and come home and have some string cheese and maybe some tuna.

So that is the plan for today. Are you doing any exercise today or is Sunday your rest day?

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  1. Love the sleeveless dress you showed a few post back - love the colors!

    Just wanted to say thanks for your support with the "wicked witch" at work-phew, I'm happy to report she is GONE and this past week was heaven!

    On to great things, right?

    I would have ordered WHATEVER I wanted in your situation-calories/fat/carbs push aside-LOL! Sounds you like had a good time-enjoy your nap :)

  2. have to at least run my mile today, but I think that's it. I need to do a long run tomorrow. Just wasn't into it today- too much stuff to do at home!