Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Minor Binge

First I would like to say prayers for the families affected by the bastard that decided that he was having an off day and went into a school and slaughtered innocent children. Almost babies. Kindergartners, teachers, principals. Sorry for my language but he is a FUCKING BASTARD. I hope he rots in Hell. I hope Satan decides he is too evil and decides he needs to live in a fiery bath because really, Hell is too good for him.

This hit home really hard for me yesterday. Xavier is in Kindergarten. I cant imagine sending your child to school one day and then not having them to pick up that afternoon. Insane. When I picked Xavier up from school, I just held him in a huge hug for a minute. He didnt know why, just accepted it. Later, I hugged him again and just started crying. Then he started crying and wondered why I was. LOL. I told him it was because I loved my boys so much. Innocent lives like his snuffed out like a candle...unbelievable.

Last night I had Zumba. Aaron had to get his car from the shop so I got a late start. I decided instead of running that instead I would do the stairmaster. The one that is like an ever rotating escalator. I wasnt able to do that for too long. My cousin Jen showed up so I ended up walking on the treadmill next to her for the remaining few minutes. Then Zumba class. Just what I needed to help with my funk.
Not too many calories burned compared to what I usually do, but I still burned 771.

K came over last night so Aaron could go to trivia. We watched Brave and then Escanaba in da Moonlight. I got all my Christmas wrapping done. I also had a slight binge last night. What I REALLY wanted was Aubree's Feta Bread. What I "binged" on was carrots, celery, hummus, cherry tomatoes, pretzels, clean chips, roast beef, some turkey and some wine. Sounds like a lot but it was a tad of this, tad of that. Well. Wine. I had 3 glasses. I just was in a bad way last night. I know no one affected except a friend who is EMS in the next county over in Connecticut and a friend whose cousin lives in the area but goes to another school but this hit too close to home.

So today it was no surprise that I am up a half pound. Honestly I am ok with that. It could have been much much worse. 169.5.

My plan today is to have a rest day. We have a Christmas party tonight and I already know I wont be eating anything there. I will need to have a little bit of food before I go. I need to correct the binge. Tonight if I really feel the need to exercise, I am going to do some Zumba.

 And tomorrow my plan is to have about 2 hours of Zumba. I need to practice some new routines I have bouncing around in my head.

And lastly, in regards to what happened yesterday, I was very happy with how our school district  handled the situation. Last night the superintendent put out a robo call that was almost 3 minutes in length. She detailed out our security systems in the schools, how we should approach and answer questions our children may have, sympathy for the families out there...etc. This weekend they are sending out information to the parents with how to handle questions and concerns children may have. IF the kids have heard about the shooting, they may become concerned for their safety at school and how should we handle that. That we shouldnt watch the news with them around....etc. I am glad we live where we live.

Bless those lives lost yesterday and bless their families and give them the strength to get thru.


  1. As information is coming out, it makes less and less sense, if that's possible. One of our teammates is in CT, just a couple miles away. She lived through hearing the emergency vehicles' sirens all day long, knowing what was going on. It just makes me want to know what brings boys to this? Not only am I sick over those that dies, but the thought that one day my so or my sisters' son or my neighbors' son could be capable of doing this.

  2. Have fun at your Christmas party. I am so heartbroken for these parents. I can't imagine what they are going through except utter despair. I'm the worst at comforting people with words. I'm more of an action person.

    That person was seriously disturbed. More information seems to be coming out as with all tragedies and I wish more could have been done to prevent this. Mental health issues are such a hush-subject and taboo within families. I really think it shouldn't be this way and parents should learn TOUGH LOVE more.