Friday, December 14, 2012

Frustrating time

Well first I have to vent just a bit. Nothing too major but my weight went up by a half pound again. Up to 169.0. I have a couple ideas why and neither has to do with cheating on my diet. I have been really strict with it and I have been going to the gym every day.

So I am a tad frustrated but I know that it is probably muscle or muscle bloat that I have going on. That and the fact (TMI warning) that I havent gone to the bathroom in like 3 days. I took my Healthe Cleanse again last night so hopefully that helps.

Here is what I did yesterday. I ran 4.5 miles at a leisurely 5.0 mph. I like to listen to my zumba music and do arm movements with the songs which also help to elevate my heartrate.

Then I had a killer RPM class. Eric threw in a new song which I LOVED. It was an american classic rock song that had me singing the way thru.

I ended up burning 1192 calories so I am obviously getting the calorie burn.

And yesterday I did good with my food too.

Breakfast- smoothie with peanut butter
Lunch- celery, scallions, roast beef, 2 hard boiled eggs, hummus
Snack- pretzels, clean chips, a few semi sweet chocolate chips
Dinner- a very small piece of roast beef and a piece of string cheese

My favorite jeans that I wore yesterday are a bit bigger today. Not sure if they stretched out but I am having to pull them up a bit.

And my back is even more sore then what it was yesterday from Wednesday with Eric. Oh man! He said it was the sandbag and the upright rows that did it.

So my weight gain could be from lactic acid build up in my legs from the running and RPM yesterday. It could be from muscle bloat in my sore back. It could be that I am gaining muscle...not sure.

And I know I should look at the NSV's over the scale but it is still frustrating when you are doing everything right and the number is still going UP!!

This weekend will be a good recovery weekend for me. Tomorrow we have a Christmas party. I am going to have to eat before I go because nothing there is healthy.

Sunday I will probably do some Zumba at home. Just light work. Heck I might even break out my P90X2 yoga to do it. I havent done that in a while and it would probably be great to stretch the muscles out.

What are your plans over the weekend? Are you going to fit in exercise? Or take a weekend off?

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  1. You're working out a lot. Maybe you have to cycle your calorie consumption a bit? Add a day or two of higher calories a week?

    This weekend is going to be spent baking and decorating cookies. I'll be on my feet most of the weekend, but I'll still get my workouts and runs in!

    1. never thought about cycling my calories. I may have to try that on my heavy workout days by upping the calories a bit. I never heard of doing that before.

  2. I'm sorry, I know the .5 can be frustrating but it is NOT a real weight gain!! You are doing great - you work out, you watch what you eat....Thumbs Up girl!