Tuesday, December 4, 2012

UFO Night

Hmmmm....where shall I begin?

Well, I guess lets start with yesterday and move forward from there.

Yesterday was a great day.

Here is what I ate:

Breakfast- banana, protein shake smoothie
Lunch- 3 stalks celery, apple with peanut butter, roast beef
Dinner- 1 glass of red wine, tuna w/ onions & celery

I also went to the gym last night and did 3.5 miles on the treadmill. After the race on Saturday I decided to mix things up a bit and do a lot of intervals and different inclines. For the first mile I played with speed. Going from 5.5 all the way up to 8.5, down to 4.5, up to 6.5 and so on. That mile I finished just a few seconds over 10 minutes. From there I played with inclines. I took my speed down to 3.5 or there abouts but bumped the incline up to 12. Then I would play down and up from there also playing with speed. I had time before I worked with Eric and I didnt want to burn the legs out running fast because it was a leg night so this took about 45 minutes to get to 3.5 miles.

Then I worked out with Eric. He decided to do the heavy lifting first. Oh yeah! So we went over to the squat bar that has the built in guards in case you get in trouble. You just flick your wrist to put the bar back up on the rack. Well we started off with no weight so I could get used to the bar. And then Eric didnt mess around. We built up weight...then again...and then he asked me what I weighed. I told him 173. Then he put on 185 lbs on the bar. And I squated that 8 times. And then he said that he thought I was going to squat 200 lbs. And he loaded the bar. And I squatted 205 lb 5 times! And not only did I squat it once, but he had me do another round of squats at 205 lb 5 times. Then he took me back down to 145 lbs and had me squat that 20 times. That felt light as a feather compared to 205 lbs. From there we did other leg exercises. He had me do lunges thru the gym while holding kettlebells. He had me alternately step up onto a box holding kettlebells which almost killed me. The box was TALL!! And after squatting I was having a hard time doing it. Once he gave me some pity because my legs were about dead from the squats and took the kettlebells away, I was able to get up on the box with no problem. Then I did some inner leg work and some glute work on some machines. After that was homework time. He gave the half balance ball thing and I had to do crunches on it. He gave me 5 minutes to do 100 crunches pausing for two seconds at the top of each lift. And I did. I finished early with 20 seconds to spare. Woot!

This morning I got up and I weighed 172.0. -1.5 loss from yesterday. Very excited! The 160's are getting closer! I can envision my body becoming the picture that I posted above. Woo hoo!

Today is going to be sort of an odd day for me because Tuesday evenings I usually work out at home. Tonight is UFO night or UnFinished Object night at K's house. I am taking my mugs I am painting for Christmas gifts to her house to work on. Should be fun. I just need to make sure I stay on track with my eating and that I dont eat any bad food.

So here is my plan for the day.

I am going to drop the boys off at school and go downstairs on our elliptical for a while- 20 minutes or so. Then I will do some light upper body weights because I will be doing upper body tomorrow with Eric and dont want to kill myself today. Then I will have my breakfast smoothie.

After picking up Landry from school at 11, I will get him lunch then to bed for nap. I will then have my lunch of 3 stalks of celery, apple with peanut butter, and roast beef. For dinner before we take Xavier to karate, I will have some more of the tuna that I have left over from last night. Then karate class, kids to bed and then to Katherines for UFO. I am going to stick with water tonight too and see if I can bring a sucker or something that lasts a while for a snack so I dont munch.

I am getting so close to the 160's that I dont want to screw it up by going off track tonight. I would love to be in the 160's come this weekend. I might screw it up this weekend because of Aarons Christmas party but I know I will be back there next week. I am working on healthy choices for the party but I will talk about that in another post later in the week.

I think that is all the fantastic news I have for now. I am SURE my legs will be killing me come tomorrow but I am hoping some elliptical time will help with lactic acid build up and make them not as sore.

Have a GREAT day everyone!

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  1. Have you been on Pinterest yet? SO many great ideas for gifts and not expensive at all! I'll be busy making mine!