Monday, December 17, 2012

Blogger Day of Silence

First I just want to start with a PSA.

Tomorrow you will not be hearing from me. In case you didnt know, tomorrow is a Bloggers Day of Silence in memory of the children and adults whose lives were lost on Friday. Living in Yellow has a badge that you can post for the day but nothing else should be said or addressed- and I plan on doing it.


This weekend...

Saturday didnt go as well as I hoped. LOL.

When we got to the party, I had some chicken wings, cucumber salad with sour cream, scallions, homemade perogi with jalepenos, salami and cheese, a piece of garlic bread with cheese, salad, a piece of ham (it wasnt salty), a glass of root beer and then I had two cookies. My favorite kind that I dont bake on purpose. It is the chocolate, coconut kind that is all fudgy gooey with the coconut on top. O.M.G. I just love those!

And I didnt end up exercising that night.

So yesterday I woke up and was 171.0. Oh well.

Yesterday we ended up going to a Christmas party too. I had artichoke dip, spinach dip, crackers, some pinwheel wrap type sandwiches, celery, oranges, pineapple and a couple dove chocolates and this time I stuck to water.

I got in a little bit of zumba last night until my ipod died on me. And I mean died. Not battery ran out died, but died.

First it started pausing while I was doing a song even though I had it on lock. Finally it got to the point that I had to hold it and have it unlocked so I could keep pressing play. Talk about a pain.Finally I gave that up and reset the dang thing. WELL...then my middle round select button wouldnt work. What a pain in the you know what. I ended up charging it over night and tried to reset it again. It is an older ipod (2nd generation nano) and I looked up troubleshooting on it. People said to hit it against your leg...ah no thanks. Others said to do the lock button back and forth a bunch of times. Didnt work.

Finally I gave up and went to bed. I was pissed. My ipod nano (6th generation) died earlier this year so between that, this one and my computer, it hasnt been a good year for electronics.

This morning I was playing around with it some more trying to see if I could press the play button on a playlist to get it to work. It did but the middle button still didnt work. Well I wanted to get the shuffle off because when I do my zumba class, I have the music set in a specific order. I pressed play on shuffle trying to toggle it off and it didnt work. Well I went back into the settings and tried to press play and for whatever reason the center button started to work again. Not sure why. Maybe it got too much moisture in it last night? Who knows. At least right now I dont need to buy a new ipod. Ugh.

I also weighed in at 171.0 again. I am glad I didnt gain any weight after eating a bunch of dip yesterday. LOL. I probably could have lost some of the gain if my ipod hadnt stopped working. I had planned on practicing for a couple hours.

Today I will be back on track with eating and working out.

Breakfast- protein shake with half a banana
Lunch- scallions, celery, english muffin with krema peanut butter, roast beef, one hard boiled egg and some garlic hummus. This will be my biggest meal of the day.
Dinner- cheese stick

Dont forget, I have the gym tonight. Hopefully 4 miles and then legs with Eric. I will be interested to see what he has me do tonight. Last week we did a bit more cardio for legs and I didnt burn as many calories as we will see.

And because I wont be blogging tomorrow, tomorrow night I will be doing zumba or the elliptical at home. Not sure which yet but I will be active. Time to get the weight off before Christmas this coming week.

So that is the plan for now. Have a great day everyone and talk to you on Wed!

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  1. We all have those damn days, but I am doing so much better this Christmas season than last! It might have something to do with being on film in 2 weeks!