Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday Recap and Holiday Prep

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went to the grocery store and picked up the food I needed for Christmas Eve.

I am making homemade Clean applesauce, I bought Sabra garlic hummus and roasted red pepper hummus, homemade salsa (I will make on Christmas Eve) and bacon water chestnuts (which I wont have any of).

We just sort of vegged all day while the kids played. They are still getting over pink eye. Luckily today it looks like Xavier is all done. Landry's eyes dont look pink anymore but this morning his eyelids were stuck shut. Poor guy.


The boys went to bed really early last night. Xavier didnt nap yesterday and Landry just for a bit so we did dinner at 4:30, then I cut their hair. Then shower and they were in bed by 6:30. Whew.

Then I went downstairs and ran on the elliptical for an hour on the fat burn setting. I ended up playing with the resistance a bit more than the program calls for. Usually it is a gradual increase in resistance and then you go for the hardest resistance for the longest amount of time and then it decreases in resistance until you are done. I ended up going up then stayed steady and then went up and down for the last half until it decreased in resistance and I was done.

Then I did some bicep work, tricep work, and I FINALLY blew up my exercise ball that came with P90X2.

Aaron came downstairs once I was done running and I showed him some of the moves that I do with Eric.

1. On your knees you put your hands on the ball in front of you. As you roll the ball out onto your forearms, you extend your body out so you are almost planking on the ball (but on your knees). Hold for a couple seconds and roll the ball back in using your forearms.

2. Laying on your back in sit up position, hold the ball with your arms outstretched above your head (on the floor). Crunch up bringing the ball up and your legs into a 90 degree angle. Place the ball on your legs and crunch back down and extend your legs out straight while balancing the ball. Crunch back up, retrieve the ball and repeat.

3. Plain old planking on your forearms

4. Mason twists

5. crunches on the balance ball making sure to keep your pelvis up was SO much fun working out with Aaron. And I hate to say this, but it was fun to see him struggle. I mean, he is in pretty good shape. He runs on the elliptical (about 1.5 miles at a time) and does some weight lifting (nothing major) but it was OBVIOUS he doesnt touch his core except with basic sit ups.

He did the first exercise fine but you could see him shaking while trying to keep his core steady.

Second exercise he just could not get the timing down and he cant bend his legs up high enough into a 90 degree angle. He was trying to do the move way too quickly instead of slow and steady and holding the core tight.

Planks he was only able to hold for about 15 seconds. I stopped at 45 seconds, gave myself a few seconds of break and then we would repeat for 3-4 times.

Mason twist I gave Aaron a 2lb weighted ball. I used a 3lb one. I did 50 each side....and Aaron? Not so many...LOL. Maybe 15 each side.

And he didnt do any crunches on the ball. He did his arms while I did that.

Like I said, it was a lot of fun working out with him. And he realizes that he needs to work on his core more. I also showed him how to use a kettlebell and do the kettlebell thrust things. I dont have a kettlebell (I think I am getting one for Christmas!!) but I used my 10 lb iron dumbbell.

All in all, I burned 762 calories. Nice!

Then I came upstairs, took a shower and Aaron and I watched the movie Ted. I wanted to preview it before deciding if that would be our Christmas movie at my parents house. The funny parts were funny...really funny, but the rest of it sort of dragged on.

So I think our Christmas movie is going to be Harold and Kumars Christmas Movie. THAT movie is hilarious and I always try to pick out a raunchy one to watch (yes with my parents. LOL).

In the past we have watched Euro Trip, Hot Tub Time Machine, the Hangover, Hangover 2, and I cant remember what else.

While we were watching the movie, I had a glass of red wine, a string cheese stick and some of those Eat your Veggie chips.

Today I was down another half pound. I will totally take it. 166.0!!

Today I am also prepping for Christmas dinner and Christmas Eve.

I am making the stuffing for Christmas today so I can prep and stuff the bird tomorrow, and I am making the Bacon Water Chestnuts for tomorrow. Then tomorrow all I have to do is throw the chestnuts into my roaster to warm them up and keep them warm.

Tomorrow morning I will be making the homemade applesauce. It is done in the slow cooker so it should be pretty easy.

And I will also be making the homemade salsa tomorrow too. I think fresh is the best.

We dont need to be at my Uncles until 4 which means leaving here about 3 so I have a lot of time to prep and get everything ready.

I really hope Landry is all better by tomorrow and the goop stops. Right now he still has red racoon eyes even though the whites of his eyes arent red. And this may sound bad, but I am going to give Landry some Benedryl tonight to help him sleep. That kid just doesnt sleep much and he needs sleep so he gets better. Ugh.

We will probably do an early night for the boys again tonight because tomorrow will be a later night.

My goal for tonight is to run on the elliptical again or do zumba. I am not sure which one yet. Maybe elliptical. I love our elliptical and I dont use it as much as I should. And if I run on the elliptical, I will be doing more core.

Tomorrow once I get the applesauce going, I am going to workout. I want to get the calories burning for the day. And I need to make sure that I stay consistent with how I eat. Heaviest meal in the morning, veggies during the day, then really light in the evening. Probably some shrimp and veggies with hummus.

My aunt and uncle dont drink, so I dont have to worry about that.

And Christmas? Well, no plan for Christmas....

Probably a piece of fruit for breakfast, heavier lunch- turkey, asparagus and a sweet potato (no stuffing, rolls or anything like that for me), and then a really light dinner.

So just in case I dont get on here tomorrow (and I wont be on here Christmas), Merry Christmas everyone!!
Stay strong, think before you eat, everything in moderation!! It is the holidays afterall!!

Tip of the Day: back to my turkey burner!!


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    1. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  2. Move 1 is hard for me to do correctly! Obviously I can roll to my forearms, but I totally have to move my hips back to get back to my hands which defeats the purpose :) I hope you had a nice Christmas.